Medical Spa: How to Open a Medi Spa

A medical spa’s primary function is to reduce a client’s stress level, improve energy and productivity. The business in recent times has grown into a billion dollar industry.
This is because of increased aware of beauty, health and fitness benefits of spa treatment. A physician owned medical spas provides both surgical and non-surgical solutions and procedures.
medical spa
The business is highly lucrative and entrepreneurs could leverage on the growing popularity. A medical background is essential in this kind of business. However you could hire qualified physicians with appropriate credentials.
Medical spas are categorized under the health and beauty industry. And there are many things to consider before launching the business.
You might need an attorney, medical spa profession or people in spa related business. The business is capital intensive and you need huge funds to start the business.
Majority of the funds goes into equipment such as lasers and hair removal equipment. Here are a few ideas on how to start your enterprise.
How to Open a Medical Spa
Write a Medical Spa Business Plan
The business plan should focus on your core areas of interest. The plan covers services, location, staff strength, management team and funding. It should also project future plans, type of equipment including profit and loss. Once through with the business plan, carry out a feasibility study and survey.
Who is your Target Demography?
You need to determine your customer base and location. How many spa practitioners and business are in your neighborhood?
What is your client’s average income and who are your competitors? Study your competitor’s business model such as services, staff strength and charges.
To favorably compete find a niche market and offer unique services. You could decide to run a gender based service or specialize in a niche.
Find an Ideal Location
An ideal location is where there is heavy vehicular and human traffic. Choose either a middle class or upper-class location for better results.
The net worth and income of residents close to your spa is important. The location should be accessible, visible with adequate parking.  Some practitioners locate their business in popular shopping malls and mega stores.
Determine you Services
The services you render depend on your area of focus. You also need a keen business sense to manage the enterprise. Common medical spa treatment includes age management, acne and anti-aging treatment.
Form a Partnership
Even with a certified medical qualification you need other professional partners. Professional partners you might need include dermatologist, aestheticians, massage therapists, nutritionists and even an acupuncturist.
Register the business as a limited liability company, get insurance and tax identification number. how to start a mobile spa
Obtain Necessary License
Every country has different sets of rules and regulations. However you should expect some form of inspection and accreditation. You need to have medical knowledge as a professional physician before you get the license.
Medical Spa Treatment
Medical spa services provide non-surgical procedures. The services include advanced cosmetic procedures, facials, body treatment and massage.
They use chemical peels to improve skin condition and a light emitting diode. A common treatment involves a micro massager to stimulate collagen and reduce signs of aging.
They use laser treatment for damaged skin and wrinkles. Many have perfected skin rejuvenation techniques including solar spot treatment, laser, vascular lesion treatment and permanent hair removal.
More treatments are acme facial, paraffin facial, hot stone facial and other body treatment. Make sure you hire qualified staff and form partnerships.
Common Medical Spa Treatment
  •  Facials
  • Body Treatment
  • Massages
  • Advanced skin care
  • Revitalight
  • Gentlemen’s treatment
  • Acne Facial
  • Chemical peel
  • Micro-dermabrasion
Facials include paraffin facial, hot stone facial and acne facial. Others are signature facial, express facial and gentlemen’s facial.
Two types of massages are scar mobilization to relieve discomfort and mobility. While relaxing massage relieves stress and tension.
Advanced Skin Care        
 Advanced skin care methods are chemical peel including microdermabrasion. A common treatment used by spa operators is laser treatment.
Medical Spa Equipment
Medical spas use a variety of equipment. Try to purchase high quality equipment either used or new.
You need a microdermabrasion machine, lasers, furniture and disposables. Other equipment’s are serums, supplies, facial treatment solution and chemical peels.
More equipment’s are cryosurgery, eyewear, hot towel cabinets, massage table and steamers.
A List of Medical Spa Equipment
  • Hot Towel Sterilizers
  • Micro-current skin scrubber
  • Mesotherapy cavitations unit
  • Stationary/portable beds
  • Infra red lamps
  • Steamers
  • Microdemabrasion machine
  • Bed covers and sheets, chairs
  • Facial stools, facial treatment
  • Chemical peel
  • Massage table
  • Disposables
  • Eyewear
  • serums
  • Hot towel cabinet
  • Dermal fillers
  • Tweezers
  • Wax kit
  • Micro needles
Startup Costs
There a lots of variable when determining startup costs. The variables include spa location, type of equipment, furniture and lease.
You could start as low as $150,000 – $400,000. Medical spa businesses in the right environment will yield quick and steady returns over a short period. However many fold up within 3 years if not properly run.
Advertise your Spa
You could start with a press release and offer free mini-procedures. Use traditional methods such as printing flyers and distribute to clinics and hospitals. Try to network with beauty parlors and day spa’s.
Advertise in your local newspaper or beauty magazine. Don’t forget to build a website for your business.
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