Nylon bags production: How to Start Nylon Production Business

nylon bag
Nylon bag production is highly profitable and viable. The product is in high demand from supermarkets, grocery stores and homes.
The simple practicality and efficiency of nylons to encase or carry items makes them a necessity. Millions of tons of nylon are produced worldwide and the production hardly meets the demand.
Nylon is a perishable good however it has some negative environmental aspects. Apart from packaging, nylon is utilized in different industries and applications.
You can make lots of money stating a nylon bag production company. Irrespective of your country the demand for nylon is high and sustaining. Nylon bags are relatively easy to produce however the machines are either imported or locally fabricated.
Uses of Nylon Bags
Nylon bags are used for various purposes, however the most common are packaging, covering or wrapping. The use depends on the density and length of the nylon.
There are basically two different types of nylons. We have the low density nylons and high density nylons.
The utilization and application defines the usage of each product. Small packaging companies prefer the low density nylons for packaging, wrapping and sealing.
Industrial and commercial entities prefer high density nylons which are relatively stronger and more durable than the low density nylon. Uses include the manufacturer of disposable bags, wrapping consumer goods, packaging products and plastic bags.
The manufacture of plastic bags of different grades, density and dimensions is one of the most popular products. In Nigeria due to poor availability of drinking water, sachet packaged water has become a billion dollar industry.
Types of Nylon Bags
Low Density Nylon
Low density nylon is used for products such as bread covering, snack wraps and sachet water. Low density nylon bags a light, easyly torn and highly degradable.
High density Nylon
High density Nylons are used in supermarket, pharmaceutical stores, grocery stores and by market women. Others are garbage bags, shopping bags and disposal bags. High density nylon are tough, durable and have relative strength.
Steps to starting a Nylon Production Company
Write a Nylon Production Business Plan
Do a Feasibility Study
Conduct a Market Survey
Source funds
Lease Production Factory
Register the Business
Purchase Equipment
Hire Qualified Staff
Purchase a small Truck
Purchase Raw Materials
Do Lots of Marketing
Starting a Nylon Bag Production Company
Learn the Nylon Production trade
 Before you start a nylon bag production company you need to learn the trade. There are lots of resources to develop your knowledge.
Ways to develop knowledge include attending seminars, reading books, manuals and trade workshops. Once you understand the technicalities then develop your business skill.
Write a Nylon Production Business Plan
It is important to write a comprehensive nylon production business plan. The plan should cover start-up costs, management structure, location and equipment.
You can also carry out a feasibility study to know your competitors, find perfect location, prices and consumer interests.
Choose a location nearest to your target market. The closeness will reduce transportation costs and increase revenue.
Find out zoning requirements in your country before setting up the factory. The location should have good road network, easy accessibility and electric power.
Your factory requires adequate space for machinery, parking, storage and administrative building. You can also consider locating the business close to raw materials.
Funding the Nylon Production Company
The amount of funding you need depends on the size and scope of the operation. Small nylon production companies require moderate funding to cover fixed and working capital.
You can source funds through merchant banks or bank of industry. Secure funds with low, fixed interest rates.
The major equipment are cutting and sealing machinery and they come in various sizes and capacity. You could leverage your production on locally fabricated machinery or purchase highly sophisticated equipment.
The production output could be semi or fully automated. The type of equipment, raw materials and lease are the major investment.
Capital expenses in Nylon Production
The capital expenses include leasehold, purchasing the extruder/blower machine and cutting/sealing machine. Other expenses are punching machine, purchase of raw material, staff wages. Printing and marketing. Don’t forget maintenance, bank fees and transportation costs.
Machines used in Nylon Production
Irrespective of the application there are three types of machinery used in nylon production. We have the extruder blowing machine, nylon cutting machine and punching machine.
Extruder Blowing Machine
The extruder blowing machine is the primary equipment you need to make nylons. The machinery converts raw material into sludge liquid and then polythene sheets.  The sheets are produced into varied thickness depending on the manufacturers preferred market.
Nylon Cutting Machine
The cutting machine is used to cut the long nylon sheet into smaller units.
Punching Machine
The punching machine is used to shape the nylon for different purpose. The punching machine creates holes and shapes.
Machinery for Producing Nylon
Recycling Machine
Extruder Blowing Machine
Cutting Machine
Punching Machine
Raw Materials in Polythene Nylon Bag Production
The raw materials used in the production of polythene nylon are Escorene, and Dow. Other materials are B.A.S.F and Master Berg. 
Master Berg is used as a coloring agent while BASF/Escorene or DOW is poured into the heating unit of the extruder. The material undergoes melting into a liquid form then blown under intense pressure at the output end of the extruder.
This produces a long continues sheet that is cut with the cutting machine. You need to determine the appropriate raw material based on the type of machine your purchase.
Some machines are capable of producing both high and low density nylon. The cost of machinery depends on the capacity and functionality. Locally fabricated machines could cost about $7,500 while high capacity equipment start at $20,000
Raw Materials
Master Berg
Nylon bags are very popular so locating your target market should be easy. Target supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmaceutical companies and fashion outlets.
 Other potential customers are market women, waste management companies, hospitals, eateries, bakeries and restaurants. You can customize the bags to meet specific customer’s needs.


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