Wedding Car Hire Profit: How to Start Wedding Car Hire Business


You can start a wedding car hire business large scale or small scale. The business model depends on funding and number of vehicles in your fleet.
A one man enterprise is registered as a sole proprietor while a larger operation should be a limited liability entity.  Wedding car rentals is lucrative because many couples choose to ride in luxury cars on the special day.
The cars add glamour, fun and nostalgia to the occasion. Interested in starting a wedding car hire business here are a few startup tips.
How to Start a Wedding Car Hire Business
The car hire business is highly competitive and requires determination. You need to build contacts and position your enterprise towards profitability.
Before starting the business study your competition. What are they doing and what kinds of cars are popular?
You need to write a business plan and carry out a comprehensive feasibility study. Other considerations are startup capital, staff, vehicle choice and marketing.
More challenges are balancing your books, expenditure, and insurance cover. You need to attract patronage to stay afloat in this business venture.
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Things to Consider
  • Choice of Vehicle
  • Where to purchase vehicle
  • Finance
  • Advertisement
  • Parking
  • Office location
  • Insurance cover
  • Legal requirements
  • Business name
  • Permits and license
  • Accounting
  • Build a website
  • Pricing
  • Networking
The Vehicle
The vehicle you choose should be large have 4 door and elegant. The size is to accommodate the bride’s flamboyant outfit and provide space for other passengers.
The interior of the vehicle should have posh upholstery such as leather seats and oak dashboard.  Some accessories you need are ribbon, handheld vacuum cleaners, chauffeur outfits, Kleenex including customized number plates.
Suitable cars for weddings are veteran vehicles, vintage cars, novelty cars, unusual vehicles, Kit cars and modern classics. Good cars include Rover, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, and Jaguar.
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Types of Vehicles Suitable for Weddings
  • Modern Classics
  • Unusual Vehicle
  • Novelty Cars
  • Kit Cars
  • Vintage Cars
  • Veteran Cars
  • Old cars
  • Victorian cars
Funding the wedding Car Hire Business
You need huge capital to start a wedding car hire business. Majority of the funds go into vehicular acquisition, maintenance, garage and marketing. Second hand used luxury cars go for around $12,000 upwards.
Make provisions in your budget for the huge fuel consumption rate of high-end automobiles. You also need liability insurance cover, business name and company registration.
Apply to the relevant authorities for necessary permits and licenses.
Where to Buy Classic Cars
There are lots of resources with useful information on where to buy cars. You can buy from classified used car dealers on, websites and magazines.
Go to used car auctions, read newspaper publications and find car enthusiast. Local car auctions are treasure chests to finding amazing automobiles.
Before purchasing any vehicle carry out an inspection with your mechanic. This will save valuable costs in repairs or bad purchase.
Pricing the Service
The price depends on the vehicle of choice location and distance. Other parameters are bonuses such as drinks, biscuits, chocolate.
Prices range between $300 and $700 depending on service. The number of gigs you get impacts on your annual profit after all expenses are met.
Marketing Ideas
The car hire business is highly competitive however focusing on a niche might give you a competitive advantage. To favorably compete with existing brands offer better service and prices.
Include special discounts, and little gimmicks such as champagne, chocolates and biscuits. Advertise in local newspapers and wedding focused magazines.  
Produce flyers, quality brochures, posters and business cards. You could network with churches, event centers, florists, halls, places of worship and civil centers.
Make sure your marketing strategy is strictly regulated and work within a tight budget.
Build a Website
Owning a website is essential to the success of your enterprise. A website reduces advertisement costs while offering a huge platform to gain new clients.
Hire a web designer to produce a search engine optimized website. Car hire business is location specific therefore your website should target your immediate community.
To promote your website use social media advertisement, classified websites and yellow pages.


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