30+ Niche Wedding Business Ideas

The wedding day is unique to each couple and the memories last forever. The industry is highly lucrative and attracts lots of niche businesses.
Entrepreneurs interested in the industry have a whole verity of areas to explore. The unique businesses offer different services to create a lasting impression on the beautiful day.
Weddings are not seasonal and occur throughout the year. Leveraging on this multi billion industry makes good business sense.
An average wedding costs $8,000- $20,000 depending on the couple’s budget.  Before you invest in the industry you need to find a niche that complement your natural talents and interest.
There are different ways to get into the wedding industry. You could buy into an existing business, try franchising or wholesale/retail. Other ways is through partnership agreements or start from scratch. Here are a few wedding business ideas.
30 Niche Wedding Business Ideas
What is a wedding without lots of beautiful flowers? The hall needs lots of flowers and the bride sometimes carries a floral bouquet. Floristry business has become a huge industry providing services to event planners, wedding organizations and corporate events.
Become a Wedding Planner
A wedding planner makes lots of money especially during high society weddings. They organize the entire ceremony from the caterers, cake makes to security. You need lots of organizational skill to become a wedding planner
Wedding Caterer
Lots of delicious food is consumed on the wedding day. Catering services is essential too weddings as marriage vows.
To effectively run a wedding catering service you need a commercial kitchen and cooking utensils. Each wedding is unique and are tailored to the couple’s expectations.
Webbing Car Hire Services
Most brides want to arrive at the wedding venue in luxury. They prefer riding luxury cars such as limousines to ferry them to the occasion Car hire services is good business, however it is capital intensive.
The majority of funds are used to purchase the vehicles, fuel and marketing. Car hire also services other industries providing good business opportunities.
The wedding favor business is very lucrative and competitive. You can start the business with moderate funds and lots of creative energy.
The good aspect of the business is that you can work from home or a small office. Purchase unique items and network with screen printers is a good idea.
Wedding Photography Business
Wedding photographers are another essential service during weddings. The occasion needs capturing for prosperity. The wedding photographer is usually commissioned to cover the entire occasion from the entrance of the bride to taking group photographs
Make-up Artistry Business
To glam-up the bride and bridesmaid they need a professional make-up artist. The makeup artist works her magic transforming the bride.
To launch a makeup business you need to learn the skills. Startup cost is low however you need lots of referral and marketing. Brides are willing to spend good money to look perfect on their wedding day
Cake Maker
Have you seen any wedding without those amazing cakes? Cake making is profitable and slightly challenging.
There are many opportunities for cake makers to earn good income. They also have a broad customer base such as schools, eateries and fast food restaurants. They can also include home deliveries and online orders.
Wedding Officiant
The wedding Officiant is the person who takes their vows. To become a wedding Officiant is easy especially if you use online resources. You need to get certified as an officiant and obtain a permit before legally practicing the profession.
Start Invitation Card Business
The couple needs to invite guest to the wedding. An invitation card business covers wedding, anniversaries, corporate occasions and birthdays.  Create unique invitation cards for your customers and see your profit rise.
Start a Balloon Decoration Business
Balloons are part of the d├ęcor used at weddings.  Stock different types of balloons and network with event planners. You need small funds to start a balloon decoration business including good storage facility.
Start a Bridal Boutique
Bridal boutiques accommodate important items used during the occasion. To start a bridal boutique stock qualities items and secure a good location.
The location could be in a commercial area or residential area. You could focus on a niche or offer a large collection.
Sell Wedding Dresses
You can start a wedding dress store and sell wedding gowns. Try to stock both new and used gowns to accommodate different clients.
The business is capital intensive because bridal gowns are expensive. You could also include gown hire services for brides.
Start a Wedding Accessory Store
There are lots of wedding accessories you can stock. Make sure the store is visible and has lots of inventory. You could get startup funds through soft bank loans with fixed interest rates.
Wedding Suit Business
The groom and his men need to look smart on his wedding day. Suits are very expensive so starting a suit rental business is a good idea. You need lots of funds to purchase the suits and a good store location.
Wedding Venue Rental Business
Every occasion requires a venue and weddings are not an exception. Venue rental business is huge and lucrative.
The venue could accommodate different events and occasion. The cost of renting a venue depends on the location and physical structures. Highbrow areas attract huge sum in comparison to middle-class locations.
Become a Master of Ceremony
A master of ceremony is usually a one man show. It requires very low startup funds and is very lucrative.
You need to develop your brand and add humor to the wedding. Masters of ceremony make good money plying their trade.
Live Band Business
You need musical talent to start a live band. The business is capital intensive and challenging.
With lots of persistence you would gradually build a reputation and brand name. Once you get into the mainstream of things the cash start rolling in.
Become a Wedding Videographer
Wedding videographer earn good income covering the entire occasion. You need quality equipment and staff to successfully run a videographer business. You also need to have the perquisite skills in editing and recording.
Wedding Event Decoration Business
The decorator needs a degree in interior design. Decorating the wedding hall is very important to the success of the occasion.
Event decorators face lots of competition and challenges. However establishing your reputation would attract lots of business
Although the bride and groom have found each other there are many eager souls looking for love. Matchmakers earn a reasonable amount of money providing this service to singles.
Wedding Hairdresser
Hairdressing business is fully saturated however new establishment open everyday. You need to have good hairdressing skill to attract lots of patronage. Hairdressers complement makeup artists to beautify the bride on the special day. Out-calls attract better fees than onsite jobs.
Start a Wedding Website or Blog
Create a search engine optimized website or blog. Include lots of high definition imagery and blog posts.
You could earn income through product sales, affiliate earnings or referrals. Other income sources are through advertisement networks or direct advert placements.
Make sure you purchase a top level domain name and host plan. You could also provide drop shipment and take online orders.
Create a Wedding Magazine
Magazine business is tough, challenging and interesting. The business is capital intensive and requires good journalistic skill. You need printing equipment, writers, marketers and a good distribution channel.
Not all event centers have adequate toilet facilities. In such occasions the organizers hire portable toilets to argument the shortfall.
Portable toilet business is profitable however has a few challenges. Evacuation of feces and transporting the toilets are the major difficulty
Chairs and Table Rentals
Sometimes the bride and groom might opt for canopy event. They may wish to have an open air ceremony so they need to rent chairs and tables.
Chair and table rental requires only a moderate startup capital and occasional equipment maintenance. You need a mode of transportation, storage and staff.
Start a Security Agency
A private security agency offers their services to different industries. You find them at banks, events, recreational parks and guarding celebrities and high net worth individuals.
You need to provide training for your guards register the agency and obtain licensing and permits.
Serve Cocktails and Drinks
You need a liquor license to deal in alcoholic drinks. The drinks at wedding occasions are provided by cocktail and drinks outfits. 
Your staff needs special training in cocktail mixing and serving. To run the business you need to network with drink manufacturers and major distributors. Provide adequate storage, transportation, and a freezer-truck.
Small Chops Business
Sometimes the wedding ceremony serves small chops to guests. Small chops are a specialty sector of the fast food industry.
Types of small chops are sausage rolls meat pies, shawarma, buns and cakes. Develop your baking talent and purchase an industrial oven. You could work from home or a fast food establishment.
Disc Jockey Business
Instead of using a live bank some weddings prefer the services of a DJ. The business is lucrative and recurrent expenditure is spent on acquiring additional equipment and songs. Develop your talent as an apprentice or through books and tutorials. Regular practice is needed and dedication to the craft.
Calligraphy is an ancient art form that has witnessed resurgence. The business involves handwriting wedding invitation cards and envelops.
The business requires low startup capital and good handwriting skills. To start the venture purchase all the essential writing implements and paper. Advertise your business in wedding journals and magazines.
Wedding Ring Business
There are different types of wedding rings in the market. We have diamond rings, ruby rings, silver and gold rings. The ring business is highly lucrative depending on your business strategy and inventory.
You need a good location with easy access and parking. Wedding ring business is capital intensive and you require good security.
Marriage Councilor
Some couple visits a marriage councilor before the nuptial. The job entails a degree in physiology or passion for counseling. Although religious organizations such as churches have free counseling sessions some couple prefer professional guidance.


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