Drive Through Cleaners-Start a Drive-Through Laundry

Drive-through Dry cleaners are popular destinations for people on the move. The services are fast efficient and reasonable. 
Some people actually make the journey instead of using a costlier cleaner in their neighborhood. A good establishment should be able it remove tough stains irrespective of the fabric or expenses.
For your drive-through establishment to succeed offer your customers reasonable prices. Find an easily accessible location and purchase quality equipment's. Drive-through laundries are built for convenience, fast turn around and affordable prices.
drive-through dry cleaners
Why are drive-through Laundromat’s Successful?
The business is highly successful because of the fast changing dynamics of modern living. Cosmopolitan and urban demands for work and tight schedules give little room for anything else.
Drive-through dry cleaners provide an easy solution and convenience for busy people. All they have to do is throw the dirty cloths in the backseat, branch of for less than a minute and drop at the cleaner without exiting the car.
Some drive through even offer to deliver the cloths for a small fee.Detergent powder making
Why Drive-through Laundromats are Popular
  • They are Convenient
  • Quick turn around
  • Fast services
  • Cheap prices
  • Easily accessible
  • Offer pickup-delivery service
Drive through Laundromats Startup Costs
How much does it cost to stat a drive through Laundromat? The cost depends on the location, country, equipment and physical structures.
There are three ways to start a drive through. You could become a franchisee and leverage on technical support of a recognized brad. The problem with this arrangement is the financial involvement.
 Another method is purchasing an existing Laundromat and renovate. And the third option is starting the business from scratch.
An average startup cost should not exceed $10,000-$50,000. Try to reduce spending n esthetics and concentrate more on services, equipment, price and performance
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How to Stat a Drive-Through Laundromat
  • Write a Business Plan
  • Secure funding
  • Find a good location
  • Buy equipment
  • Hire staff
  • Purchase/renovate, build from scratch or try a franchise arrangement
  • marketing
Funding the Enterprise
Approach a financial institution in your locality for a loan. You need collateral, some startup funds and a business plan.
Try to get low interest loans with long maturity periods. Another way is to form a partnership or find a core investor.
Registration and Licensing
The main license you need is a trade license. Register the business as a limited liability company and get liability insurance cover.
Sometimes accidents do haven and you need some liability protection. You are also required to have an employer identification number.
Find a Location
The most important aspect of a drive through Laundromat is the location. The location should be in a busy area that has huge vehicular traffic.
Although majority of your customers drive-through customers you still get the odd pedestrian. The premises should easily accommodate easy access with an open entry and exit points.
 While choosing an ideal location, consider proximity to potential clients. Popular locations for such establishments are hospitals, tertiary institutions and commercial areas.
Make sure your drive-through is attractive, bold and trending. The appearance of the building will attract drivers to the location. Find out the zoning formula from your local authorities before committing funds to a location
Drive-through Services
The primary business is fast dry cleaning of dirty cloths. The driver pulls up to your service center and drops the cloths.
Make sure you prove quick turn around not exceeding 2 working days. Other service should include pick-up and deliver at higher costs including a designated walk way for walk-in customers.
Profit Potential
A drive through dry cleaning business is highly profitable. The business format is straightforward and requires little technical skill. An average drive-through drycleaner at a good location with regular customers can make $50,000-$70,000 per year.
Drive-through dry cleaners need to put aside some funds for marketing. Use printed medium such as flyer, posters, banners and billboards.
Make sure the business name you choose has keyword elements. Use sales representatives to distribute your flyers and offer discounts for first time customers. Invest in television advertisement to boost the company’s image and name.


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