How to Start Generator Repair Business

There are a few countries especially in West Africa that grapple with poor power supply. Nigeria is a case study with very bad electricity supply.
Most companies, small medium enterprises and residential homes rely entirely on generating sets. In such climes sales and repairs of generating sets have become huge business.
The business is highly lucrative due to a proliferation of diesel and petrol powered generators. In Africa there are a huge number of unemployed graduates seeking white collar jobs that are not available.
This is while there are many opportunities in agriculture, animal husbandry, small business ownership and technical jobs. To start a generator repair business you need adequate training as a generator technician.
Other requirements are good entrepreneur skills and marketing. There are many ways to develop technical knowledge and skill. Here are a few ideas on how to start a generator repair business.
generator repair
By Sgt. Dustin Roberts [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
How to become a Generator Technician
Learn the Trade
To become a generator technician you need to learn the trade. The common practice among low income demography in Nigeria is to become an apprentice.
They serve the technician for a specified period not exceeding 2 years. Other ways include online courses, tutorials, and technical workshops. There are many technical schools and collages that offer certificate courses.

Ways to become a generation Technician

  • Become an Apprentice
  • Purchase online Courses
  • Read Tutorials
  • Attend Technical Workshops
  • Study at Technical school or College
  • Get a University Degree in Engineering
Conduct a Survey
Conduct a survey of your locality including a feasibility study. You also need a generator repair business plan and market research. Locate the business in areas of very power electrical supply. With massive demand for generators in countries like Nigeria your business will thrive.
Where to Locate the Repair Shop
Locate your generators shop in a densely populated area. Best locations are in low income and middle-class areas. Make sure your repair shop is in a residential area. The shop should have a secure storage area for generating sets and tools.
Register the Generator Repair Business
Most repair shops are one man businesses with only a technician and trainees. Register the business with the corporate affairs commission as a sole proprietorship business. You need a tax identification number and trade license.
The Job Description
Generator repairers perform different kinds of services.They check the electrical system, components, motor and carry out general maintenance.
Other functions include stocking generator components, carry out testing, generator inspection. They check fuses, circuit breakers, used oil analysis and the generators main connections. Generator repair technicians do lots of out calls and onsite maintenance.
Purchase the tools for the trade such as circuit breakers, spanners, volt-ammeters, bolts and nuts. Other equipment's are carburetors, spark plugs, cables, spanners and pliers. Usually after trouble shooting the repairer purchases the part that needs changing.
Funding the Enterprise
Funds are needed to rent a small shop, purchase equipment, training and marketing. Try target savings or approach friends and family.
Startup costs are moderate for small repair shops. Other sources for funds are association loans or micro-finance loans.
Join an Association
Although joining an association should be at your discretion. There are a few associations that are forceful and aggressive when recruiting members. To avoid unnecessary hassles find out about associations and groups in your area.
A good place to advertise your business is through online classified websites. Such websites offer both free and paid advertisement slots.
Use traditional methods such as printing flyers, banners, business cards and signage boards. Majority of your customers will come through referrals.
Make sure you offer good quality jobs to leverage on recommendations and referrals. Although your target market is local residents servicing company generators is profitable.
You can build a website or blog targeted to your community. Websites are an effective way to get new customers.
Add a Side Business
Since you are a generator expert why not sell new and used generators. The side business will guarantee regular income and better profit margins. Source your generators from wholesalers, flee markets and customers.


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