Wedding photographer requirements: How to become a Commercial wedding photographer

To become a wedding photographer you need business acumen and knowledge of photography. Wedding photography is a specialized niche that covers marriages, engagement ceremony and nuptial celebrations.
The job description involves taking photographs of the couple, guests and event. The business is competitive and requires proficiency behind the camera.
The quality of your work would attract referrals and new business. Couples factor photographs in their budget as an essential aspect of the celebration.
Earning top dollar as a wedding photographer is easy if you get steady work. Before launching your business there are a few things to consider.
The Job Description
The job description is taking photographs at event locations. The job could be done full time or part time and involves moderate investment.
A skilled wedding photographer makes about $29,170 per year. In some countries the photographer also takes shots of guest and produces them before the end of the ceremony.
He charges the guest according to the number of photographs they agreed upon. For speedy location based compositions he develops the photographs using a mobile printer.
It is essential that the photographer capture high resolution images of the bride and groom.
Learning the Trade
 You could develop the skill through books, online resources and seminars. Or decide to go for formal training in technical institutions, university or an apprentice program.
Purchase High Quality Equipment
Apart from a high definition camera you need other equipment. Invest in lighting, flash, lenses and backup batteries.
Others hardware are editing software, memory cards and mobile printer. Once you have the right equipment invest in a darkroom and small office. You could run your business from home or lease an office.
Wedding Photographer Equipment
  • Photo editing software
  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Mobile printer
  • Darkroom paraphernalia
  • Lighting
  • Tripod stands
  • Cutting tools
The Business Outfit
To run a photography business you need rudimentary knowledge of business.  Attract patronage by putting in place a comprehensive marketing strategy.
Other things are pricing, business registration, inventory and good accounting to balance your books. The job description also involves lots of movement so invest in cheap but efficient transportation.
Register the Business
Wedding photography is a one man business. Register the enterprise as a sole proprietorship business.
You are basically self-employed so get a personal identification number and remit taxes. Find out other license and permits required in your state or local government.
Define your style through branding and high quality images. Photographers affix their logos to the bottom right corner of the photograph.
You could do a different variation by affixing your logo at the back of every photograph. Some photographers use blind endorsement to add their trademark.
Make sure your rates are reasonable and competitive. Photographers charge per photographs or a collective contract.  You would likely produce an album of event including freelance snap shots of beautifully attired guests.
Create a portfolio
It is very important to create a beautiful portfolio of your works. Place them in an album for potential clients to see. A portfolio is an essential marketing strategy most wedding photographers use to get new clients.
Build a Photography Website
A website is a good marketing tool that never sleeps. Invest in a beautiful site with lots of high definition photographs showcasing your skill.
On the website include lots of images, description and contact information. Target your website to your location to attract the right customer base.
Advertise the Business
It is important to market your talent and advertise the business. Use social media channels such as Facebook, Google+ and twitter.
Try printing complementary cards to give guests at the wedding ceremony. You can target bridesmaids and best-men including bachelors and bachelorette.
Use signage boards, posters, banners and newspaper publications to attract patronage.
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