Laser Hair Removal Business Venture

The laser hair removal business is highly regulated. It requires federal, local and state certification to operate the business.
You need a trained physician to provide oversight over your establishment. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that involves a procedure to remove hair. It is done through the aid of specialized equipment.
hair removal
Secure Funding
The funding you need is for laser equipment and rent. Use target savings or borrow from financial institutions in your area. You could try a partnership arrangement or lease equipment.
Training and Certification
You need certification from society for clinic and medical hair. You could hire a professional aesthetician on freelance bases.
Other professional practitioners allowed to operate such equipment are dermatologists and nurses. If you want to run the business alone then you need appropriate training.
Develop a Laser Hair Removal Business Plan
The business plan should focus on fixed and working capital including profit and loss. Carry out a feasibility study to find best location and customer base. Other considerations are marketing, certification and equipment.
Apply for Licensing and Permit
Without licensing and permit you can’t operate a laser hair removal business. Study the local government zoning and register the business.
Make it a limited liability company or sole proprietorship business. Get a tax identification number and find out state tax .laws.
Laser technicians are certified according to expertise such as senior laser technicians, apprentice and professional in related fields.Start a wig and hair extension business
Hire Staff
Hire qualified staff with certification in laser hair removal. You need a receptionist, accounts officer and cleaners. Your staffs wages should be commensurate his level of proficiency.
Choose a Commercial Location
Good locations are shopping centers, upscale boutiques. Highbrow areas are good locations to attract high network upscale clients.
Your client demography usually ranges between 20 – 50 years old and client base cuts across both male and female. You could establish your laser business through a partnership agreement with spas, beauticians and skincare parlors.
Laser Removal Equipment
Only purchase laser equipment that has the National food and drug specification. There are many types of equipment with different levels of functionality.
Popular laser equipment includes Ruby laser, Diode laser YAG laser and Alexandrite laser. You need office equipment, treatment room equipment and upgraded electrical outlets.
Marketing the Business
Use traditional methods to spread the word. Print flyers, brochures, complementary cards and billboards.
Place attractive signage boards to attract patronage. Use testimonials, basic information to drive your marketing strategy. Other outlets are through radio, television and newspaper publications.
Offer Clients Full Disclosure
As a laser technician you need full disclosure of the effects of the treatment. You can do this through posters in the clinic, brochures and informative handbills.


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