Set up an Image Consulting Business

An image consultant’s job is to help the client project his/her best attributes. They evaluate the client’s image, style appearance and composure.
Some clients have a lifestyle and image they want to portray. The image consultant’s job is to help them achieve and surpass their wish. This has given rise to a new and growing business opportunity for smart investors.
A professional in this field need different skill sets to successfully carry out the practice. This includes a keen knowledge of body type and composition, knowledge of textures, fabrics, color hues and silhouettes.
How to Become an Image Consultant
To become one you need to continually learn and develop your skill. It involves lots of training and education. You need to get certified to enhance confidence and credibility.
Other aspects of the job involve creative marketing of your service. To succeed in this endeavor you need to provide excellent service and build a client list.
Education and Training
 You need to develop an in-depth knowledge of different variables that allude to each client. Understanding their specific needs such as body type, goals and personality, provides a template for the consultant to explore.
To succeed you need a strong passion for the business and a desire to change peoples lives for the better.
Image Consultancy Requirement
Clients look out for specific things when considering an image consultant. The professional should have an exhaustive curriculum and credibility.  The job description has room for post training and support.
Professional Qualifications and Associations
You need to acquire skills and technical knowledge of image consulting.  A good degree in business management is important.
The more degrees, certification and association you have the better your credentials. You need to get versed in the core competence of the profession.
Develop a reputation, build credibility and get certification. Other requirements involve joining professional associations such as ICSI, AICI and IFIC. A professional in image consultancy needs a business identify and competence in consulting to get certified.
Continuous Learning
Professionals in this field continually need to upgrade skills. They need to remain trendy and attend programs.
Apart from competency in image consulting, certification and knowledge of current trends a basic knowledge of business is important to the success of your enterprise.
How to Create a Business Identity
Make your business legal by registering it with the corporate affairs commission. Incorporate the business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. You need insurance cover and a tax identification number.
The only equipment you need is a dedicated office and consultancy room. You need basic office furniture such as chairs, dedicated phone, fax, printer and computer. The major investment is personal development and knowledge of different aspects of the job.
There is nothing better than providing excellent service and guidance. Image consultancy is about personal service. Your client base will increase through referrals from satisfied clients.
To succeed you need effective marketing strategies. Create awareness in your neighborhood through advertisement.
Use traditional methods such a printing call-cards, flyers, posters, billboards and sign boards. Become a public speaker and leverage on seminars and public awareness strategies.
A powerful promotional tool is through referrals and word of mouth. Satisfied clients will always recommend your services to friends and confidants.
Build a Website
Hire a web developer to build a website for your business. Make sure the site showcases you credentials and services.
Get recommendations from satisfied clients and celebrities. Make sure you purchase a top domain name that corresponds to your business name.
A website provides more marketing avenues such as directory listing, social media advertisement and other online resources.


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