Making Money Braiding Hair

Braiding is a skilled art form that involves manipulating hair to get the desired result. The process has to do with weaving strands of hair to form intricate locks.
The attraction to this ancient form of hair styling is low maintenance and hair longevity. Braided hair can remain for extended periods without braking.
Common braided styles are cornrows and dreadlocks. However there are hundreds of variations and styles. The hair industry is highly competitive and slightly challenging however there is always room under the sky.
Here are a few rules to guide your startup enterprise.
How to Start a Braiding Business
Training is Important
You need the prerequisite skill to manipulate hair strands into beautiful braids. There are many ways to develop the skill and gain confidence in your ability.
The most common method is becoming an apprentice. If you have funds hire a private tutor to teach the practical art of braiding.
Other methods include attended trade institutions, Cosmetology College or self tutelage. You need lots of practical experience to successfully learn the trade.
Licensing and Certification
Professional hair stylists require a state or local license to operate. Most governments will accept certification from a recognized cosmetology institution.
Some states require practical demonstration of proficiency or scheduled tests. While others put in place state cosmetology guidelines.
In many countries there are no strict laws guiding the enterprise and many hair stylists just open shop and start braiding.
How to start a Hair Extension Business
Obtain a Business License
Choose a business name and register the enterprise as a sole proprietorship. Get a tax identification number and insurance cover.
 If you want to sell hair products you need a sales license. The products should be certified by the National Food and Drug Administration.
Build a Portfolio
Some customers need assurance of your proficiency so create a portfolio. The portfolio also serves as referral for hair style you have mastered.
Make sure your studio is appealing, relaxing and comfortable. Braiding could be stressful because it takes a long time to complete.
How to start a Braiding Studio
Lease Property
To start a braiding studio you need a small space. An ideal location is within a residential area.
You could convert your garage or shed into a studio and startup funds is relatively low. Target savings should provide sufficient startup funds for your business.
Smart stylists use apprentices and even collect money for tutelage. This effectively reduces your workload and increases your profit margin. If you prefer hiring then use freelancers and pay-per client serviced.
You need to develop a customer base to succeed. Use referrals, word of mouth and traditional advertisement methods.
Print flyers, billboards, sign boards and glossy brochures. Another effective method is using classified website to attract patronage.
Organize fun community activities and offer discounts for repeat customers. To increase revenue you can do house calls and charge three times a regular gig.
Build a Website
The website you build should target your locality. Hire a web designer to build a responsive website. Target your customers through social media and yellow pages.


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