Salted Snacks Namkeen Manufacturing

Salted snacks are delicious stop gap munchies for personal enjoyment and reduce hunger pangs. Due to their salty composition and industrial seal they are durable and last even longer under refrigeration.
Each snack type consists of a main ingredient and diverse additives such as nuts, vegetables, herbs and dried fruits. A popular salted snack in India is Namkeen made from different ingredients.
Manufacturers have perfected different types of Namkeen which are either baked or deep fried according to production requirements. The equipment needed is also based on the choice of product, manufacturing process and ingredient.
Some popular Namkeen Farshan snacks include Gathiya, Bhjia and Sev. The major difference between the snack types are flavoring, main ingredient and different Indian mix.
Namkeen has a huge market in India however the popularity extends to Pakistan and other Asian countries. Investors interested in Namkeen making need moderate funds for equipment, property leasing, wages and purchase of raw materials.
Let’s look at a few ideas on how to start a Namkeen manufacturing business.
Salted Snack Namkeen Commercial Production
Namkeen could be produced small scale or large scale depending on the business format. There are many fabricated and branded equipment used in the production of the salted snack.
However commercial batch type machines are essential for uniformity in product. Commercial Namkeen producers are usually medium to large scale companies.
The Namkeen you produce dictates the type of equipment you need. General equipment includes dough extruding equipment, frying equipment, industrial mixers, grinders and packaging equipment.
Large scale production involves spray applicators for seasoning including breading and batter applicators. The seasoning and coating system ensures accuracy in measurement and consistency in taste of the product.
A List of Namkeen Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Dough kneader
  • Namkeen extruder
  • Mixer
  • Batch fryer
  • Del washer
  • Seasoning and Coating
  • Spray machine
  • Product handling
  • Packaging
  • Weighing
  • Inspection equipment
How to Make Namkeen Salted Snacks
Salted snacks are fried, baked or roasted. Fried salted nuts are cleaned, fried, flavored, mixed and packaged.
While snack such a Namkeen-Gathiya are produced from dough. The dough is kneaded, extruded, fried, mixed with different spices and packaged. The primary automatic equipment used in producing the snack is the extruder machine.
Location, Funding and Registration
An ideal location is close to source of raw material. It should have ample space for equipment, storage facility, and easy road access. 
You can set-up the enterprise close to a busy market or from home. You can access soft loans through cooperative societies or financial institutions in your locality.
Register the business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Your company needs to conform to health and safety rules.  
The product should pass standard organization certification and get a Food and drug number. Your product could attract value added tax so find out what is obtainable in your country.
Differentiate your product through branding, memorable name and packaging. Make sure the package is attractive and part of the products appeal. To succeed produce high quality snacks with reasonable pricing.
Marketing the Snack
Sell the packaged snack to hotels, restaurants, departmental stores and grocery stores. Apply direct marketing techniques and hire sales representatives.
You can reach more customers through product branding and advertisement. Advertise in local publications and print handbills, posters and billboards.
Build a Website
A website is an important tool most companies use to inform and trade. Create a search engine optimized website and include high definition images and description. You could take orders from customers and add payment channels such as credit card or PayPal.


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