How to Start a Toothpaste Production Plant

Toothpaste could be regarded as an essential commodity. Although there are native alternatives the paste is the most ideal and prolific method of cleaning our teeth.
There are literally thousands of toothpaste brands and products in the market place. The products have identical compositions however the active ingredients, color, taste and functionality are slightly different.
The viscous soft substance main function is to preserve our teeth from cavities and dentures.  The smooth, soft paste comes in different colors, flavors and packaging.
The common identifier is thin aluminum foil tube of different sizes and dimensions. Although paste also comes in gel or powder the universally favored form is paste.
To launch your toothpaste production plant you need a few things. Find a good location for the business, purchase the right equipment, secure funding and devise an effective marketing strategy.
You need to focus on paste research and development including customer’s preferences and prices. The toothpaste industry is highly profitable however you face stiff competition from established brands.
Here are a few ideas on how to start a toothpaste production plant
How to Start a Toothpaste Production Plant
Estimated Investment and Funding
A small toothpaste production plant would require moderate investment. It depends on leasehold, type of equipment, staff strength and cost of raw material.
Other financial impute are total cost of production, fixed and working capital. The capacity, output and market acceptability determines the profit margin.
A standard plant should be able to produce about 7-10 million tubes a year. To secure funding approach a commercial bank in your area.
Present the business plan, management structure and provide collateral. The loan should be long termed with fixed interest rate. If you are averse to loans try target savings or borrow from friends and acquaintances.
Source Raw Materials
It is important to have a ready source of raw materials. Secure supply deals with companies and purchase in bulk to reduce costs.
Common ingredients in toothpaste are glycerin, calcium carbonate and water. Other ingredients are preserving agents, mustering agent and perfume. The basic raw materials are easily sourced in the local market.
A List of Ingredients in Toothpaste
Sodium monofluorphosphate
Calcium carbonate
Aluminum Lactate
Develop the Necessary Skill
Before venturing into toothpaste production you need to acquire knowledge of the production process. Apart from product development and execution you need basic business skills. 
Learn through seminars, manuals, books and practical experience. Hire an experienced lab technician to develop the product. You need fully fitted laboratory to develop different tastes and products.
Write a Toothpaste Production Business Plan
The toothpaste production plan should have a vision and mission statement. Focus on niche market, customer preferences, popular products and marketing strategy.
You could hire a freelancer to write the plan or other professional services. Once you have the business plan add a comprehensive feasibility study of your preferred location.
Secure Factory Space
Lease a property that has ample space for machine installation and storage. The factory should have a loading deck, parking and good road network. 
Make sure the property provides utility such as water and electricity to aid production. Some good locations are urban areas, closeness to raw material or within a popular market.
Toothpaste Machinery and Production Technology
Setup a fully equipped laboratory for product research and development. Hire experienced chemists or laboratory technicians to carry out the product development.
Common equipment used by toothpaste production plants are injection shoulder and shear mixer machines. Others are weighing machine, sealing machine, mixing vessels, discharge pumps, tube filler and storage tanks.
The production technology involves homogenizing a mixture, cooling and filling.
A List of Equipment/Machinery
Sealing Machine BTSM-50
Chiller Machine -5p
Tune body mold machine 100mc
Vacuum Paste Machine 50ML, 75ML
Register the Toothpaste Manufacturing Company
Your produce needs to pass a quality standardization test including food and drugs certification. To operate you need a trade license and business name.
Register your business with the corporate affairs commission in your country. The business could operate as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company.
The product might be subjected to value added tax and don’t forget insurance. You need a personal identification number for tax related purposes.
Develop a Marketing Strategy
Toothpaste is an essential commodity used to prevent cavities and tooth decay. It is popular in urban and rural areas accounting for billions of dollars sale worldwide. 
To effectively position your paste for profitability develops an aggressive marketing strategy. Use lots of electronic media advertisements and radio jingles.
Print huge billboards, posters and banners to highlight the product. Use commission based sales representatives to find new customers.
Offer free samples in popular supermarkets, malls and grocery stores. Create fun promotional campaigns and offer loyal patrons incentives such as prizes or cash rewards.
Attract major wholesalers with good remunerations for their investment in your product. Finally produce high quality product and use attractive packaging.
Focus on target demography and niche market to push your products. Don’t forget to build a website and use online promotions to expand your reach.


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