How to Start a Maid Service

A maid service caters to both residential and commercial industry. The industry is saturated however there are still lots of business opportunities.
To run a maid service you need a unique selling point. Other priorities are defining your service plan, business structure and price.
Others involve hiring quality staff, funding the enterprise and marketing. The company should acquire proper certification including studious budgeting and accounting.

How to Start a Maid Service
Find your Target Market
The maid service should define its target market. The target market focuses on age group, residential or commercial cleaning.
The service could be geared towards the elderly, nuclear family, recreational center or hotel. Once you have your niche write a business plan.
Write a maid service business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The plan should consider startup costs, fix capital and staff wages. Other considerations are taxation including purchase of equipment and rent.
Types of Equipment
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Brooms
  • Brushes
  • Waste Bins
  • Disinfectants
  • Laundry Agents
  • Pressing Irons
  • Aprons
  • Safety Gloves
  • Bus or Truck
Learn the Ropes
Understudy what entails in the maid service industry. Learn from online tutorials, manuals and seminars.
Watch podcasts, YouTube videos and register for online courses. You also need lots of entrepreneur and management skills
Create a Budget
Hire an accountant to help create the budget.  The major investment is for equipment, leasing an office space and marketing.
You might decide to acquire a franchise license or existing establishment. Joining a franchise is capital intensive. However the entrepreneur benefits from free training, technical support and a recognized brand name.
How much are your Charges
Your pricing depends on the type of service you offer. You could charge per square inch, hourly or a flat fee. Things that affect pricing are cost of cleaning agent, transportation, maid training and labor.
Hire Qualified Maids
Conduct a background check on prospective maids. And provide regular training and data collation. Make sure the maids are experience and hardworking.
Register the Maid Service
Secure the appropriate certification and join an association. Apply for a business name and get insurance cover.
You company needs to pass state assessment and inspection. Register the maid service as a limited liability company. This will provide cover against liability claims.
Draft a Contract
Use a qualified lawyer to draft a contract for employees and customers. The contract should cover pricing, liability, type of service and duration.
Secure a Good Location
A visible location should attract lots of patronage. Lease an office and equip it with telephone, computer and a printer. Some countries have zoning formula find out what entails in your country.
Hire a secretary to take care of inquiries and work orders. Hire qualified maids, driver, computer operator and management staff. Use qualified freelance lawyers and accountants.
Marketing the Business
Find popular websites to list your services. You can use classified website such as to reach clients.
Use social media engagement to attract followers and traffic. Print flyers, brochures, banners and billboards.
Advertise in local newspapers for wider reach. List your business in directories and yellow pages. 
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Build a Website
Make sure your website is targets your demography. The business is location and community based.
Purchase a domain name and host plan and include pictures in your website. Add a contact us page, about page and phone number. If you have a physical address include on the site.
Funding the Enterprise
Majority of funds is used for fixed assets. Secure bank loans with fix interest rate and long termed.
Other funding sources are personal savings, crowdfunding or sale of startup equity. You could seek out a core investor or partnership arrangement.


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