Open a Non-Alcoholic Nightclub

The beauty of running a non-alcoholic establishment is less licensing and regulations. Your audience demography is under 21 year old teens.
This niche market is highly profitable and moderately challenging. You don’t require a liquor license which comes with loads of permits and regulation. 
Teenagers are allowed into such establishments which providing a veritable source of income. The simple fact is that teenagers are a bundle of energy and can rave and dance throughout the night.
The primary objective of an investor is good music, safety of clubbers, noise control and adequate parking.
Steps to Open a Non Alcoholic Nightclub
  • Pick a theme
  • Get a business license
  • Secure funding
  • Get insurance cover
  • Find an ideal location
  • Secure entertainment
  • Purchase equipment
  • Do extensive interior décor
  • Hire staff
  • Promote the business
How to start a Non Alcoholic Nightclub
Register the Business
You need to choose a trending name for your nightclub. The name is very important because it portrays the kind of fun activity you want to sell. Register the name as a limited liability company, get insurance cover and fill tax papers.
The Clubs Theme
Every club has a theme or identity which is showcased in the interior design. Hire a profession interior designer conversant with nightclubbing. Makes sure the designer comes up with different themes before settling for one.
Select an Ideal Location
Nightclubs attract different kinds of people. Therefore situating the club in a residential area could attract problems.
Find out the states zoning formula and areas designated for such businesses. You can convert a large warehouse into a nightclub.
There is also strict compliance to noise ordinance in nightclub business. This should be considered during the interior décor and construction.
Secure Funding
Nightclub business is capital intensive and you need huge cash to establish one. Approach a commercial bank with your business plan and projections.
You might be required to declare about 20% of the capital you seek. Another way is to find a core investor as a sleeping partner.
Ways to Start a Non-Alcoholic Night Club
There are a few ways to launch your nightclub. You could buy into a franchise or lease an empty building.
You could purchase an existing club or build from scratch. Each business format comes with different challenges.
The club grounds should have ample parking and proper lighting. You can install security cameras and hire guards to protect your guests. You need a large dance floor, drinking bar, seating and a game area.
Licensing and Permits
You need a permit to run a nightclub. Other permits are food handlers permit from you country’s food and drug administration.
You might need copyright license to play certain music including a registered business name. The club owner is required to get different categories of insurance cover for the business.  
The type of insurance you need are fire/safety insurance, property insurance, accidental injury and general liability insurance. Try to approach a reputable insurance company and find out the type you need. You also need a fire and safety certification and clearance.
Nightclub Equipment
Equipment and furniture consumes 60% of your total expenditure. You need sound systems like amplifiers, massive speakers, disc jockey equipment and electrical works.
Other equipment’s are lighting, bar, massive coolers, refrigerators, commercial oven and counter. You will spend insane amounts on interior décor and lighting.
Other expenditure includes game area equipment drinking cups and messolinous. If you are in a country prone to power outages then you need a massive generator.
start disc jockey business
Interior Design
The interior design and layout are of great importance. You can study successful clubs in you area to get a feel of what is ideal. The interior design is your clubs identity ansd signature.
Hire Staff
Nightclub business needs different types of staff. Hire drivers, guards, waitresses, barman, disc jockey and cleaners. You need an account office and club manager.
How much do Nightclubs make?
 Alcoholic drinking nightclubs make an insane amount of money. An average club could make $5,000-$30,000 daily. A non alcoholic nightclub might make slightly lower depending on the level of entertainment.
You need to carry out massive publicity to attract patronage. Clubs are only as good as the hype and reputation.
Distribute lots of promotional material including discounts and promotions. Do a press release and advertise in local newspapers and teen magazines. You can leverage on television advertisement and teen radio programs..


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