How to Start a Powder Coating Business

Why Start a Powder Coating Business
The question is why start a powder coating business? Powder coating has increased in popularity in recent times. The business is highly lucrative and easy to execute.
It is a process whereby powder is introduced to an object for beatification and protection. The coating is applied electrostatically and does not require a solvent.
The thermoset polymer hardly emits any volatile organic compounds and comes in a verity of colors. Powder coating finishes are durable and easy to apply hence the popularity.
The dry powder easily fuses with the object and heat is applied to cure the metal using a commercial oven. It is applicable to different objects such as household equipment, machinery, metal and aluminum.
Although the business could be done from home, bigger operations require large premises.
Things Needed to Start a Powder Coating Business
The activity of applying paint in a powder form to metal is powder coating. The process involves spray painting or dipping in a solution.
The coated metal undergoes heat treatment to cure the steel. Baking is done through conventional oven.
Some finishers use modern technology such as infra red oven to carry out the process. Powder coating covers a wide spectrum of applications such as motorcycle part spraying, automobile and many metallic and aluminum parts.
The effect of finish coating is durability, protection and beautification. Listed are a few ideas on how to start a powder coating business
How to Start a Powder Coating Business
Choose a Niche
Before launching the enterprise you need to choose a niche. The niche would determine the type of equipment and manpower your need.
The three sectors are manufacturing, supplies and finisher. The first two options are capital intensive while finishing is moderately challenging. Once you have determined a course of action write a comprehensive business plan.
Learn the Powder Coating Trade
If you don’t have the perquisite skill you need to learn the trade. Attend a technical school, trade centers, seminars and apprentice programs.
Study the techniques from books, manuals and online courses. Use video tutorials, YouTube channels and practical experience to develop the talent.
Lease Property
Once you have a clear definition of your operational direction,determine the amount of space required. A hobbyist business could be done from home or small space.
However, if you want to powder coat full time you need appropriate working space. The space should accommodate the equipment including storage and reception area.
The size of the powder containment, oven and power tools should be factored in the arrangement.
Type of Spray Equipment
Finishing equipment are basic and durable. There are over 10 different types of spray systems, guns, powder coating booths and applicators in the market. 
Purchase only high quality products for your industrial powder coating business. You need a powder containment unit, applicator gun, powder spray booth and curing oven.
Other equipment’s are bulk feed system, safety goggles, applicator, accessory kit and auxiliary equipment.
Standard Safety Requirements
Coating booth should conform to basic health requirements such as having exhaust ducts and vents. Safety gear and goggles should be worn during spraying or coating.
You need a large solvent tank and waste disposal system. Others are standardized oven specification, cleaning solvents and color mixing equipment.
A List of Equipment
  • Spray Systems
  • Hoses
  • Reservoir
  • Tanks
  • Accessories Kit
  • Spray/Powder Coating Booths
  • Filters
  • Applicators
  • Tubing
  • Dispensing Systems
  • Bulk Delivery Systems
  • Pumps and Pumping Systems
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Feed Centers
  • Control System
  • Nose mask
Permits and Licensing
You are dealing with chemical material so proper safety protocols should be observed. You need a license to handle the coating pigments, spray and dispose of wastes.
Once you get your powder coating license you need a trade license. Your business also needs to pass health and safety inspection.
Other requirements are registration of business name and tax consideration. You need some form of insurance cover.
Powder Coating Profit Margin
Powder coating business is divided into manufacturing, supply and finishing. Powder coating raw materials are subject to economic conditions in which they are manufactured.
The price differentiation in product is predicated on quality, cost and efficiency. Due to advancement in experimentation and technology, manufacturers are able to optimize production and offer competitive prices.
A problem manufacturer’s face during production is the price of raw materials. Despite focusing on lower labor costs and production optimization the profit margin remains low.
This is because consumers consistently demand lower powder price. Other problems are production over capacity, low market demand and proliferation of cheap foreign products.
To breakeven and offer better prices and margins manufacturers, suppliers including finishers need to innovate.
Finishers should offer their clients high quality service with commensurate prices. Offering rock bottom prices could be counter productive.


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