13 Transportation Business Ideas

There are many types of transportation services with huge profit potential. Transportation service business is moderately challenging and you need a vehicle.
To start any of the under listed ideas you need basic business skill, accounting, licensing and good location. You could work from home or a designated office and you need parking and licensed drivers. Here area few transportation business to consider.
1.Senior Service
Due to improvement in healthcare services people in developed countries tend to live longer. Older citizen gradually lose coordination, motor skills and might have bad eyesight’s.
They need more care and medical supervision in their advanced age. Common needs for aged citizens are medical appointments, grocery shopping and general care.
Driving senior citizens to meet these appointments is a lucrative niche market. The job description involves transporting them on appointment.
Startup for this business is relatively low because your primary equipment is a car, commercial driving license and phone number.
2. Medical Transportation
Medical transportation takes care of the elderly, in-firmed and those that require frequent visits to doctors. The vehicle you purchase should easy accommodate a wheelchair and provide head space.
You need lots of patience and good driving skills before you venture into this business. Purchase a van, bus or SUV with ample space.
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3. Marine Shipping
Marine shipping is big business but capital intensive. Marine shipping involves carrying of cargo from one destination to the other.
Any size of ship or boat is expensive and you require permits, licensing before operation. The shipping company should be registered and type of cargo specified.
4. Ferry Business
A ferry provides local transportation within the metropolis water ways. The business is highly lucrative and capital intensive.
The major expense is the procurement of the ferry. You could buy an old ferry and refurbish, buy new or try hire purchase. There are a few strict laws for operators such as provision of life-jackets for passengers and specific routes.
5. Air Transportation
There is much legislature guiding air transportation. The business is difficult to start due to many bottlenecks you encounter.
However proper planning, good air vessel and experienced pilots will aid profitability. You could start with a helicopter or small plane. You need serious money to venture into air transportation business.
6. Livestock Transportation
In many countries it is not uncommon to see cattle and goats transported by trucks. This venture is very lucrative because the cattle need to access cosmopolitan markets in large cities.
Livestock transportation is not limited to truck transportation and the livestock are also ferried in boats and barges. There are strict regulations on livestock movement across state-lines.
The business is moderately challenging because you need to purchase a large truck specially modified to carry livestock. You also need an expert driver able to drive long distance without rest.
7. Specialty Cargo Transportation
Specialty transportation is lucrative and slightly challenging. It involves moving large, fragile or odd objects on short contract.
Any damage to mechanize might involve reduction in fees. An operator could invest in a truck, van or low bed truck depending on the type of cargo.
8. Specialty Medical Transportation
Specialty medical transportation involves moving medical stuff.  Common cargos carried by medical transporters are human organs suck as kidneys and blood. The job is time sensitive and late delivery could result in the death of a patient.
9. Moving Van
Moving vans provide essential service to people moving furniture. The van should be large enough to accommodate an average household equipment.
You need a dedicated truck, driving license, operational office and clients. The job is relatively straight forward and simple. Don’t forget to hire able bodied movers anytime there is a job.
10. Trucking Business
Trucking business is the high-end area of road transportation. The truck driver ships different types of cargo across state lines on contract.
They usually work within a time frame for cargo delivery. You can start with one truck and gradually increase inventory as patronage increases.
11. Limousine Service
Starting a limousine service is easy to operate. You need a good vehicle and lots of contact.
People hire limousine service for prom-nights, weddings, night outs and other special occasions. Here is an article on how to start a limousine service.
12. Bicycle Rental Service
Bicycle rentals work in small destination towns that accommodate tourists.  Bike riding is recreational and attracts lots of enthusiasts.
To startup the business you need a store from to display your bicycles. You then rent the bikes for duration to tourists and local residents.
13. Taxi Service
Taxi services covers jobs such as airport shuttle, pickup and stationery taxis. The type of taxi service depends on your interest.
Taxi drivers make reasonable earnings daily. If you own a taxi station then your profit exponentially increases. Here is a good resource on how to start a vehicular transport business.


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