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18 Small Scale Chemical Business Ideas

Majority of household products are manufactured from chemical compounds. The chemicals used in the products range from solvents, acids and oils.They come in granular form, liquid and pressurized gas. The pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries use one form of chemical to compose the products.
Chemicals and industrialization have found a partnership in modern living. There are millions of products that have chemical compounds such as cosmetics, nail polish, plastics, and tires. Others are soaps, sprays, detergents, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
You need serious technical knowledge before handling any type of chemical. The chemical industry is highly regulated by government and you need national food and drug certification.
You also need to put in place health and safety protocols including an effective waste management system. Chemical companies are also subject to zoning and regular inspections. Here are 18 business ideas in the chemical industry.
1. Production of Hard Liquor
There are many small producers of hard liquor spirits. The production is regulated because of dangerous substances in the brew.
However unscrupulous manufactures especially in rural areas or shanty town still produce unregulated liquor. This is because the business is highly profitable and easy to establish. Producers may choose to sell directly to consumers or retail.
Legitimate producers need operational license, a brewing premises and incorporation. The products should be well labeled and alcoholic content properly displayed.
2.Production of Mentholated Spirit
An effective method used by medical professionals is the application of mentholated spirit. It is effective on cuts, bruises and minor injuries.
Producing mentholated spirit is easy and straight forward. However the manufacturer needs safety gear and insurance cover. How to make mentholated spirit
3.Start a Cement Manufacturing Plant
Cement manufacturing is capital intensive and you need lots of hard cash to succeed. The equipment’s are large, pricey and requires expert handlers.
Apart from sand, cement is the number one product used for building construction. You could become super rich manufacturing cement.
Don’t take my word for it ask Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa.  To launch the enterprise you need a large factory, delivery trucks, equipment and qualified staff.
4. Tire Manufacturing
Tires have become essential hardware for the automobile industry. They are part of the mobility of bicycles, cars, trucks, vans, heavy equipment and airplanes.
The market is huge and highly competitive. To setup a tire manufacturing company you need serious cash for molding equipment, storage, marketing and operations.
The product is needed worldwide and manufacturers hardly meet the huge demand. Apart from new vehicles, old used tires need replacement to avoid accidents. If you are considering a very lucrative venture and have the financial capability, tire making is your best bet.
5. Celluloid Film
A niche market that needs new players is the celluloid manufacturing industry. Celluloid is used in films and produces the quality production we enjoy watching. You need specialized equipment and training to get into the celluloid industry.
6. Start a Technical School
Setting up a school is a daunting task however very profitable. You need qualified teachers, a good curriculum and government approval.
Technical schools are easier to setup than regular universities or colleges. Make sure the school is built following strict building codes and requirements. You need  to furnish the institution and provide quality equipment for best results.
7. Manufacture Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning chemicals are used in the cleaning industry. They are useful for washing utensils, hard surfaces, cloths and toilets.
The chemical could be liquid, soap or a powdery substance. You need to choose a specific type of product and formulate.
Knowledge of cleaning chemical manufacturing is essential. The type of equipment, chemicals and solutions depends on the chemical you want to produce.
8. Agricultural Chemicals
The same rules apply to cleaning chemical manufacturers and agricultural chemical makers. The agricultural chemical should effectively carry out the purpose for which it was made.
It is essential that the agricultural chemical is not toxic to the soil or harmful to humans, livestock or plants.
9. Plastic and Rubber Manufacturing
Some popular products that are very use are plastic products. Plastics are made through chemical manipulation, molds and setting.
They are durable and come in various sizes, color, dimensions and functionality. Plastic products include plastic chairs, tables, plates and cups. Plastic is also common in manufacturing equipment like pipes, roof, joints and tiles.
10. Chemical Based Extinguishers
Chemical based extinguishers include sprays and fire extinguisher. The products are useful for defense or putting out fires.
Every car needs a fire extinguisher including homes, schools, factories and offices. Fire extinguishers are mandatory in most government or public utilities.
11. Perfume Manufacturing
Perfumes are part of the fashion and beauty industry. For such small items they attract premium prices and lots of attention.
To leverage on this massive industry produce quality products, branding and get lots of visibility. Try to produce high quality perfumes and use effective marketing strategies. Here is a good resource on how to start a perfume business.
12. Cosmetics
Many cosmetic products are formulated using chemicals. The business is highly competitive and profitable.
Millions of cosmetic products are sold daily worldwide and they attract good prices. Make sure you follow strict government rules regarding cosmetic formulation.
13. Enamel Paint
Every building both old and new needs a paint job. Manufacturing building paint is not as difficult as people think. You could manufacture paint in a small warehouse and sell to building contractors.
You need to learn how to formulate high quality products because the quality will sell you brand.
14, Synthetic Fertilizer
Although the world is turning to organic fertilizers there is still a place for synthetic products. Fertilizers are important to plant growth and farmers use billions of tons worldwide. 
Cashing in on this huge market makes sound reasoning. Make sure your products meet strict compliance to government rues and regulations. Use effective marketing strategies and offer competitive prices to attract farmers.
15. Manufacturing Lubricants
There are thousands of lubricants for different purposes. To enter the lubricant business choose a niche and specialize.
The quality of the lubricant you produce will sell the brand. To get noticed you need an effective marketing strategy and sales agent. Make sure you get government certification and approval before selling the product.
16. Make Soaps or Detergents
Soaps and detergents are both cleaning agents. Making soaps is a no brainer because the products are used daily.
You need to produce quality soap/detergent and brand your product. To succeed you need lots of creative marketing and attractive packaging. Here is how to start a Soap making business.
17. Toothpaste Manufacturing
To make toothpaste you need to understand the manufacturing process. Toothpaste is fast becoming an essential commodity if you want to keep away from cavities.
There are thousands of brands in the market so you need a good marketing strategy to differentiate your brand. Learn how to start a toothpaste business.
18. Air Fresheners, Aftershave, Facial Cleaners
These products have different compositions and are under the chemical industry. An investor needs to choose a niche area and specialize.
You need startup funds and a good chemical formula. Your product should get National food and drug certification before going to the market. Buy the essential equipment and chemicals to aid the manufacturing process.

Elderly Transportation Startup

Senior citizens due to advanced age have mobility issues and challenges. They need help and support to carry out simple things like grocery shopping and meet doctor’s appointment.
Providing the elderly transportation is a very lucrative business venture. Although retirees have low income streams, many have livelong investments.
To start a senior citizen transport service you need initial funding. The fund is meant for vehicle acquisition, marketing and maintenance. Here are a few steps to starting a transport business for the elderly.
Elderly Transportation Startup
Choose a Niche
Although you could offer a broad based business it is better to narrow down your services. Select a niche that supports the elderly such as shopping, escort services, doctor’s appointment or general taxi service.
The niche determines the type of vehicle you need. Non-medical transportation service for the elderly needs a high roof van with wheelchair ramp. The ideal vehicle for a regular taxi service is a car, SUV, mini-van or van.
Lease or Buy a Vehicle
If you can’t afford to buy a vehicle you could consider leasing one or hire-purchase. It is better to own your own vehicle so try to purchase a new or used one. Start small and gradually increase your motor pool as the business grows.
Rent an Office
You need an operational base for your business. The business is practicable from home however an office gives your enterprise more legitimacy.
The office should have a large car park and storage area. The office should also have a reception area for clients.
Make sure your office has basic equipment and furniture. The equipment you need is a computer, printer, fax machine and telephone.
Registration and Licenses
Register the business as a sole proprietorship business or limited liability company. The vehicle should have a commercial license, insurance and road-worthiness certificate.
The driver should have a commercial driving license and personal identification number to fill tax requirements. Another requirement in some countries is joining a commercial transportation union in your locality.
Hire Staff
The staffs you need include drivers, cleaner and a secretary. The driver’s must have a commercial driving license and no criminal record. They should learn defensive driving skills and get regular training.
Elderly transport service providers are many and the industry saturated. To attract repeat patronage you need to offer your customers unique, friendly experience.
They will call the same cab service if they feel comfortable with your services. Offer your customers discounts, drop and pick services and other beneficial services.
Advertise in newspapers, elderly magazines and online. Print flyers, billboards sign boards, and brochures.
Distribute your flyers to health centers, hospitals and leisure centers. Use newsletter publications, classified websites and yellow pages

5 Businesses Centered on Senior Citizens

Investors interested in providing services for senior citizen have a choice of profitable ventures. A number of businesses for the elderly revolve around transportation, healthcare services, companionship or shopping.
Others are housekeeping, dry-cleaning services and even preparing regular meals. We have dating services, tech teaching, skill acquisition centers and becoming a senior citizen concierge.
 Here are a few business centered on providing service to senior citizens.
Steps to Start a Business Venture
  • Write a business plan
  • Carry out a feasibility study
  • Register a business name
  • Incorporate the business
  • Get insurance cover
  • Find out if the service requires value added tax
  • Do lots marketing
Online Dating
Even senior citizen still need love connections. They get very lonely and the world seems alien as they grow older.
Online dating services include dating agencies for the elderly. Such services are meant to provide companionship and friendship. Sometimes there is a love connection between to old folks.
Setting up an online dating site involves registering a top domain name and host plan. The website should be search engine optimized and targeted at your preferred demography.
It could be community based or focused on worldwide membership. You could also provide traditional matchmaking services.
Teach New Skills
Teach the elderly new skills like tech training, tailoring, bead making or painting. Help them discover an interest to keep them busy.
Open a skill acquisition center for the elder and see your client list increase. Elderly people are always looking for something interesting to fill the loneliness.
To start a skill acquisition center you need a rented hall and teachers. Make sure you also have emergency medical services.
Adult Daycare
The elderly need regular supervision and support. Providing adult daycare services is lucrative and slightly challenging.
To run a daycare service you need lots of patience and first aid training. Organize museum trips, outdoor recreational activities and field trips. To setup a senior daycare company, register the business and get liability insurance.
Senior Concierge
A senior concierge takes care of different needs of the elderly. The job is more tasking than providing a regular daycare service. Common services offered include domestic services, laundry services and grocery shopping.
Senior Transportation Service
Senior citizens need transportation to go grocery shopping or meet medical appointments. Providing transportation for the elderly is very rewarding.
Apart from helping them you are also providing a service and earning income. To start this business you need a commercially registered vehicle and driving license.
Offer your clients unique services and discounts. Senior citizen transportation business includes non-medicaltransportation and taxi services.

How to Start a Specialty Freight & Courier Service

Specialty freight cargo handling involves serious logistics and networking. The mode of transportation defers however the objective remains the same.
A specialty freight courier’s job is to pickup and delivers goods to a predetermined destination intact and on time. The process of transporting cargo includes ground transportation, air, ship and inter-mode shipment.
cargo train
Vehicles used by Specialty Freight Companies
The type of service determines the mode of transportation. It’s not uncommon to find freight and courier services using different vehicles to ship cargo. Many specialty courier company’s use tractor trailers, straight trucks and box trucks.
Vehicles used by Specialty Freight Operators
  • Mini van
  • SUV
  • Cargo van
  • Box truck
  • Pick-up van
  • Trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Cars
  • Tractor trailers
Specialty Services
The company is at liberty to fashion the type of services they want to provide. You could offer pooled distribution, warehousing and courier services.
Other services include freight distribution, freight brokerage and cartage. Don’t forget cargo transportation, LTL services.Start a Cargo Van Business
  •  Warehousing
  • Pooled distribution
  • Freight
  • Transportation
  • Courier services
  • Freight brokerage
  • Cartage
  • LTL
Major players in the courier business offer transportation, trucking and railroading services. They also offer entrepreneurs independent contraction opportunities.
Independent Contractor
If you don’t what to go through the hassles of setting up a full-blown specialty courier business, you could become an independent contractor. A specialist freight and courier contractor needs infinitely less capital and red tape to get onboard the courier business.
The major requirements are a good condition van, truck or car. To become an independent contractor you complete a pre-screening process and select your target market.
Once you pass the specially company’s requirement you become one of their independent contractors.
Companies that work in this industry have lots of staff. A lager company could hire staff strength of 50-200 employees. A small self employed establishment might make do with a smaller crew.
Many big courier companies are privately held. However a few might opt for equity sales in stock markets and become public companies.
You can incorporate your business as a limited liability company. Before starting the business find out local and state laws guiding the enterprise.
The exporter or importer pays the carriage, insurance and freight of the cargo. You need a personal identification number for tax purposes. Find out if the cargo you handle attracts value added tax.
Build a Website
You need a website to accept orders and do online transactions. The website should provide information about the company’s structure and management team.
It should also show area of operation, services, location and prices. Make sure the website is attractive and has good imagery and information. Include an email address, company address, specialties and telephone numbers.
Sell your services through television and radio advertisements. Organize community activities and use newspaper publication.
Print flyers, billboards, posters and banners. Offer discounts to frequent customers and create a competitive price chart.

Ferry Boat Business: Starting a Ferry Business

Areas with water ways are ideal for ferry boat business. Cities with huge population usually face the challenge of adequate transportation.
The huge population alongside overstretched infrastructure equates to traffic gridlocks and difficult time management. Other modes of transportation such as train services, commercial buses and light rail are usually inadequate.
Smart investors interested in transport business could purchase a ferry. Ferry boats are an effective way to beat traffic and reduce stress.
They a punctual and time management is much easier using this mode of transportation. Commercial ferry boats are either government owned or privately owned businesses. And the destination are predetermined and controlled by sea transport authorities.
Different Types of Ferries
Ferry boats are not exclusively used to transport passengers from one location to another.’ Ferry’ is a generic name that includes both human, animal and cargo transportation. Listed are some common types used in the maritime industry.
Double Ended Ferries-We have the double ended ferries were the prow and stern are interchangeable. They remain constant despite the direction the ferry travels.
Roll-on/roll-off ferries are common to United Kingdom and effective cargo vehicles. They are very dynamic and effective freight transporters. Another type of ferry is the car boats.
Car Boat Ferry is designed to accommodate cars and different types of automobiles. They are common in the America and similar in function to roll-on boats.
Channel ferries are powerful vessels usually found on busy channels. They are capable of going long distances depending on the operator’s destination. Another unique ferry is the catamarans they are fast passenger boats favored by private operators.
Types of Ferries
  • Air Ferries
  •  Cable
  • Train ferry
  • Pontoon
  • Turntable
  • Fast RoPax ferry
  • Cruise-ferry
  • Roll-on/roll-off
  • Catamaran
  • Canoe
  • Hovercraft
  • Hydrofoil
  • Double-ended
How Ferry Boats Generate Income
Ferry boats generate income in four ways. The boat could run a private chatter operation alongside its commercial venture.
A prospective client chatters the boat for a specified duration and date. The primary income of commercial ferry boats are through ticket sales.
However the boats owner could organize tourist tours especially during holidays and weekend. They boat could even serve as an event center for weddings, engagements and parties.
Fares and Tickets
Passenger ferries generate income through the sale of tickets. The tickets are graduated as one way tickets for adults, youths and children under 5 when accompanied.
Other ticket holders are senior citizens, disabled, school groups and short hop tickets. The price varies according to type of ferry location, distance and country.
As a rule a ticket is only used on the route that were originally purchased. Some ferries allow ticket transfer which attracts a discounted transfer fee.
The usually practice is that passenger purchase tickets at a ticketing office before docking or onboard the vessel. Common boarding policy involves ticket confirmation before the trip.
Top players in the industry accept cash, POS credit/debit card and online payments. And most fees are subject to change.
One-Way Fares.
Fares very according to geographical location and distance travelled.  We have listed fees based on ferry services along San Francisco Bay. Obviously the fees differ and very from one operator to the next.
  • Adults $6.6-$6.9.
  • Adults with clip cards $5.00-$5.20
  • Youths 5-18 $3.30-$3,40
  • Children under 5 accompanied FREE
  • School groups $2.20-$2,30  
The distances usually take short periods and the boats can accommodate large number of people. Ferry service boats regularly make many scheduled trips per-day.
Common Guidelines for Ferry Operations
The guideline for ferry operators depends on the country of operation and services. Ferry services most provide baggage security and are subject to federal inspections. The ferry facility should be approved by the USCS before operation. Commercial merchandize are to be declared especially if they are for export purposes.
You need a ferry operational license and your captain should have maritime experience and certification. Other agencies involved in maritime issues are Marine Operational Services, Public Health services, Fish and Wildlife, Immigration and Naturalization and Custom services.
Ferry Boat Business
Write a ferry boat business plan and acquire/ lease appropriate terminal. You need a boat and get all legal permits and licenses.
There is a host of legalities such as boat registration, fire safety, passenger safety, sea worthiness certificate and loads of permits. Hire a professional conversant with maritime business to write the plan.
Another major obstacle is funding the business. Ferry boat business is capital intensive and very challenging.

How to Start a Cargo Van Business

There are three ways to get into the cargo van industry. You could purchase a van, rent short-term or acquire a long-term lease.
A long term lease is rather expensive and based on contractual agreement. You could lease the trucks for expended periods for nothing less than 36 months- 60 months.
Short term rent is relatively cheaper and less stressful. If you have the financial means purchase the vehicle outright.
How Short-term Rent Works
Setup the shipping contract and secure the vehicle when appropriate. Short term lease could run from a few hours, days or weeks.
Determine your price based on rent, millage, and weight of cargo including fuel consumption.  Decide on the terms such as hourly or extended rental.
Long-term Leasing
Leasing truck on long term is a good idea if you have a large customer base. There are many advantages to this arrangement.
The depreciation of the truck is borne by the owner. You also avoid huge amounts spent on purchase and other tax related issues. Usually the owners of the truck are liable for the insurance. How to start a Trucking business
Common Trucks used for Cargo Transportation
The common trucks used for cargo business are the straight trucks and box trucks. The box trucks have cube shaped haulage back and ideal for moving small office furniture or household equipment.
How to Start a Cargo Van Business
Choose a Location
Choose an ideal location close to your target customers. The office should have adequate parking for your vehicle and storage for goods.
Make sure the location is easily accessible and visible. Use signage boards to attract pedestrians and vehicle to your establishment. You would have to pay a small advertisement fee to your local government .
Equip the Office
A standard operational base should have proper equipment. Purchase software to handle inventory and destination orders.
You need a dedicated phone line, fax machine and computer. Make sure the out-office is comfortable for customers.
You could operate the business on your own or hire staff. The staff you need are drivers, secretary, accountant and cleaner.
Try to avoid bank loans because they attract interest rates and collateral. You could try target savings or borrow from friends and family.
The primary expenditure is on vehicle purchase and maintenance. You can start the operation with a used vehicle and upgrade as the business grows.
Cargo van business is very competitive and there are many players. Your small business will come against giants and enterprising small companies.
To attract patronage use newspaper advertisement and offer discounts. Make sure your services are unique, cost effective and punctual.
You can approach companies in your area and home owners. Use traditional print such as flyers, billboards and glossy brochures.
Build a Website
Build a website targeting your locality and include services. Use high definition images and schedules to attract customers.
Increase traffic to your website through guest posts, Facebook adverts, Adwords and yellow page listing. You could try free/paid classified websites to find clients.

Cattle Haulage Business

The movement of animals from one location to another is livestock transportation. An investor could specialize further into only one type of livestock such as cattle, pig, goats or chickens.
If your focus is on moving cattle then you are in the cattle haulage business. There are different modes of transportation used for cattle haulage.
We have rail transportation, road, sea and air. To transport cattle by land you need specialized trailers specially remodeled for this purpose.
The specialized trailers are capable of covering vast distances to beef markets, farms, horse breeders, auctions and slaughter slabs.
cattle truck
The pricing is predicated on the exact size, weight and number of animals to be transported. Other parameters include fuel cost, type of accommodation and distant traveled. The trailer should be in pristine shape and high performance.
How to Reduce Stress during Haulage
Animals are generally stressed out during transportation. To reduce the negative effect there are a few things a transporter can do.
You could invest in a heavy duty under carriage with strong axles. This effectively reduces tire deflation, blow outs and increases breaking power.
Purchase a steel constructed trailer because they are easier fixed than aluminum trailers. Make sure the interior is white or light interior and cushion the floor with recycled rubber.
You need to keep to timelines, load the cattle gently and make sure the floor is non skid. Additional features for cattle comfort could include half slides on interior gates and wide top slots.
Livestock Transportation Business
Livestock transportation business is very profitable and moderately challenging. You need adequate startup funds, lots of networking, marketing and a good vehicle. Other requirements are office, staff, management team and registration.
Write a Cattle Haulage Business Plan
Write a cattle haulage business plan that cover type of vehicle, company location, services and management structure. You need to provide unique services, future projections and profit/loss parameters.
Carry out a Feasibility Study
The feasibility study should focus on competitors, pricing target demography and ideal location. This will provide an insight to operational procedures and tactics to deploy.
The trucking business is capital intensive and the vehicles are not cheap. Source the funds through commercial bank loans or private savings. You could approach other investors or find a core investor.
Registration and Licenses
There are many certifications you need to haul cattle across stateliness. The cattle should be certified healthy by a veterinary doctor.
You need a trade license, motor vehicle license and commercial driver’s license. Other requirements are liability insurance cover, limited liability incorporation and tax considerations.
Find out the certifications and licenses including disease control provisions.
Hire Competent Staff
Hire drivers with proof of efficiency and clean driving records. Truck driving is hard work which involves long hours on the road.
Make sure your driver passes a comprehensive truck driving course. Other staffs are secretary, accountant, lawyer and cleaners.
Marketing the Cattle Haulage Business
If your business is stationed where there are lots of cattle then you will make profit. Most farmers and livestock settlements are located in rural areas and villages.
They need transportation to the city and it’s not unusually to have many farmers transporting the cattle as a collective. Market your services to farmers, livestock shows and slaughter houses.

Start an Equine Transport business

Equine transportation is the shipment of horses. It is an area of live cargo transportation that requires special equipment and handling. 
The cargo's are usually sports horses, mini horses and wild horses. An investor can venture into the business as a sole proprietor, try partnership or form a limited liability company.
It is prudent to start with a single truck, expand your operation and customer base while gaining valuable experience. The horses are usually shipped interstate, across territories or international borders. The business requires careful handling of the horse and quality equipment
horse truck
Rules and Regulations- Horse Transportation
To transport live animals across state or international lines you need to follow strict guidelines. There are lots of regulation and permits attached to this mode of transportation.
There are also basic requirement, regulations and timelines. The horses need to have a travel certificate for pets.
Other certificates are veterinary inspection certificate CVI, and commercial towing/trailer compliance. More include gross weight of trailer and an equestrian motor plan. Horses are generally transported by boat, truck, rail and air.
Territorial Transportation
Each mode of transportation comes with its own set of rules. We have state regulations for travel across territory borders. Wild species require ownership permits and issues pertaining to wild species movement.
horse truck
International Transportation
Each country has different rules concerning animal export. The horses might be subjected to quarantine before or after the flight.
You might be required to have an import permit and usage of destination port. Provide ownership permit, veterinary certificate and disease control.
Before transporting the horses make sure your company is fully compliant with the different rules and regulations.
Common Regulations and Certification
  • Import quarantine stations
  • Ownership permits
  • Import and export permits
  • Destination import requirements
  • Veterinary inspection certificate
  • Animal diseases control certificate
  • Miniature horses disability act rules and regulations
  • Gross cargo weight
Haulage Driving License
You need a commercial driving license to move horses. The transport vehicle should undergo pre- and post inspection of the trailer.
Horse Welfare
Horses generally go through stress while being transported from one location to the other. The well-being, health and safety of the precious cargo is paramount.
There are standard safety precautions that need strict compliance. A general inspection of the trailer is essential.
Check brakes, carriage, ventilation and air quality. You need to consider the travel duration, availability of food and water. You also need to provide protective gear to avoid injuries.
Horse Transportation Vehicles
There are different types of vehicles used to transport horses. Big transport companies prefer large trailers that accommodate a significant number of horses.
We have the dual fitted pickups, SUV pull trucks, hose van or stock trailer. Each one has its own capacity that range from 1 horse to over a dozen.
The large trucks are more profitable for horse haulage business. Horse boxes vary in size and functionality and a horse box could even tow a trailer carriage to accommodate additional horses.start a box truck business
Thing to Consider while Choosing a Vehicle
There are a few things to consider while choosing a vehicle.  Such as ventilation and direction the horse stands in comparison to movement.
Find out the vehicles towing capacity and maximum load weight. A fully loaded trailer should not exceed its gross vehicle weight.
Understand the curb weight of your vehicle to avoid wagging. Other considerations are wheelbase, drive system and vehicles transmission. Focus on the chassis design and tow capacity before choosing a vehicle.
Get appropriate liability insurance and incorporate the business. Make the business a limited liability company and apply for a personal tax identification number. And don’t forget to sign contractual agreements between the customer and your company.
Shipments and Contracts
You need the services of an attorney to draft a shipping contract that covers all parameters. Things to include in the contract are distance traveled, transportation cost, locations and liability insurance cover. Establish a service fee based on distance, haulage costs and fuel.
The business is highly specialized and there are not many players in this industry. This is because of the high risk factor and many regulations and certification.
This means there is a likelihood you run a monopoly and dominate your local environment. Target horse related businesses for patronage such as racehorse owners, polo, breeding ranches and horse dealers.
An equine magazine advertisement is a good place to place your adverts. To succeed you need to complete shipping schedules on time.
Provide fast efficient and quality service and you get repeat customers and lots of recommendations.