10 Home Based Sewing Business Opportunities

If you have a talent for sewing and have developed the skill over the years there are many sewing related business opportunities?The good thing is that you can start any of the under-listed from home or a rented shop. Startup capital involves buying the sewing machine and other sewing equipment.You also need to reach out to potential customers.  To succeed in any business you need to produce quality work and good customer service.
To effectively operate from your home create a working space away from the kitchen or living area. You need office equipment such as a computer, printer, fax machine and dedicated phone line.
Here are 10 sewing business opportunities you could consider.
Top 10 Sewing Business Ideas
1 Sewing Lessons
A massive earner is providing sewing lesions for a fee. To organize a course you need to produce a schedule and designate appropriate time.
The lessons could run daily, thrice daily or weekly. Many people who love the art of sewing would rather learn in a semi-formal setting than a trade institute. The reason is because they get lots of practical lesion and unhands tutelage.
2 Try home décor
There is a huge market for sewn products in the home décor industry. Ideal items that are popular include bed sheets, pillow case, blinds and tablecloths.
You could focus on one or several items and source outlets for them. You could also seek contractual agreements from interior designer to supply your products.
3 Make children’s cloths
The interesting thing about children cloths is that they don’t take-up lots of fabric. Despite the small yard of material per item they sell at premium prices.
Children’s wear are very popular and in high demand. Create amazing, fun and high quality cloths and you will get huge demand. Find top cloths stores that sell children cloths and secure deals.
4 Start a consultancy service
Before you can become a consultant you need deep knowledge in specify aspects of the sewing industry. Textile industries and sewing institutions might need the services of an expert in the field. Sewing consultancy is a new and would grow in time.
5 Do alterations and mending
Start an alteration business from the comfort of your home. You could start with your old sewing machine and periodically increase your inventory.
A good way of getting jobs is through dry-cleaning outfits and bridal shops. If you do good work your client list will gradually increase.
6 Sew uniforms
Sewing uniforms is a lucrative venture. Schools generally order huge number of cloths in batches. They normally have specific sizes and dimensions to accommodate different age grades.
7 Sew factory wear
Much like sewing uniforms factories have there standard apparels. You need to secure contracts to sew cloths for factory workers. Such cloths are dungarees and rugged one piece items
8 Open a cloths retail outlet
Have you considered sewing cloths and selling directly to customers? Cloth retailing is a highly competitive and lucrative market.
However the business is also slightly challenging. You could focus on a niche or create gender based cloths.
9 Build a sewing website
You can build a sewing website to showcase your knowledge. The website should be optimized for lots of traffic.
Monetize the site through advertisement placement, advert networks or affiliate links. You could even build and ecommerce website and sell sewing related products.
10 Write an e-book on sewing
There are many e-book publisher online such as kindle direct publishing and lulu. They share a percentage of sales and offer promotional opportunities. Make sure the book is high quality and well researched.