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40 Green Small Business Opportunities for Investors

Green businesses are fast gaining popularity in these modern times. This is because the general public is becoming more environmentally conscious.
There are also many government campaigns and non–government organizations dedicated to green living. There are many green businesses for investors to consider. They aid the environment while providing good earnings for the practitioners. Here are 40 Green Business Opportunities
40 Green Businesses for Small Entrepreneurs
1. Food Plant Nursery
To help the environment a small investor can open a greenhouse or plant nursery. The nurse could provide organic products for gardeners and food stores. They can sell small food plants or produce for the local community.
2. Green Florist
 Growing organic plants and flowers is good business. You need special license for commercial ventures and follow strict soil composite and growing techniques.
Green florists can sell their flowers to flower shops, weddings,  interior decorators or during valentine.
3. Gift Basket
Gift baskets are very popular during festive occasions. Make sure the items you include in a hamper are organic and green. Use sustainable materials to make the baskets.
4. Juice Bar
You can decide to open a juice bar and earn regular income. In many countries there are lots of fruits to choose from.
The common fruits are oranges, pineapple, grapes, and mangoes. Startups for a juice bar include shop rent, juicer, supplies and basic store furniture.
5. Green Bed and Breakfast
Although the idea is new, green bed and breakfast are springing up in many countries. The hospitality industry is a billion dollar sector that attracts huge earnings.
If you own a house in a popular tourist destination you can turn it into a bed and breakfast establishment. Makes sure you find out the state laws guiding such an enterprise.
6. Rent Sola Power Vehicles
You can decide to rent solar powered vehicles to commuters. The vehicles don’t come cheap and you need serious cash to get into this business. The business is profitable in tourist destinations and small cities.
7. Bicycle Rent
Renting bicycles is similar to renting vehicles. The difference is the low overhead costs of bike rentals. Setup your business in a tourist area with low vehicular traffic. Some tourist love riding along scenic routes and feel close to nature.
8. Environmental Lawyer
If you have education as a lawyer you could specialize in environmental issues. Environmental lawyers focus on nature issues such as oil pollution, waste disposal, vehicle emissions and logging.
9. Green Fair
You can become a green fair organizer and smile to the bank. You need good environmentally friendly themes, sponsors and ideal venue. You can charge for admission and exhibitors.
10. Car Sharing Service
Car sharing service reduces dependency on vehicle operators. It also reduces cost for the users. The green aspect of this business is reduced number of cars on our roads.
11. Electric Car Charging Stations
Once you have electric cars you need charging stations. Starting a charging station is slightly challenging and lucrative.
12. Organic Farming
Organic farming is very important to our environment. Sustainable farming reduces pollutants in the soil and produces healthy food for the general public. Organic products also attract premium prices.
13. Open an Organic Restaurant
Restaurant business is very lucrative and practitioners earn lots of income. An organic restaurant is even more profitable and high-end.
14. Organic Gift Shop
Have you considered opening an organic gift shop? Organic shops stock only organic products and inventory. They are trendy and attract lots of patronage.
15. Green Software Developer
The web designer or app maker can develop software for green living. The software could focus on improving specific industries and solutions.
16. Green Publishing
Green publishers focus on environmental issues. You can start a magazine or newspaper on green culture.
17. Cartridge Refilling
Ink is a very nasty solution that affects the environment. By providing ink refill solutions you can reduce the impact of waste ink on our environment
18. Green YouTube Channel
YouTube video reaches billions of people daily. You can start a YouTube Channel focused on green living.
19. Second Hand Store
Open a second hand store and save our dumps from excess waste. There are many items that need basic refurbishing to become new. Sell used items such as cloths, sandals, books and accessories.
20. Sell Eco-Friendly Toys
There are many toy manufacturers focused on eco-friendly toys. The toys play a small part in keeping our cities clean.
21. Tech Refurbishing
There are billions of smartphone’s, iPods and other tech devices. They need constant repair and refurbishing to remain functional. Providing this service is profitable and interesting. You need basic tech knowledge of different operating systems and components.
22. Used Book Store
There are used books everywhere. Therefore opening a used book store is very profitable. Make sure the books you stock are in high demand and locate the store close to a tertiary institution.
23. Sell Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy efficient lighting saves lots of wasted energy. There are lots of technologies such as solar or rechargeable energy. The bulb are also energy saving and low cost technology.
24. Green Consultant
A green consultant is a professional that offer green solutions to companies and businesses. They help provide sustainable energy solutions.
25. Bicycle Repair
Many used bicycles are repairable and can be refurbished. The bicycle repair man tends to make lots f money providing this service. To increase income the person could purchase used bikes, repair, refurbish and sell.
26. Air Duck Cleaner
An air duct clear helps the environment by providing clean air solutions. They work in homes, companies and office complex.
27. Natural Soap Manufacturer
You can make soap with natural ingredients. The soap attracts premium prices and is trendy. Make sure the soap has a nice aroma and appearance. Package the soap appropriately and register the product with the regulatory authorities.
28. Green Event Planner
There are event planners who embrace the green revolution. They offer green event solution for weddings, anniversaries and social gatherings.
29. Recycling
Recycling is the number one solution for environmental problems. You can start a recycling plant or supply such plants recyclable material. Common materials found in a recycle plant are paper, glass, steel and aluminum.
30. Refurbish Furniture
The carpenter could make huge earning refurbishing furniture. The business is highly lucrative and important to the environment.
3. Green Blogger
A green blogger could focus on environmental issues. The job description is similar to green magazines and newspapers.
32. Landscapers
Landscapers work closely with nature. They can offer green solutions and work with nature to create beautiful gardens.
33. Organic Caterer
An organic caterer works only with organic food. There are lots of produce to use and develop amazing menus.
34. Trash Collection
A trash collector provides an invaluable service. The job might seem nasty but practitioners make lots of money.
35. Organic Food Stand
Organic food stands only sell organic products. The products cost higher than regular stores but are very popular.
36. Pool Cleaner
The pool cleaner uses basic tool to keep pools fresh and safe. The business requires low startup and knowledge of pool cleaning.
37. Solar Panel Installers
Solar panel installers provide power solutions to urban and rural areas. The technology is clean, efficient and sustainable.
38. Herbal Solutions
Herbal remedies account for 1/3 of all medical solutions. Practitioners have amassed huge fortunes providing herbal solutions and medications.
39. Green Fashion
Fashion designers keep pushing the boundaries. They can go into green fashion and create beautiful wears.
40. Green Produce
Manufactures can consider making green produce. They can leverage on organic farm produce and create healthy food without preservatives or supplements.

20 Top Advertisement Networks for Publishers in 2018

Webmasters and publishers have a wide range of advertisement options to monetize their websites and blogs.  The advertisement networks serve 3 party advertisements to publishers.
They offer different formats such as CPV, CPA, CPC and CPM. Some networks require no traffic while others have minimum monthly traffic. You need to read the terms and conditions before signing up with any network.
1. wwwPtomoters
wwwPromoters model are CPV, CPA, CPC and CPM. They use advance targeting and offer high rates. They serve high quality adverts and use powerful publisher tracking software. The minimum traffic required to get on their bandwagon is 1,000,000.
2. Tribal Fusion
Tribal Fusion supports publishers with minimum traffic of 500,000. They offer publisher one of the highest rates in the market.
The publisher has the option to block certain categories like gambling alcohol or sexual content. The advertisements served are based on the sites content and focus.
3. Chitika
Chitika has been around for a long time. They have no minimum traffic specification and the model is CPC. They use optimization technology and proprietary targeting. The ad publishers boast over 350,000 publishers on their network.
4. AdCash
AdCash model is the CPA, CPC and CPM model. They use effective targeting, exclusive pricing models and serve high quality ads. There are no minimum traffic requirements for publishers.
5. Conversants
Conversants supports CPA, CPC and CPM. There are no minimum traffic requirements for publishers.
They have a powerful cross platform advertisement solution and 5,000 brands monthly. They offer ads in multiple formats including standard display ads.
6. PulsePoints
PulsePoints model is the cost per mile and publishers have no minimum traffic requirements. They use data driven ad optimization and proprietary context targeting. They pay per impression and are transparent in their dealings.
7. BlogAds
You have full control over your advertisement with BlogAds. The model they support is CPC and CPA.
There is no minimum traffic however they take 14% per sale. Publishers also have the option to managing multiple websites from a single account.
8. PropellarAds
Publishers get real time reporting and a personal account manager. They have 3000 campaigns and benefit of 100 monetization inventory.
The models they support are CPA, CPC and CPM. They offer banner ads of different sizes from standard to in-banner video ad format.
9. Adsterra Network
They offer different ad formats such as pop-under, direct links and display banners. You get a personal account manger, bi-weekly payments through different payment systems.
They have an impressive geo-targeted ad impression exceeding ten billion. The model they favor are CPA, CPC and CPM.
10. Infolinks
Infolinks has the in-fold, in-text, in-tag and in-frame ads. With over 220,000 publishers in 30 countries you are in good company. The platform is easy to integrate and has no minimum traffic requirements.
11. Adbuff
You receive $25 welcome bonus on approval. There preferred sites are those in Canada, US and United Kingdom. Publishers earn one of the highest RPMs in the market. To signup your site need a minimum of 2000 unique views daily.
12. Ad Maven
They have wide range of monetization options. You have the slider ads, light box, pop-under, banners and interstitial. They have a good approval rate for publishers looking to serve adverts on their site.
13. is powered by yahoo and serves contextual ads. They feature high quality ads from local and national advertisers. There are no traffic requirements and the models they support are CPM, CPC, and CPA.
14. AdBade
The adbade network looks for premium websites. The site should have a minimum monthly impression of 500,000.
15 BidVertiser
Bidvertiser’s advertisement models re CPM and CPC. They have good reporting interface and offers highest possible revenue on each unit. They have skyscrapers, mobile ads, banners and rectangle.
16 Undertone
They provide quality user engagements and high impact ads. You need minimum traffic of 500,000 and the model supports CPV, CPC, CPM nod CPA
Clicksor uses CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI models. They serve over 900 million impressions and compatible with Drupal, Wordpress, blogger and Joomla platforms. They have no traffic requirements and serve advertisements using the latest contextual tech.
18 Epom Market
 The Epom Market has publishers in 40 countries and serves millions of unique visitors monthly. They offer local ads, mobile and category targeted ads.
The model is auction CPM, CPC, CPA and the website should have minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly impressions.
19 Haxhax
Haxhax requires minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly. The models they support are CPM, CPV, auction and CPC. The only want only premium websites and publishers.
20. Media Nexus
To join Media Nexus you need huge traffic. They support fortune 500 global brands and is very exclusive. You get dedicated account manger, and monthly payment. The model they support re CPV,CPC and CPM.

How to Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Traffic and Sales

Ecommerce sites struggle with sales and traffic. To increase traffic you need lots of organic visitors to your site. Other ways to increase traffic is through search engine optimization, Facebook adverts and social media. You need quality posts, product reviews, email marketing and video marketing.
Instantly Increase Ecommerce Traffic
1. Video Marketing
An effective strategy is video marketing. The top brands in different industries use this strategy to drive conversions and traffic to their websites.
Video marketing is engaging and easy to create. The videos aid conversions and are ideal for social sharing. Use video on Facebook, YouTube and other sharing platforms.
2. Use Advertisement Re-Targeting
Another effective strategy is to use advertisement re-targeting. You can re-launch a successful advert and leverage on your existing audience.
3. Use Facebook Advertisements
Another effective marketing strategy is using Instagram and Facebook advertisements. You can boost your post or start an advert campaign on Facebook.
You can use email marketing strategy to gather mailing list of interested visitors. Facebook offers low cost per click, leads and traffic.
You can use dynamic product ads, acquisition campaign and carousel adverts.  Good way to know best performing advertisement is to test different ad placements and campaigns.
4. Use Search Engine Optimization
You can increase traffic to your ecommerce store through SEO. SEO techniques include quality posts, backlinks, alter text and image description. Use long tail keywords. The aim is to drive organic traffic and get good search ranking.
5. Use Adwords
A popular way to drive traffic is through google Adwords. Adwords drive conversions and top listing on ad section of search page.
This technique is pricey but effective with good results. The marketing system operates the PPC (pay per click) format.
6. Gather Data
Use conversion optimization, qualitative analysis and research. Study you visitor’s behavior, interviews and surveys. Use google analytics and other information gathering tools.
7. Email Marketing
Email marketing is powerful tool webmasters use to drive traffic. There are top email aggregators that are paid or free.
Use popup emails to collect visitors information. To get emails use product reviews, coupons, free gifts and recommendations. Email marketing is the best way to get conversion leads.
8. Use Instagram
You can increase your eCommerce traffic by using Instagram. The social media giants have over 750 million active users.
You can drive traffic by posting regularly, competing, and engage followers. Another effective marketing technique is leverage on influencer’s and competitors. Managing your Instagram marketing campaign would attract traffic to your eCommerce site.
9. Use Giveaways
Every body loves giveaways and actively participates. Organize competitions, use free gifts to create a buzz. You can use social media channels, your ecommerce site or email marketing.

26 Ways to Instantly Increase Amazon Earnings

If you haven’t joined the Amazon Affiliate program then you are not making good use of affiliate earnings. The program is easy to join and offers a huge selection of products.
You simply signup, select a product and add your unique affiliate link. You get commission for every sale that emanates from your blog or website. They have tracking that follows a user’s activity for a period not exceeding 2-3 weeks.
To increase your earning you have different strategies that convert. However the most important consideration is organic traffic. Once you have lots of organic traffic that converts, you can make hundreds of dollars monthly.
26 Actionable Tips For Affiliate Marketers
How to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings       
1. Learn to Split Test Your Page. Split test to find out what your audience wants. Focus on posts that drive sales and replicate.
2. Include a call to action- Always include call to action such as 'Buy Now', 'Check Prices'
3. Split Test your Call to Action. Use different call to action techniques to find the most effective.
4. Add Comparison Tables- An effective way to create a good effect is to add comparison table. This affords the visitor a chance to decide on the best product.
5. Run Test Different Advertisements. Another strategy is to run different advertisement to find the ones that convert.
6. Link Your Images to Amazon. It is very important you link your images to Amazon
7. Include Call to Action at the end of an article. This provision is straightforward by adding a call to action to direct buyers to sales page.
8. Set up FB News Feeds
9. Write Best Seller List. Many affiliates have found best seller lists an effective tool in attracting sales.
10. Promote Only High End Products. For higher commissions you can choose to sell high end products.
11. Review Keywords. Always strive to review keywords
12. Write Posts showing visitors functionality of products. Add a good description of the product to explain its functions.
13. Try to track your affiliate Links. Track your affiliate links to make sure they are working properly. If your links are not working you would not make any sales?
14. Include your own graphics. Info-graphics are a powerful tool used to convey messages.
15. Monetize traffic. The whole essence of running an affiliate program is to make money and monetize your traffic.
16. Remove other monetization methods and focus only on Amazon. A good idea is to focus on only one monetization technique. Use only Amazon products to generate sales.
17. You can also sell more cheaply priced products. Some webmaster tries to balance the products by selling cheaper items. This strategy works because you make regular and more frequent sales.
18. Make sure you create sales funnels, repeat, evaluate, analyze and track
19. Use holidays to create new sales Promotions. The holidays are a gold mine for affiliate merchants. They attract discounts, bundle sales and lower prices.
20. Remove the poor converting Amazon e-Store. The Amazon store has been scraped because it converted badly. If you still feature it on your website remove it.
21. Create a buyers guide. A Buyers guide would provide useful information for visitors.
22. You need to build an email list. The email list captures visitors interested in particular products. You can compile the list and send offers to interested parties.
23. Leverage on the power of social media
24. Keep your goal in focus
25. Void looking like a spammer
26. Try to target long tail keywords

Top 14 Jobs to Choose in Retail

The retail sector accounts for millions of jobs worldwide. There are many positions on offer that account for good remunerations, job security and flexibility.
The amount of money earned by operators in retail varies based on educational qualifications, experience and job requirements. The jobs might have rigid framework or offer some form of flexibility.
Some require technical training, apprentice programs, formal education or on-job experience. Most retail jobs offer growth potential and salary increments.
Black Friday
What are the Best Jobs in Retail?
The best jobs are categorized based on education, proficiency, longevity and specialized knowledge. The jobs differ in scope and functionality.
The people seeking certain positions need, employable skill, knowledge of the job and determination. To decipher the best position you should consider the pay, flexibility, schedule and responsibilities.
 Associates earn more based on commissions and ability to deliver results. The retail industry is huge with lots of opportunities in management, sales, and supplies. There are also prospects for promotion, career advancement and job satisfaction.
 14 Top Jobs in Retail
1. Assistant Manager
The assistant manager’s position is that of a team leader. The median pay is bout $12 per hour according to the bureau of labor and statistics. They assist the store manager with general operations of the company. They also have different oversight functions in the store.
2. Store Manager
The store manager’s job is very important to the smooth running of the establishment. They earn an annul salary of $45,000 and require good managerial skill.
Their job description includes customer service, productivity, scheduling and training. Other functions are hiring staff, managing employees, inventory management and profitability.
3. The Retail Merchandiser and Sales Associate
The retail merchandiser earns $12 hourly rate. They help display products and showcase the stores products.
The sales associate earns $10 an hour and earn commission on certain items. They are found in different retail outfits such as automobile, supermarkets, fashion stores and appliance stores.
4. Order Processors
They process orders, vendor inquires and coordinate shipment. They manage customer’s requests including deliveries.
5. Fashion Stylists
If you love the fashion industry you could become fashion stylist. The job entails fittings, merchandising and sales of accessories. The stylist suggests cloths to customers and work in specialty clothing, accessory stores or departmental stores.
6. Online Merchandiser
The online merchandiser analysis data determine sales strategy and understands customer preferences. They work on product promotion including digital merchandising and sales. They earn median salary of $50,000 annually.
7. Manager Trainee
The manager trainee is equipped with managerial duties in store. The training is focused on leadership development and graduate training. The median earnings for trainee are $40,000 annually. Some companies embark on management training for staff they wish to promote.
8. Marketing Coordinator
The marketing coordinator carries out all the marketing. They organize the type of promotion, fashion strategies and use terrestrial and digital marketing platforms.
9. Logistic Coordinator
The logistic coordinator earns about $43,000 annul salary.  They maintain the stock, process orders and shipment. They keep track of inventory, allocate mechanize to stores and order stock.
10. Purchasing Agent
The purchasing agent earns $51,000 a year. The person is in charge of buying the products sold at the retail store. The responsibilities include ordering supplies, arranging delivery schedules and negotiating prices. Other functions are evaluating vendors and finding quality products.
11. Customer Service Representative
They earn median salary of $13 dollars an hour. Customer representatives have the oversight function of providing product information and customer service duties. They also process payments, returns and answer questions. More jobs include pricing, delivery and availability of product.
12. Human Resources Manager
The human resources managers’ responsibility is managing the workforce. They also fire and hire staff s appropriate.  Resource manager earns $64,000 salary annually
13. Cashier
The cashier handles the monitory transactions. The cashier’s job does not require formal training but good money handling skill. Every department store has at least one cashier. They earn salary of $14 dollars an hour.
14. Information Technology Coordinator
The information technology coordinator makes sure the operational systems are working. They upgrade software and provide ICT support. They also manage the stores website and inventory.  An ITC specialist earns $ 48,000 annually.

16 Ways to Sell Digital Downloads

Every e-commerce websites need a shopping cart to access payment and seamlessly deliver of digital products. There are many e-commerce content management systems that offer delivery solutions and payment processing.
To sell digital downloads you need a good partner system. luckily there are many content management websites that offer different solutions.
The system you choose should offer storage, a shopping cart and checkout solutions. They should provide instant delivery, fair pricing per transaction or monthly fees.
File hosting depends on your needs including the features available. Some even offer affiliate programs and coupon codes
download button
Top 16 Ways to Sell Digital Downloads
  • Content Shelf
  • Digital Product Delivery
  • Clickbank
  • Fetch
  • E-Junkie
  • FastSpring
  • Plasso
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Pulley
  • PayLoadz
  • Sellfy
  • Selz
  • Chec
  • Gumroad
  • SendOwl
  • Shopify
1. Content Shelf
You get multiple pricing options, paid plans and other features. You can use coupons integrate 2Checkout and PayPal payment portal. They support different file formats and provide adequate bandwidth.
2. FastSpring
They use a cloud based platform and tracking technology. They are perfect for subscription services and eCommerce solutions.
3. Digital Product Delivery
Digital product delivery integrates PayPal system. They offer affiliate program, flat monthly fees based on number of products and pricing. You can also create your own buy now buttons.
4. Fetch
Fetch Offers   Delivery and storage system. They don’t have a shopping cart solution but can delivery your products. They host your product and provide secure download facility they offer low cost storage options for webmasters.
5. Clickbank
You can sell eBooks or digital products with Clickbank. They have a huge number of affiliates eager to promote your products.
6. E-Junkie
You can sell tangible products and digital products on E-Junkie. They offer various features such as auto responders, coupon codes, discount codes and affiliate management.
They charge no fees per transaction but have a flat monthly rate.  They also base the charges on number of products and disk space. They provide ‘add to cart button’ and ‘Buy Now’ buttons.
7. PayLoadz
Payloadz have been around a long time. They have a premium account of $14.95 monthly including $0.49 per transaction and 4.9%. For transactions less than $2 they charge $0.05.
8. Pulley
There prices are based on number of products sold. They deliver your digital product efficiently and provide a Buy Now Button. They offer disc space and storage facility for your digital files as appropriate.
9. Easy Digital Downloads
Easy Digital Downloads is a Wordpress plugin specifically made for Wordpress sites. It is ideal for selling digital products with a number of optional add-ons. The plug-in is seamlessly integrated with different gateways including PayPal.
10. Plasso
The pricing to sell digital products attract 3% per transaction. They offer a simple solution that accommodates digital products and subscriptions. They also have a stripe fee excluding a monthly fee.
11. Chec
The good aspect of Chec is the webmasters choice to paste product link anywhere. You can also embed a checkout solution on your website.
They accept PayPal, debit and credit card payments. There is however a processing fee for credit card at 3.5% and 2% for PayPal transactions.
12. Selz
Selz charges 2% per transaction in addition to 2.9% +25 cents processing fee. The have features like stock management, Google Analytics, Mailing integration and multi product options. You can create a free store and sell your digital products within minutes.
13. Sellfy
They charge no monthly fee but collect 5% per transaction. Sellfy integrates PayPal, Stripe and other payment charnels. You can continently sell your digital products stress free.
14. Gumroad
Gumroad accepts different payment methods. They accept JCB MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. They charge no monthly fee except 5% +$0.25 per transaction.
15. SendOwl
There pricing is calculated based on the number of products and disk space. Features include product bundles, mail listing. You can even sell tangible goods, digital downloads and offer subscriptions.
16. Shopify
Shopify offers webmasters powerful ecommerce solutions. They also have Buy Now button you can integrate on your website. They offer shopping cart and hosting solutions.