How to Start a Clutch Plate Making Business

Every mechanized vehicle is fitted with a clutch plate. The mechanized device engages and disengages the transmission motion through two rotational shafts.
The drive shaft and line shaft combine to form liner and rotational motion. The clutch functions by connecting the two shafts to engage-disengage at different control speed.
Friction clutches connect at different or stationary speeds while inter-locking parts clutch engages and disengages through manual manipulation.
Clutches are generally made from friction and steel materials. The different materials include metallic compounds, silicon dioxide, synthetic fibers and fiberglass.
Manual transmission vehicles use either hydraulic or cable mechanism to work the clutch. High performance vehicles such as formula 1 car or drag racers use multiple plate clutch systems.
Same applies to heavy duty trucks such as bulldozers, pay loaders and tankers. Motorcycles use the wet clutch system and operated by hand lever.
Investors could start small scale and slowly build capacity. Things to consider are type of clutch to manufacture, equipment, location, staff and funding.
Others include marketing strategy, trademark and branding the product. Here are a few ideas on how to start a clutch making business
How to Start a Clutch Plate Making Business
Different Types of Clutch
Although the functionality of a clutch remains the same there are different designs and types of clutch. The clutch designs are predicated on friction, spring and relation with flywheel.
Heavy duty trucks require clutch plates that feature increased fiction coefficient. A small business owner needs to focus on a particular type of clutch or niche.
Centrifugal clutch are common to mopeds and use centrifugal force to engage. We have the wet and dry system whereby the wet clutch is cooled using a lubricant while the dry clutch uses friction.
Others are cone clutch, non-slip clutch designed for non synchronized transmission and safety.

Clutch Plate Making Machinery
Your factory should accommodate storage, manufacturing and packaging operations. Make sure the facility has a good road network including steady electricity.
General equipment and machinery you need include power press puncher, glue hardening furnace, heat treatment device, jig fixtures and cutting machine.
Quality Control
Clutch designers concentrate on a few functionalities such as dynamic fiction coefficient and clamping force. Other matrixes used in judging suitable material are static friction coefficient and fade temperature.
The test involves durability of clutch disc under acceleration and cohesion of clutch disc during engagement. Other parameters are temperature clutch material, loss of cohesion and force needed to engage the clutch to flywheel.
Raw Materials
The raw materials include spring holder plate, liner shoe, rivets, and main drive plates with shoe holder. The production process depends on the type of clutch.
However the manufacturers usually drill hole on clutch plate casting and fix resin. They introduce the device to the hardening furnace and are done.
Register the Clutch Making Company
Incorporate the business as a limited liability entity. Apply for a manufacturer’s license and trade license.
Your product needs to pass strict quality control checks before certification and sales. Register a trademark to brand the product.
The product could be subjected to value added tax. You also need a company tax and personal identification number.
Finance the Business
The size of your business dictates the amount of money you need. To run a small operations try target savings and soft loans.
Join trade associations in your locality that provide loans to members. You could sell startup equity in your business or borrow funds from family and friends.
Marketing the Product
Make sure the clutch you produce is of high standard and the price competitive. There is a huge market for vehicle clutch systems especially in Africa.
Sell locally and export to countries that need your products. Clutches are produced for specific vehicles manufacturers or to service spare-parts markets.
Stating an Auto Detailing Business


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