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Slippers are generally relaxing footwear worn at home or casual outings. They are comfortable easy to wear and fashionable.
The Slippers trade attracts huge patronage and is estimated to make billions of dollars in sales yearly. There are many companies into slipper manufacturing including fashion designers and small scale entrepreneurs.
The amount of startup capital depends on the type of equipment and production line. Fashion designers have expanded the scope of common slipper to an important fashion accessory.
The footwear comes in different designs, colors, shapes and material. Common fabric used by slipper makers are sued, cotton, leather and synthetic materials.
Some slippers found in stores are flip flops, thongs, oversized slipper, fuzzy slippers, knitted and sock-styled slippers. Others are fleece-lined, knee length slippers, sued slippers and regular plastic slippers.
The most basic form of footwear is the rubber slippers. This product is mass produced in varied sizes and colors.
To launch your slipper making enterprise you need to put in place a good marketing strategy. Other considerations are company registration, finance, equipment, leasehold and machinery.
Types of Slippers
As established earlier there are different types of slippers in the market. We have furry slipper boots favored by women, open-heel slippers and sandals.
Some more include closed slippers, leather sole slippers, flip flops, ruby slippers, moccasins and wooden slippers.
A List of Slippers
Glass slippers
Flip flops
Ruby slippers
Open-heel slippers
Closed slippers
Slipper boots
Slipper Making
The manufacturing process depends on the kind of slipper you want to make. Other variables to consider are equipment, craftsmanship, manual/automated, fabric and design. We will concentrate on basic slipper manufacturing process.
Basic Slipper Machinery
To produce slippers in commercial quantity you need the following machinery. Purchase a drilling machine, hand operated fly press and finishing machine.
Other equipments are basic slipper making hand tools, die cutting machine, computer and furniture. If you work with fabric you need a flat bed sewing machine and stapling equipment.
A List of Slipper Making Machines
Drilling machine
Fly press
Die Cutting machine
Hand tools
Flat bed Sewing machine
Combined Finishing machine
Plastic last
Slipper Making Process
Rubber straps are fed into the die cutting machine. Then drilling machines makes holes in rubber sheets and straps fitted to holes.
It then goes through finishing, quality control and packaging. The entire process starts with the rubber sheet to the sole cutting, drilling, strap fittings, finishing, quality control and packaging.
Slippers are highly wearable items that are lightweight trendy and fun. They are functional, easy to wear and integral footwear in most homes.
The market is huge and competition fierce so new investors need an effective marketing strategy. To gain customers work on unique designs, colors and functionality.
 Apply patent banding and produce high quality footwear. Employ lots of commissioned sales representatives and apply aggressive marketing strategies.
Offer discount, coupons and attractive prices to gain customers. Create a unique website with lots of high definition images of your products.
Add a shopping cart for online purchase and drive traffic through social media and online advertisement. Sell you slippers to market women, wholesalers, shoe store, supermarkets and fashion outlets.
Invest in product development and designs to create unique footwear. You could explore both domestic and international markets for your product. To export your products you need an export license and reputable partners abroad.
Registration and Permits
Incorporate the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship. Apply for a manufacturer’s license and trade license.
Get a personal identification number and value added tax for the product.  Fund the enterprise through commercial bank loans or borrow from friends and family. Try target savings or actively seek investors.
Although there are some standardization laws guiding footwear make sure you produce high quality products.


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