Opening a Nail Salon

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Nail salon business is exciting, fun and financially rewarding. Salon business involves foot massage, nail decoration, extensions and nail coloring.
To become a nail salon owner you have three options. Start the business from scratch, try franchising or purchase an existing salon.
 Purchasing an existing salon and franchising are rather price so carefully consider your options. Secondly you are at liberty to hire nail technicians or learn the technical skill.
Sole proprietorship business is very challenging and time consuming. You need to balance the books, work out client schedules and fix appointment.
A nail salon is a social business that facilitates leisure gatherings and communal living. Startup costs for a nail salon is low and also dependent on business structure.
The location of your salon also plays a key role in the investment and customer base. The more upscale the area the higher the leasehold and client base.
You can start a salon business from home, shop environment or go mobile. In my locality, neighborhood walk in salons are the most popular.
Opening a Nail Salon
Types of Nail Salons
There are different types of nail salons based on the business template. You can start a home based nail salon or try mobile service.
Mobile nail service is highly lucrative and the technicians charge appropriately. Common patrons for mobile nail services are brides, traditional weddings, ceremonies and famous clients.
Another business model is establishing the salon from scratch or buying into a franchise. If you want to purchase an established nail salon, hire an accountant to look into the books.
Note that nobody sells a highly profitable venture if there are no hiding challenges.
Get Trained
Make sure you acquire the perquisite training as a nail technician. Alternatively hire only qualified technicians for your establishment.
Services Offered in a Nail Salon
Create a list of services you intent offering your customers. Common services include nail art, plain coloring and wraps. Other pedicure and manicure services such as gels, nail care and application of acrylic nails.
Register the Nail Salon
Select a good business name for your enterprise. Incorporate the business as a one man business or LLC. Apply for a business license and get insurance cover.
You need to qualify as a nail technician before starting the business.  Try to get a personal identification number for tax reasons. The legal structure of your enterprise will determine the liability claims.
Locating the Nail Salon
Nail salons are community based enterprises. Therefore the best location is densely populated urban areas.
 Locating the nail salon close to residential homes is essential to the success of your business. Make sure the shop you rent has ample working space. Find out the zoning formula for such commercial entities in your country.
How to Manage your Nail Salon
Setting up the salon is half the work the real job begins before your first customer. You need to organize and book appointments and set operational hours.
Calculate an effective price that is competitive and profitable.  Make sure you have a POS for card payment and accept cash.
You need to keep track of inventory, budget and balance your books. Find a product line that offers high quality products and flexible payment.
The product line might offer free technical assistance and tutoring. Find supplies and buy discounted products for higher profit margin.
Interior décor
Invest in a befitting interior décor for your salon. Hire a qualified interior decorator to create the best ambiance. Don’t forget the external look and landscape.
Once you are through with the décor install equipment for your trade. Only purchase high quality branded equipment and tools including nail brushes, colors and products.
 A good way to attract customers is through a beautiful indoor display.
Hire Staff
Hire dedicated salon staff with good interpersonal skills. You need a receptionist, cleaner, qualified nail technicians and a manager.
Advertise your salon through print and electronic media. Work within a budget and hire professional advertising agent for your campaigns.
 Use attractive signage and flyers within your host community. Develop a website targeted at your preferred demography.
Showcase your skills with photographs and client recommendations. Include an email, telephone number and location. Provide information on the type of services your company renders.
Before launching your nail salon write a business plan. Then carry out a comprehensive feasibility study of your host community.
Choose an ideal location, hire an interior decorator and install equipment. Register your business as a limited liability company and secure permits and operational licenses.
Secure contracts with suppliers and actively find discounts. Hire qualified nail technicians and other staff members. Apply appropriate pricing and do lots of promotions and advertisement.


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