How to Become a Bridal Makeup Artist

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Among the many support services that function around weddings, bridal makeup artistry is important. The bride and groom before, after and during wedding celebration are frequently photographed and recorded.
The bride needs to look her best to the admiration of friends and family. The bridal makeup artist does her magic and transforms the bride into the sinus of all eyes.
 Brides apply makeup regularly during the entire ceremony. So they hire the services of professional makeup artists to remain beautiful and alluring. 
The job requires excellent skill, good interpersonal charisma, a business sense and top notch service. The startup costs are small and majority of investment involves purchase of kit, further skill acquisition, transportation and marketing.
There are different kinds of makeup related jobs such as theatrical makeup artists, multimedia and performance makeup artistry. The job supports the modeling industry, photography, animation, theater and events.
The job is highly profitable and thespians earn an average of $20 per hour. Sometimes they charge a flat rate for their services.
The job could be done full-time or part-time depending on your business model. To become a professional makeup artist you need training, startup funds and an effective marketing strategy.
Here are a few ideas on how to launch your makeup business.
Things to Consider
  • You need to get certified
  • Gain experience
  • Choose products carefully
  • Create a makeup kit
  • Develop a range of service
  • Develop a comprehensive price list
  • Create a portfolio
  • Have an online presence
  • Register the enterprise
  • Consider public liability insurance, tax
  • Develop business skills
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy

How to Become a Bridal Makeup Artist
Get Certified
The first step to becoming a bridal make up artist is obtaining a certificate. There are numerous schools of cosmetology and technical workshops.
Develop the skill through books, online courses and practical training. Things cosmetologist know revolves around skin type, color hues, products and face type.
To operate you are required to have a certified license and in some states pass a standard examination. Practical training is essential for better understanding of what the work entails.
Once you have developed the skill and obtained a certification you are ready to establish your enterprise.
Create a Makeup Kit
Purchase the right equipment and put together a kit. The kit is an essential part of your job description.
The kit is essential for outside engagements and functions. Make sure you purchase only the most essential makeup items to get the job done. Then follow strict work ethics and safety protocols when applying and maintaining the gear.
makeup kit
Items in a Makeup Kit
  • Cotton wool pads
  • Makeup
  • Brush set
  • Makeup sponge
  • Remover
  • Disposable mascara wands
  • Facial wipes
Create a Portfolio
You need to create a portfolio of your work for prospective clients. You could also do practical demonstrations for your clients.
The portfolio should contain high definition photographs of women you serviced. This is essential because the imagery demonstrates your skill level, proficiency and technique.
To obtain the photographs carry along a professional photographer to document the bride before and after the makeup is applied. You might require the consent of the bride to use the photographs in your portfolio.
Where to locate your Makeup Business
Although the business works both home based and online you need a physical location. You could create a space at home or lease a shop.
A shop would provide regular patronage from residents. You could also sell makeup to your customers alongside the bridal makeup business.
Register your makeup business as a sole proprietorship enterprise. Get public liability insurance and other tax related provisions.
Some of the products you sell could require value added tax returns. A good location for the business is in a residential area or shopping mall.
Make sure your pricing is competitive and fair by carrying out a feasibility study of other makeup artist’s products and prices.
Funding the Enterprise
Gradually build up your inventory to reduce huge expenditure on makeup. To rise funds try target saving or borrow from friends and family.
Your business template determines the amount of startup funds you need. Home based businesses require fewer funds than a shop or office environment.
If you plan to build a website, factor cost of domain name, host plan, online marketing and website developer fees.
Getting Work as a Makeup Artist
To get work as a makeup artist you need an effective marketing strategy. Use traditional print media to create glossy brochures, complementary cards, flyers and signage boards.
Invest some funds for newspapers and bridal magazine advertisement. You can network with event centers, hair salons, spas, florists and wedding favor shops.
Other professionals to liaison with are wedding photographers, dressmakers, bridal shops including wedding Officiant. Reference strategies are a huge way to get regular gigs.
Build a Makeup Website
You could increase awareness and patronage through a make-up website or blog. Showcase your proficiency through high definition images.
The website should target your preferred client’s demography. Make sure the website is optimized and include a phone number, address and About Us page.
Add terms of service including type services you render. Increase traffic to your website through social media channels such as Facebook and Google+. Include your company in local listing, yellow pages and online classified websites.


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