Start Mattress and Pillow Manufacturing

There is a huge market for mattress and pillow products. Mattresses are manufactured in different sizes, dimensions and thickness. We have the small single, mini single, toddler crib and twin-mattress.
Others are the double, queen size, king size and super king. Cushioning material include cotton, straw, polyurethane foam or hair. While some feature inner spring within the mattress core.
A basic mattress consists of an upholstery layer and inner core. Investors interested in the industry need to focus on a particular type of mattress.
The quality of the materials determines the durability, level of comfort and price. Poor grade mattresses degrade quickly while high quality foams last several years.
Pillow Manufacturing
Pillows generally are used to support the head and neck region. Pillows are fabrics that contain stuffing and a pillow case. Pillow case stuffing includes hair, feathers, cotton, foam and light fibers.
To start your mattress and pillow manufacturing company you need a few things. First write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study of your locality.
You need startup funding, equipment, factory space and labor. Here are a few business ideas on how to start a mattress and pillow manufacturing business.
 Start Mattress and Pillow Manufacturing Business.
Learn the Trade
The first step is to learn how to make mattress and pillow. There are many resources that provide tutorials on how to manufacture the products.
Develop the skill through practical experience, trade workshops, seminar and books. You can gain knowledge from website publications, how to videos and e-books.
Different Types of Mattress
There are different types of mattress found in the market today. A mattress consists of an innerspring located at the core of the mattress.
We have the encased coil, offset coils, continuous coils and Bonnell coils. Offset and Bonnell coils feature hourglass coils while continuous coils are made from a single piece of wire.
The Marshall Coils are barrel shaped and encased in fabric pockets.
Types of Mattress
Different types of mattress include waterbeds, air mattress, bladder mattress, high density foam mattress. Others are latex foam mattress, memory foam mattress.
Elements in the Mattress
Apart from the innerspring a mattress has layers of upholstery. Foundations are added for rigidity, strength and durability.
The foam could be polyurethane foam, latex foam or high density foam. The upholstery layer consists of quilt, insulator and middle upholstery.
The quilt is the top layer while the middle upholstery is an insulator made from flexible polyurethane foam.
Sizes and Dimension of Mattresses
There are different sized mattresses such as Crib toddler 69cm x 131cm, mini single 76cm x 178cm, single 76cm x 191cm.  Others are cot size 76cm x 188cm, single twin 99cm x 191cm, double full 137cm x 191cm.
More are super king 183cm x 198cm, California king 183cm x 213cm, queen size 152cm x 203cm.  The sizes are based on dimensions prevalent in the United States of America and Canada.
Quality Control
The mattress should conform to different quality tests. The product should pass edge support test, stability, firmness and pressure distribution. The durability or lifespan of a mattress ranges between 10 to 20 years.
Types of Pillows
Pillows fall into three generalized types. We have the decorative pillow, orthopedic and bed pillow. However the main function is to support the head and neck during sleep.
How Pillows are Made
 The best pillows are the ones that easily conform to shape. Common fillers are feathers, foam, synthetic fibers and straw.
The pillow is filled with the aforementioned materials and a pillow casing is applied. They are sown round to encase the filling or a zip is added to the side. The casing is then covered with cloth cover to protect the pillow from dirt.
Basic Sizes of Pillows
Basic sizes of pillow are standard, square, queen size small standard and king size. The dimensions of small standard are 41cm x 41cm, large standard 51cm x 66cm, queen 51cm x 76cm.
Others include king size 51cm x 91 cm and square 66cm x 66cm. Orthopedic pillows are purposely built to support and align the neck. Meanwhile decorative pillows are fancy pillows with dual applications.
Starting the Venture
To start the venture you need a good location then purchase equipment. Register the business and get insurance cover.
Hire trained experience staff and source raw materials. Apply effective marketing strategy and build quality products.


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