Izal Disinfectant: How to Make Izal Germicide Disinfectant

izal desinfectant
Disinfectants are useful in every home, toilet and kitchen. They have active ingredients that fight bacteria and germs on surfaces.
There are many brands of germicides in the market however one stands out from the others. Izal is a germicide disinfectant that’s liquid and has a whitish color.
It is primarily used in toilets to sterilize the environment and kill harmful germs.  Izal is easy to make and attracts good price.
Some business owners interested in making izal needs to know how to manufacture the product. The startup capital is low especially home based production.
Marketing Izal
Potential customers for izal products include fast food outfits, restaurant and catering companies. Others are hotels, offices, schools and homes.
The disinfectant is used in toilets, kitchens, slabs, counters and floors. The active ingredient kills bacteria and germs.
To effectively market the products use print and electronic media to push your product. Make sure you produce only high quality izal and use good packaging.
Your product needs approval and certification from the food and drug administration of your country. To raise funds for the business try personal saving or reach out to friends and family.
Build a Website
Build a website to sell your products online. You will reach far more people using this marketing technique.
On the site include vivid picture of the product, product description and price. Include PayPal payment portal or a checkout cart for easy payment.
Register the Business
Apply for a business name and register the enterprise as a one man business. Get a manufacturers license and trade license.
Make sure the product passes a basic standardization test and add a manufactures number and date. The product is required to have a label highlighting the ingredients and composition.
Chemicals in izal
Strict safety protocols should be established because the chemicals are dangerous. You need complete safety gear, measuring utensils and knowledge of the production process.
Make sure you have a fist aid kit for treatment of burns. There are many chemicals that make up the composition of izal.
The chemical are phenol, texapon, izal booster and pine oil. Other ingredients include water, izal concentrate, lyzol, carboxylic acid, and whitener. 
The whitener provides the germicide characteristics, lyzol the active ingredient while carboxylic acid is an amino acid. Izal concentrate is a poisonous acidic compound, pine oil a good cleaning agent and phenol is carbolic acid.
A List of Chemicals in Izal
Carbolic Acid
Booster Agent
Izal Booster Germicide
Izal Concentrate
Amino acids
Acetic Acids
Pine oil
How to Make Izal Germicide Disinfectant
The first step is to gather all the raw materials. Once you have the chemicals dissolve texapon with phenol. Then add pine oil and rigorously stir the mixture.
The next step is to add Lysol, booster and measured liters of water. Make sure throughout the process you continuously stir the mixture.
Before you can use the carbolic acid you need to dissolve in water along with the white binder. Add the resultant mixture to the main one and include a concentrate.
To get a good consistency add water appropriately and stir vigorously. The exact measurement of chemical and water proportions depends on the volume of izal you want to make.
Chemical and Quantity
¼ of a litre
1/8  of a litre
¼ Lyzol
1/8 Carboxylic acid
¼ Izal booster
1/8 Phenol
¼ whitener

¼ Izal concentrate

You need a well equipped laboratory for experimentation and mixing. Purchase safety gear such as goggles, gloves, and first aid box.
You need mixing bowls, pots and long spoon for stirring. Find viable sources for your raw materials or purchase them in the open market. Chemical wholesalers are a good place to find suppliers. Make sure your product passes quality control measures and use proper packaging.


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