Renting Portable Toilet: Starting a Portable Restroom Business

portable toilets

Although the business sounds dirty portable toilets are good money makers. There are three areas of investment, building the toilets, selling the units wholesale/retail or toilet rentals.

The most profitable sector is portable toilet rentals. The business involves serious safety protocols, feces handling, storage and disposal.

To run the enterprise you need adequate training and experience. Portable toilets are popular and they provide an essential service to the general public.

The toilets are used to complement existing facilities in densely populated locations. Places that need such facilities are public events such as weddings, musical concerts, markets, sports events and trade shows.

Any location with heavy human traffic is ideal for portable toilets. The toilets come in various designs, colors and functionality. They are usually built with water-resistant plastic material.

How to Start a Sewage Treatment Plant

Ideal Locations for Public Toilets

  • Event centers
  • Wedding venues
  • Public parks
  • Concerts
  • Award ceremonies
  • Open markets
  • Car parks
  • Sports centers
  • Trade shows
  • Government establishments
  • State parks
  • Construction sites
  • Camp grounds

Cost and Earnings

One of the major attractions is the re-usability of the toilet. They are designed too last and are easily cleaned and disinfected.

The major challenges include daily maintenance and safe waste disposal. The toilets are moderately priced based on size, functionality and manufacturer.

An investor could make regular income through one off rental or long duration contracts. Both business templates are lucrative with little overheads.

You could charge per hour, day or month based on the number of toilets you provide. Before starting a portable toilet business you need to put a few things in place.

Make sure your prices are reasonable and competitive. Factor other parameters when working on an estimate. Actively secure long lease contracts because they are more profitable and provides steady income.

Different kinds of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are similar to residential toilets except the latter uses septic tanks.  Portable units are made from water resistant material and fitted with sewage collection units.

The sewer tanks are located at the base of the unit for collection and easy disposal. There are different kinds of portable toilets in the market. Each manufacturer has his own specification and design.

There are a few things to lookout for when buying a portable toilet. The toilet should have a flushing system, a basin and tank unit.

Other criteria are a sewer connectable unit, mobility, hand basin and combined toilet /urinary unit. There are some cheaper designs without flushing system or hand basins.

There are also luxury portable units with upgraded features. However the uniting factor is availability of water tanks, sewer connectable units and easy mobility.

Premium Units

Basic Units

Water tank


Flushing system

Non-Flushing System

Hand Basin

No- Hand Basin

Sewer Unit

Sewer Unit


Semi- Mobile

Toilet and Urinary Unit

Toilet Unit

How to Start Portable Toilet Business

Cary out a Feasibility Study

Carry out a feasibility study of your community and write a portable rental business plan. Select a business name and register the company as a sole proprietorship business.

You need a permit to handle and dispose sewer waste. Other requirements are operational license, insurance cover and tax considerations.

Purchase the Toilets

 Find manufacturers of such facilitates in your country. The more functions the toilet has the higher the cost.

Purchase your equipment directly from manufacturers or wholesalers. You can start off with five toilets which could conveniently accommodate 200 people.

Other supplies you need include toilet brushes, gloves, toilet paper, disinfectants and buckets.

A List of Equipment for Portable Toilet Business

  • Deodorants
  • Toilet paper
  • Safety gear
  • Brushes
  • Detergent
  • Portable toilet
  • Truck
  • Office equipment
  • Buckets
  • Water tanks

Storage Facility

You need a storage facility to warehouse the equipment. You could build a large shed at home or lease a small storage space. An open but secure land is also ideal.

You also need an administrative office to handle request and contracts. If you have limited funding turn a room in your house into an office. All you need is a dedicated telephone, computer, printer, fax machine and modem.


Transportation is an integral part of portable toilet business. You could purchase a large truck or lease accordingly.

Owning your own truck is very coat effective. You need to carry the units to and from location including daily maintenance.


You don’t need too many staff to run the business. The staffs you need are cleaners and sewage handlers, secretary and driver.

The staff should be hardworking and dedicated. Proper training is essential for sewage handlers including protective gear. You would need insurance cover for your staff and an employment identification number.

Promoting the Portable Toilet Business

Promote the business through advertisement in electronic and print media. Use newspaper publications, flyers, billboards and signage boards.

Advertise your services in classified websites and through a blog. Build a website targeted at your local community and drive traffic through social media engagement.


Your business may be subject to zoning and you need a state approved dump site. Visit your local health department for more information.

The business is hazardous so proper safety protocols are essential. You could join an association in your area for support and networking. Start with only five units and gradually increase inventory as the business expands.


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