Starting a Balloon Decorating Business

Balloon decoration business is practicable as a home based enterprise. The business is easy to implement, profitable and requires low startup capital.
There are different sub sectors such as balloon delivery service, selling helium balloons including wholesaler, retail outlets.
Balloons are popular at children’s parties, social events and theme parks. The business also works as a part-time or full-time enterprise.
Huge markets for a balloon decorator are large functions such as wedding ceremonies and corporate events. Starting a balloon decoration business requires low startup capital, marketing, casual staff and specialized equipment.
These are the things you need to start a balloon decoration business.
Starting a Balloon Decoration Business
Learn the Trade
It is easy to learn how to make interesting balloon decorations. The field is highly specialized however easy to learn.
Develop your decoration skills through online courses, books, seminars ad workshops. Spend a little on practical training, video tutorials and in-expensive courses.
Purchase Balloon Decoration Equipment
The primary products are different types of balloons. Then purchase or lease helium tanks, ribbons, valves and regulators.
To reduce costs purchase the balloons in bulk from wholesalers or manufacturers. Other items you need are scissors, glue, strings and weights.
A List of Balloon Decoration Items
  • Balloons
  • Strings
  • Ribbons
  • Weights
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • Helium Tanks
Most balloon decorators prefer inflating the balloons on-site. This strategy effectively reduces transportation costs, damaged balloons and handling.
You still need to transport the boxes and helium tanks to the venue. You can use your vehicle or hire a van to transport your hardware.
Business Location
There are no specific rules pertaining to location. However locating your business within a residential area has its benefits.
You will get lots of customers from people in your community especially during birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. For ease communication and administrative functions you need a dedicated phone number, computer, Desk-Jet printer and fax machine.
If you intend running a home based balloon decoration business turn a room into an office.
Administrative Functions
Administrative functions include taking proper inventory of items you use. You need to keep in contact with potential clients, balance your books and issue receipts. Other functions are running your website and processing credit card orders.
You need to formulate a strong marketing strategy to get regular jobs. The business is competitive and requires lots of networking.
Use referrals, direct marketing and creates a portfolio. A portfolio is essential because customers need proof of your proficiency.
Your portfolio should be full of high definition images and location. Develop a competitive pricing system and offer your clients discounts to repeat clients
Print flyers, posters, billboards and signage boards to attract patronage. Partner with small business owners in your community such as caterers, florists, wedding planners and event centers.
Other marketing tools are directory submissions, using classified advertisement and social media channels. Include your business in yellow pages and online business profiles.
Build a Website
It is important having an online presence. Build a website targeted at your local community.
The website should have high definition images of events you attended. Include a shopping cart with credit card options.
Add an about us page, location, services you offer and discounts. You can hire a web developer to build a search engine optimized site. Choose a good domain name and host provider.
Balloon decoration business is rather straight forward and easy to implement. However the earning depends on the type of function and services you render.
You could explore other added services such as cake making, event planning to your services. This will guarantee higher payouts and better profitability.


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