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A huge amount of work goes into the preparation of a wedding. This includes selecting a venue, making the cake, food and drink selection.
Other things are hiring a hall decorator, security, master of ceremony a disc jokey or live band. Wedding related business makes huge earnings servicing different sector of the industry.
One highly lucrative sector is starting a wedding hall decoration business. The business entails a keen eye for matching colors and creativity.
It requires specialized knowledge, funding and a passion for the business. Startup costs include purchase of equipment, leasehold, staff wages and transportation.
Others are registering the enterprise, branding and having an effective marketing strategy. The benefits of owning a wedding hall decoration business is work flexibility, low startup and quick turnaround.
There are a few things to consider before launching your hall decoration enterprise.
Determine the Type of Service
The wedding decorator apart from beautifying the hall could offer added service. Some services include renting chairs and tables.
The primary service is to make the tables attractive, chairs and venue. You should provide covers for the chairs, tables, decorative items and provide flowers.
Register the Business
Register the business as a limited liability company. Although it also works as a sole proprietorship prevent undue litigation by choosing the LLC format.
Create a brand name that portrays class, sophistication and elegance. Get a personal identification number and insurance cover.
Source your inventory form reputable vendors or lease them. The next step is to get a lawyer to create a contract form.
This is essential especially if you are dealing with dishonest individuals. Make sure any appointment is carried out in your office before to visiting the venue.
The type of outfit you choose impact on the amount of funding required. You can run a decoration business from home or an office environment.
Home based freelancers only need storage for equipment and an office space. This removes the cost of renting an office in a commercial area.
However an office location provides a face for your business. The majority of funds are needed for equipment, maintenance, transportation cost and marketing.
Apply for loans through any micro-finance bank in your locality. You need collateral, a business plan and some startup funds.
Write a Business Plan
The business plan defines your company structure. It clearly shows your mission, goals and objectives.
You could hire a professional to write the plan or use online resources. Once you have the plan carry out a feasibility study of wedding hall decorators in your area. Study their business template, customer base and charges.
Get Certified
You need to master hall decoration skills such as color combinations, table positions, decorations. There a different course on interior décor, hall décor, hospitality and event planning. Increase your knowledge through books, seminars, trade workshops and online courses.
Create a Portfolio
How are your customers going to know your proficiency if not through recommendations or a portfolio? Create a portfolio of events you decorated and use as a sales pitch.
Provide high definition photographs of such events gather testimonials and include your certificate. A good visual presentation usually does the trick. It also provides a platform to showcase trending styles and prices.
Wedding Hall Decoration Equipment
  • Office equipment- Computer, modem, chairs, table, telephone
  • Balloons
  • Different colored Linen cloth
  • Table cloth
  • Chair covers
  • Artificial flowers
  • Real flowers
  • Fancy flower vase
  • Staplers and pins
  • Confetti
  • Tiara
  • Elastic bands and ropes
Prepare a small marketing budget that accommodates printing and electronic media. Print letterhead papers, flyers, complementary cards and signage board.
The cards are very useful especially when strategically place on the decorated tables. Many wedding decorates have gained lots of patronage using this simple method.
Other marketing techniques are referrals, radio jingles, television advertisements and classified websites.
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Build a Website
You need a website to attract patronage. Select a good domain name and host plan. Use digital imagery on your site including service description and prices.
Add an About Us page, office address and dedicated phone number. Make sure your website is targeted to your desired demography and customer base. Don’t forget to use social media to boost traffic to your website. 

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Hall Decoration Business
To effectively decorate a hall you need lots of creativity. The business falls under interior decoration, creative arts and event planning.
The job scope is huge and involves selection of curtains, table spreads, floral arrangement and seat placement. Other duties of a hall decorator are finding the best venues and choosing a color scheme.
The business is challenging and very profitable. A hall decorator can make six figures income annually. The business requires passion, knowledge of décor and good organizational skill.
Startup Cost
The startup cost depends on your inventory. The cost could spiral out of control or strictly budgeted. The majority of expenditure is spent on inventory and logistics. To succeed you need to create a brand and offer quality service.
Advertise your hall decoration business through newspaper and magazine publications. Use catchy radio jingle, television advertisement and print. Print posters, banners, flyers and complementary cards. Use social media to spread the word and free online classified websites.
Build a Portfolio
Put together a portfolio of your work to present to clients. This is an effective method to showcase past jobs and get new assignments. Make sure the images are high definition and a good representation of your work
Build a Website
It is very important building a website for your business. The website should have high definition image of halls you decorated. Add descriptions, locations about us page, address and dedicated line.
The Pros of Starting a Hall Decoration Business
  • The amount of Startup Depends on your Inventory
  • The Business is highly profitable
  • You need interior decorative skills
  • You are not required to have an education
  • There are lots of job opportunities
  • There are lots of services to offer clients
The Cons of Starting a Hall Decoration Business
  • The hall decoration business is highly competitive
  • You spend lots of money advertising
  • Logistics and transportation are a major factor
  • The job is seasonal and depends on celebratory occasions
  • You need adequate storage facility
Hall Decoration Service
The type of service you offer depends on the client. Common services involve providing chairs and tables. Others are using curtains, blinds, table cloth and chair covers.
More include balloon decorations, confetti, flowers and ribbon decoration. Register the business as a LLC and create a brand logo. Use and lawyer to draft a good contract form to avoid misunderstanding.
Hall Decoration Equipment
There are lots of equipment’s used by hall decorators. Common equipment’s are table cloths, chair covers, chairs and artificial flowers. More are vases, flowers, balloons, confetti, staplers and rubber bands.
  • Office equipment
  • Flowers
  • Table cloth
  • Curtains
  • Confetti
  • Chair covers
  • Staplers
  • Linen cloths
  • Elastic bands
  • Balloons
  • Artificial flowers
The inventory and transportation takes up the majority of funds. Other funding requirements are marketing, labor and office rent.
Before launching the enterprise write a hall decoration business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The study should include competitors, possible venues, prices and locations.
Learn the Trade
It is important you learn how to decorate halls. You would become an apprentice, attend seminars or workshops. Other ways include online courses and reading books. A certified hall decorator would get more clients than the competition.


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