Startup Wedding Rings Business

The wedding ring business is lucrative but highly specialized. It deals with special occasion such as anniversaries, engagement and weddings.
Diamonds are the preferred choice of stone however other rare gems are also found in such establishments. Dealing with precious stones is capital intensive and you need serious security and insurance cover.
Diamond rings are enduring symbols that lasts for generations. So they are the first choice in a startup wedding ring business.
Startup wedding ring businesses are generally small medium enterprises however there are major players in the industry. To launch the enterprise you need to understand the ring trade, develop a marketing strategy and business plan.
Apart from being capital intensive it requires meticulous planning, good location and strong security protocols. You could leverage on franchising, partnership agreements or build the enterprise from scratch.
Location, timing, cost considerations and niche are just a few challenges to consider. Other difficulties are sourcing your products, attracting patronage and permits.
The ring business entails hard work, dedication and specialized knowledge. Other criteria are effective networking with jewelry makers, antique dealers and pawn shops in your locality.
Personal Development
By personal development we mean your entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills. Ring business requires effective communication and marketing.
Learn the Jewelry Business
The best way to learn about the business is to get a job in a jewelry store. You need to develop the talent and identifying high quality merchandize from low quality stock.
The true value of diamond rings are the cut, color, clarity and setting. Your ring store does not necessarily have to sell only diamonds.
You could add gold, silver and other precious metals to the collection. Improve your knowledge through books, apprentice programs, seminars and workshops.
Apart from jewelry knowledge you need entrepreneurship skills such as budgeting and store management.
Choose a Niche
The niche you choose determines the type of patronage to expect. You could deal exclusively with weddings or offer a wider range of products.
If you intend dealing with expensive merchandise locate your business in highbrow areas. This is where you find clientele with good financial resources and purchasing power.
Where to Locate the Wedding Ring Shop
The location is very important to the success of your enterprise. Highbrow areas attract higher rent than middleclass areas.
Weight the cost considerations before spending your hard cash. Another effective strategy is selling your wears online.
Going online is a good strategy that increases sales and profitability. The location should be in a shopping or commercial area with lots of vehicular and human traffic.
The store should be easily accessible, charming and well protected. You need a parking area, storage area, storefront and reception.
Building an Online Store
Hire a professional website developer to build the online store. You need a top level domain name and good host plan.
Add high definition imagery and description of your products. A good way of attracting traffic is through social media and classified websites.
Develop an online advertisement strategy to reach potential customers. You also need a safe delivery and checkout system. Make sure the website has good navigation, an about us page, contact info and a dedicated phone number.
Learn about your Customer
Carry out a feasibility study to identify your customer. Leverage on reviews, profiling and other marketing strategies.
You need the right fit to sell diamonds. People that buy such gems are celebrities, corporate people and high net worth individuals. You also get the odd shopper who manages to buy the product through judicious saving.
Certification and Permits
Register the wedding ring business as a limited liability company. Get good insurance cover and sales permits.
Use top notch appraisers to ascertain the true grade and value of your merchandise. Get proper certification for each item you sell.
Your reputation and brand name should be synonymous with integrity and trustworthiness. Your customers might require further authentication. So call in experts to verify the rings certification.
Marketing the Ring Store
Reach potential customers through electronic and print media. Advertise in national newspapers, magazines and wedding publications.
Use billboards and signage boards to attract patronage. You can hire sales representatives to reach customers. Don’t forget to print colorful brochures and newsletters.


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