Wedding Videographer Business: Starting a Wedding Videographer Enterprise

Making DVD videos are an essential part of the whole wedding package. Most couples would rather hire a wedding videographer than a photographer. However many will use both services to document the special day. 
Today there is a proliferation of high–end cameras and gadgets used by professional documentarian. Wedding videography has rapidly grown in popularity due to better technology and easy accessibility to software. 
Starting a videographer business is relatively easy and requires moderate funding. You can launch a small scale enterprise from home or an office environment.
However working out of an office or studio gives legitimacy to the enterprise while providing an operational location. Here are a few things you need to start your wedding videographer business.
Starting a Wedding Videographer Enterprise
Learn the Trade
Before you start the enterprise learn how to make quality videos for your clients. You could develop the skill through workshops, seminars, trade institutions and apprentice programs.
You need to read lots of books, offer free services and learn from online tutorials or websites. It is important to stay abreast of fast changing trends and software.
Try to use only high–quality equipment for your production. You need good camera, tripods, wireless microphones, lighting, wire microphones, hot light and cables.
A List of Equipment
  • Tripod Stands
  • Cameras
  • Wired and Wireless Microphones
  • Lighting
  • Hot Lights
  • Cables
  • Computer and editing equipment

Make sure your prices are fair and competitive. To develop a price range study your competitor’s prices and services.
Carry out a feasibility study and write a comprehensive business plan. Offer your customers special discounts, package deals and limited offers.
Produce a demo product to showcase your talent. Edit the interesting parts and include key moments for better effect.
Make a simple 4 minute reel to show customers and project professionalism with a business profile. Invest in good d├ęcor, viewing room and build a website.
The website should include high definition images, prices, description, location, and contact information. Target your site to your local community and use social media channels.
There are free and paid classified websites, Facebook advertisement and Adwords. Contact event planners, wedding organizers, photographers and civic centers.
Advertise in national newspapers and magazines in your area.  Produce YouTube videos with links to your website.
You can use traditional methods such as printing flyers, billboards, signage boards and complementary cards. You could network with wedding vendors for good referrals. Make sure your production is top quality and the images are sharp and clear.
Important Aspects of Video Production
There are important aspects of the video production you need to capture. They are pivotal to the total presentation of the wedding occasion.
  • Wedding preparation
  • Arrival of the bride and groom
  • creative shots of reception location
  • the ceremony
  •  intimate moments of the couple
  •  guests speeches
  •  reception footage
  •  first dance
  •  first feed
  •  cutting the cake
  • friend interviews
  • joint photograph of couple and guests
 Difficult Aspects of the Job
Weddings are seasonal so there are long periods without work. The working hours are long and tiresome especially society weddings.
 The bride always has specific expectations despite low budget and funds. Other challenges are slow cash flow and no steady income.
To succeed you need lots of marketing, no repeat customer and referrals. The job is physically challenging, possibility of equipment theft, long working hours and high probability of burnout
Registration and Permits
Wedding videographer businesses are usually one man shows. You might have an apprentice to carry the equipment and learn the trade.
Register the enterprise as a sole proprietorship business venture. Then insure the expensive equipment and get a personal tax identification number.
Find out local and state laws guiding the enterprise. The majority of the funds you raise are expended on equipment, logistics and marketing.


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