How to Set-up a Tattoo studio

Tattoo is popular in many countries and the popularity is increasing. This is due to many television programs focused on tattoo parlors. You could leverage on the popularity and establish a thriving tattoo studio.
How to Set-up a Tattoo Studio
Write a Tattoo Studio Business Plan.
It is important writing a comprehensive tattoo studio business plan. There are lots of good software to help develop the plan. The plan covers startup costs, equipment, maintenance, future projections, profit and loss.
Learn the Trade
You need do develop the prerequisite skills as a tattoo artist. Enroll in a tattoo apprentice program to learn the skill.
Although you could simply hire professionals, working the needle yourself increases your profitability. It is expensive studying the art form and it requires serious commitment and dedication.
To succeed you also need basic business  knowledge. Therefore have a deep understanding of the business is advantageous. Another way to establish a tattoo studio is partnership with a professional tattooist. Art and Craft Business ideas
Select a Location
The best location is a busy area with heavy human and vehicular traffic. Use visible signage outside your business premises to attract customers.
Contact Local Authorities
There are a few federal, local and state laws guiding the business. Although the laws vary across state lines there are strict provisions for equipment handling and client safety. Contact local authorities and find out the rules, regulations, health and safety issues regarding the enterprise.
You need to hire professionally trained tattooist with good references. The success of the business is based on the proficiency and skill of the artists.

How Much to Setup a Tattoo Parlor
Once you have the prerequisite skill as a tattoo artist the next step is to setup your establishment. You could work for an established parlor or embrace the entrepreneurship spirit.
The major stumbling block is cost of starting the business. To get the ball rolling first write a comprehensive business plan. You could leverage on an industrial expert or use online resources to write the business plan.
Rent a Shop
The amount you spend on rent depends on the studios location. Highbrow areas attract higher rent than rural areas. Locate the business in areas of heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Signing a long lease agreement reduces the cost and affords the tenant better negotiation.
Tattoo Supply and Equipment
Your major expenditure is the tattoo equipment, templates, needles and furniture. You need a cash register, shelves, decorations and steady electrical power supply.
Other cost considerations are licensing and permits, marketing and advertisement cost. Makes sure you purchase office supplies such as computers, copiers, fax machine and a dedicated phone.
 Tattooing Equipment
  • Tattooing machines
  • Needles
  • Sanitizers
  • Plastic spray bottles
  • Latex gloves
  • Ink paper towel
  • templates
Your furniture should conform to local standards and requirements. Purchase specialized furniture, standard chairs, shelves and receptionist table.
The total cost of establishing a tattoo studio includes fixed and working costs.  You may add partitions, plumbing, sinks and dedicated electrical outlets.
Although startup costs depends on many parameters such as purchase of new , refurbished or used equipment it could cost between $20,000-$25,000 to launch the business.
Office Equipment
  • computer
  • telephone
  • cash register
  • fax machine
  • printer
  • table
  • chairs
  • shelves
Advertise the Tattoo Studio
To attract patronage you need lots of advertisement. You could establish the parlor in a shopping complex or busy area. Use television advertisement and newspaper publications.
Distribute flyers, business cards and brochures including traditional methods such as billboards, signage boards and posters.


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