How to Start a Box Truck Business

Box truck businesses are generally one man shows. The business is moderately profitable and easy to setup.
Many company’s and private households need a cheap, effective and reliable way to move furniture. The ideal choice is usually the services of a box truck company
You can register the business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. The primary equipment is the cube van or truck.
The job description is defined by the cubical shape of the van used for this business venture. Box truck operator’s generally haul small goods and household appliances.
Common cargo includes furniture, ceramics, kitchen ware and pottery. A truck company could carry the cargo for the customer or rent out vehicles. A top player in the box truck haulage business is U-Haul.
Vehicle used by Box Truck Company’s
box truck
By MobiusDaXter (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The preferred vehicles are cube shaped trucks. The trucks are fitted with sliding back door panels for easy loading and unloading.
Another common vehicle used by truck companies is the straight truck with foot pup trailer. The trailer provides additional storage for goods and furniture.
Types of Vehicles
There is a long list of vehicles suitable for box truck haulage business. Popular choices are the Isuzu, Ford, Mitsubishi Fuso, Dodge, GMC, Chevrolet and Nissan.
Vehicles used for Box Truck Business
·            Isuzu
·           Ford
·           Mitsubishi Fuso
·           Dodge
·           GMC
·           Chevrolet
·          Nissan.
Equipment to start a Box Truck Business
As stated earlier the primary equipment is the van. The cube vans are built to accommodate different weight class ranging from 12,500 ibs-33,000 ibs.
The medium duty commercial trucks are built to accommodate class class3- class 7 models. Make sure the truck you purchase has a fully enclosed body and suitable for freight forwarding.
Other equipment’s you need are generally office equipment such as telephone, computer, fax machine, tables and chairs. You might need a dolly or lifting equipment.
Write a Box Truck Cargo Business Plan
Before establishing the business make sure you write a box truck business plan. You need to determine your target market, services you offer and business structure.
The type of vehicle you purchase is also important. Other considerations are personal cargo handling or providing self service.
Carry out a Feasibility Study
The feasibility study and survey will identify your customer base, Study your competitors, pricing and services. Find an ideal location and provide better service.
Funding the Enterprise
Apply for a commercial loan from any finance institution in your locality. Provide collateral, your business plan and guarantor.
Other requirements include experience and some startup funds. Discuss with your account office about the possibility of securing a loan.
Things you need for the Business
You need a dedicated vehicle, secretary, office and driver. You could do the driving yourself or hire a qualified driver.
You need a driving license and commercial license. Make sure you get insurance cover and register the company.
The business is highly competitive with large, small and medium companies fighting for a share of the same market. If you find a good location with lots of patronage and few competitors you will thrive.
You need to device a good marketing strategy targeted at your preferred demography. Use lots of television advertisements and newspaper publications. Traditional methods also work such as flyers, posters, billboards and sign boards.
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Build a Website
The website will offer additional marketing opportunities for you business. Hire a web developer to build a search engine optimized site.
Use lots of high definition images and demography location techniques. Include a telephone number, email and social media icons.
Drive traffic to your website through social media engagements, guest posting and online advertisement.


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