Poultry Farming Business Plan

By Anna Frodesiak, via Wikimedia Commons
If you are interested in applying for a bank or government loan for your startup poultry farm then you need a business plan. The startup poultry farming business plan focuses on the various challenges in establishing such an enterprise.
The main stumbling block for new investors in the livestock business is funding and running a self sustaining unit. The business concept should be properly highlighted and covered in the plan.
Areas such as business objective, purpose for setting up the venture and farm description are important. Other objectives include market analysis, training, operational management, planning and implementation.
Poultry Farming Business Plan
The business plan should start with an executive summary, objectives, mission statement and key to success. Other things include are management team, company summary, ownership structure and products.
More content are production process, location, marketing strategy and implementation. Include a business model, financial management report, cash flow projections and SWOT analysis.
Describe the business template, product and offer an insight to the company’s objective and mission statement. Define the management team, company history, ownership structure and summary.
Describe the product in this case broilers and egg production including best location. What are your marketing strategies to effectively compete with existing brands?
The business model addresses the management of the farm and financial planning. Add in your business plan cash flow projections, performance expectation, administration, maintenance and utility.
Finally you need to project your financial position based on current assets, equipment, inventory, trade, equity and liabilities.
Purpose for Establishing the Poultry Farm
The purpose could depend on your objective and reason such as financial gain or communal development. Derivatives include local employment opportunity and cheaper products.
Demand is an important reason why an entrepreneur decides to establish a poultry farm. Other objectives could include provision of quality products, nutritional benefit to host community and strong consumer relationship.
Business Description
The poultry farms purpose is to provide quality products. The company’s products are broiler and egg production.
The type of production dictates how to describe the company’s core business. Some companies focus only on broiler product or egg production while some operate in both sectors.
Fashion your company description with clear indication of scope of work. The company description should include an address, name and designation of founders and vision statement.
Product and Services
The broiler/egg production unit should make provisions for financing, training and purchase of high quality equipment. Other parameters include after sales service, planning, leasehold and sourcing poultry.
Planning involves regularity of egg production or broilers sales within a specified period. Things to consider critically are the feed to egg or meat conversation rate.
You need to base your calculation on a specific number of poultry bird within a specified period. An effective broiler cycle involves a minimum of 50 days cycle.
The cost of chicken and egg production depends on the size and scope of your enterprise. Special consideration is needed for farm property, housing equipment, transportation and purchasing the birds. Others are cost of chicken feed, healthcare, labor and utilities
Marketing Research and Analysis
There is huge demand for poultry and poultry products. Eggs and chickens are staple food items in most homes.
The customer base includes restaurants, hotels, catering establishment and bakeries. Household consumption accounts for about 48% of products eaten worldwide.
Things needed to Run a Poultry Farm
You need a good brood of chickens, high quality feed and veterinary services. The hen house should be properly ventilated, lighted and easy to clean. You need a basic understanding of skill required to run a successful farm.
Poultry Farm Equipment
There are international conventions and rules on space to grow chickens. The industrial standards require 15 birds per square meter for best results.
Common equipment’s are header tank, feeder pan, broiler drinkers. Others are high pressure temperature control and gas heaters. Other utilities are ventilation fan, solar lights and brooder hooks.
Feed and Water Requirements
There are standard daily feed requirements based on different stages of growth. Water is an essential commodity in the growth and developmental stages of chickens.
Make sure you have adequate supply of clean drinking water for your brood. To monitor the chickens growth progress keep performance statistic records for reference or further implementation.
Chicken Mortality
Chicken die easy so proper care is essential to their survival. They need regular medication and vaccination from harmful diseases.


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