Homemade Skincare Recipe Business

Dreaming about establishing a home-made skin care product line you are not alone. The business is fun, profitable highly regulated and moderately challenging.
Skin care products are made from natural ingredients and are popular. This is because of the hazardous synthetic chemicals found in regular household products.
The increasing awareness of making healthy choices has driven natural skin care products to the fore. A good home skin care recipe should be safe and have good quality.
The quantity control including labeling, testing and having an attractive packaging. Herbal practitioners especially in developing countries make huge returns on their investment. 
The products compete favorably with established brands in the market place. Many skin care products are made from animal extracts, byproducts and synthetic ingredients.
While natural skincare products are organic with100% natural ingredients. About 30% of skin care products are home based and require minimum startup funds.
To start the enterprise you need proper accounting, knowledge of ingredients, production methodology, legal and marketing. Here are a few requirements to start a skincare business.
skin care
Once you have decided on the type of product you want to produce you heed to learn the trade. Learn about skin and cosmetic science including ingredients.
Technical training focuses on skin type, effect on skin and causative effect of toxins on skin. You should learn about different types of ingredients and therapeutic properties of cosmetic herbs.
Other study essentials are types of healing oils, functionality and understanding the active ingredient. You could decide to include essential oils to your products.
This could include blending formula, cosmetic effect and how aromaceutical affect the skin. Once you have gone through training and develop your formulation skills, learn how to layer high-end products
There are many ways to learn the trade. You could enroll for a comprehensive online course that includes handouts, PDFs, videos and eBooks.
Make sure the course includes projects, tests and certification. Enroll in a trade institution, attend seminars or become an apprentice.
Different Types of Skin Care Products
There is a vast range of products to produce. We have hair products, aromatherapy blends and fragrances. Others are skin care products, scrubs, bath salts, soaps ad lotions.
Natural Products
  • Soaps
  • Aromatherapy blends
  • Scrubs
  • Bath salts
  • Fragrances
  • Skin care products
  • lotions
Legalities of Home Made Natural Skincare Products
You need to comply with the law that guides the enterprise. In most countries there are strict legislations binding the business.
The laws include labeling laws and compliance. Others are batch recording, best practices and allergens.
Before certification the product must have a production and expiration date among other requirement. Regulatory bodies include the food and drug administration and herbal practitioners association.
Business Licensing
  • liability insurance
  • business name
  • business incorporation
  • Trade license
  • product certification
  • taxation
Create the Product
You could experiment with popular recipe or create your own. Make sure they conform to safety standards and sell to friends and family.
Get honest reviews and improve on the blend. Make sure each product and oz used is well listed and documented. To create the product you need to carefully choose your ingredients. Take note of ingredient concentration while mixing the blend
Product Development
Decide on a product
Choose appropriate ingredient
Source suppliers
Understand ingredient concentration levels
Develop the product
Test the product
Purchasing the Ingredients
Herbal products have specialty markets that sell the ingredients. Find suppliers in your locality and purchase in bulk.
This effectively reduces the amount of each ingredient. Take note of special offers, discount and coupons. If you have a forest you could forage for ingredients or plant some in your garden.
Packaged natural products need to follow certain provisions. The package should be durable, attractive and clearly identified. It should have a food and drug identification number and the ingredients listed.
Selling the Skin Care Product
You could start by having a press release and offer discounts. Organize community activities in your locality to introduce the product.
Use traditional advertisement methods such as flyers, billboards, posters and sign boards. Distribute complementary cards and produce a glossy brochure.
Another marketing tool is a dedicated website. Build the website and include a shopping cart.
Add high definition images, posts, email address and phone numbers. Increase traffic to the site through FaceBook adverts, forum posts and social media engagements.


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