18 Small Scale Chemical Business Ideas

Majority of household products are manufactured from chemical compounds. The chemicals used in the products range from solvents, acids and oils.They come in granular form, liquid and pressurized gas. The pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries use one form of chemical to compose the products.
Chemicals and industrialization have found a partnership in modern living. There are millions of products that have chemical compounds such as cosmetics, nail polish, plastics, and tires. Others are soaps, sprays, detergents, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
You need serious technical knowledge before handling any type of chemical. The chemical industry is highly regulated by government and you need national food and drug certification.
You also need to put in place health and safety protocols including an effective waste management system. Chemical companies are also subject to zoning and regular inspections. Here are 18 business ideas in the chemical industry.
1. Production of Hard Liquor
There are many small producers of hard liquor spirits. The production is regulated because of dangerous substances in the brew.
However unscrupulous manufactures especially in rural areas or shanty town still produce unregulated liquor. This is because the business is highly profitable and easy to establish. Producers may choose to sell directly to consumers or retail.
Legitimate producers need operational license, a brewing premises and incorporation. The products should be well labeled and alcoholic content properly displayed.
2.Production of Mentholated Spirit
An effective method used by medical professionals is the application of mentholated spirit. It is effective on cuts, bruises and minor injuries.
Producing mentholated spirit is easy and straight forward. However the manufacturer needs safety gear and insurance cover. How to make mentholated spirit
3.Start a Cement Manufacturing Plant
Cement manufacturing is capital intensive and you need lots of hard cash to succeed. The equipment’s are large, pricey and requires expert handlers.
Apart from sand, cement is the number one product used for building construction. You could become super rich manufacturing cement.
Don’t take my word for it ask Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa.  To launch the enterprise you need a large factory, delivery trucks, equipment and qualified staff.
4. Tire Manufacturing
Tires have become essential hardware for the automobile industry. They are part of the mobility of bicycles, cars, trucks, vans, heavy equipment and airplanes.
The market is huge and highly competitive. To setup a tire manufacturing company you need serious cash for molding equipment, storage, marketing and operations.
The product is needed worldwide and manufacturers hardly meet the huge demand. Apart from new vehicles, old used tires need replacement to avoid accidents. If you are considering a very lucrative venture and have the financial capability, tire making is your best bet.
5. Celluloid Film
A niche market that needs new players is the celluloid manufacturing industry. Celluloid is used in films and produces the quality production we enjoy watching. You need specialized equipment and training to get into the celluloid industry.
6. Start a Technical School
Setting up a school is a daunting task however very profitable. You need qualified teachers, a good curriculum and government approval.
Technical schools are easier to setup than regular universities or colleges. Make sure the school is built following strict building codes and requirements. You need  to furnish the institution and provide quality equipment for best results.
7. Manufacture Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning chemicals are used in the cleaning industry. They are useful for washing utensils, hard surfaces, cloths and toilets.
The chemical could be liquid, soap or a powdery substance. You need to choose a specific type of product and formulate.
Knowledge of cleaning chemical manufacturing is essential. The type of equipment, chemicals and solutions depends on the chemical you want to produce.
8. Agricultural Chemicals
The same rules apply to cleaning chemical manufacturers and agricultural chemical makers. The agricultural chemical should effectively carry out the purpose for which it was made.
It is essential that the agricultural chemical is not toxic to the soil or harmful to humans, livestock or plants.
9. Plastic and Rubber Manufacturing
Some popular products that are very use are plastic products. Plastics are made through chemical manipulation, molds and setting.
They are durable and come in various sizes, color, dimensions and functionality. Plastic products include plastic chairs, tables, plates and cups. Plastic is also common in manufacturing equipment like pipes, roof, joints and tiles.
10. Chemical Based Extinguishers
Chemical based extinguishers include sprays and fire extinguisher. The products are useful for defense or putting out fires.
Every car needs a fire extinguisher including homes, schools, factories and offices. Fire extinguishers are mandatory in most government or public utilities.
11. Perfume Manufacturing
Perfumes are part of the fashion and beauty industry. For such small items they attract premium prices and lots of attention.
To leverage on this massive industry produce quality products, branding and get lots of visibility. Try to produce high quality perfumes and use effective marketing strategies. Here is a good resource on how to start a perfume business.
12. Cosmetics
Many cosmetic products are formulated using chemicals. The business is highly competitive and profitable.
Millions of cosmetic products are sold daily worldwide and they attract good prices. Make sure you follow strict government rules regarding cosmetic formulation.
13. Enamel Paint
Every building both old and new needs a paint job. Manufacturing building paint is not as difficult as people think. You could manufacture paint in a small warehouse and sell to building contractors.
You need to learn how to formulate high quality products because the quality will sell you brand.
14, Synthetic Fertilizer
Although the world is turning to organic fertilizers there is still a place for synthetic products. Fertilizers are important to plant growth and farmers use billions of tons worldwide. 
Cashing in on this huge market makes sound reasoning. Make sure your products meet strict compliance to government rues and regulations. Use effective marketing strategies and offer competitive prices to attract farmers.
15. Manufacturing Lubricants
There are thousands of lubricants for different purposes. To enter the lubricant business choose a niche and specialize.
The quality of the lubricant you produce will sell the brand. To get noticed you need an effective marketing strategy and sales agent. Make sure you get government certification and approval before selling the product.
16. Make Soaps or Detergents
Soaps and detergents are both cleaning agents. Making soaps is a no brainer because the products are used daily.
You need to produce quality soap/detergent and brand your product. To succeed you need lots of creative marketing and attractive packaging. Here is how to start a Soap making business.
17. Toothpaste Manufacturing
To make toothpaste you need to understand the manufacturing process. Toothpaste is fast becoming an essential commodity if you want to keep away from cavities.
There are thousands of brands in the market so you need a good marketing strategy to differentiate your brand. Learn how to start a toothpaste business.
18. Air Fresheners, Aftershave, Facial Cleaners
These products have different compositions and are under the chemical industry. An investor needs to choose a niche area and specialize.
You need startup funds and a good chemical formula. Your product should get National food and drug certification before going to the market. Buy the essential equipment and chemicals to aid the manufacturing process.


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