Starting a Laser Tag Business

Starting a laser tag business involves lots of training courses and planning. Owning a battlefield business is exciting and financially rewarding.
However you need quality equipment, game ideas and a solid operational plan. Other considerations are ownership structure, incorporation, funding and marketing strategy.
The job description requires good interpersonal skills, a good team and loads of enthusiasm. Setting up a unique play area requires moderate financial investment and creativity. Here is our step by step guide to starting a laser tag business.
laser tag arena
Game Ideas
Popular game- ideas include ‘capture the flag’; protect the VIP, juggernaut matches. Others are elimination match, domination, survival, zombie, basic matches.
Step by Step Guide to Starting a Laser Tag Business
Register a Business Name
Choose a unique name that immediately identifies your scope of business. Incorporate the business as a limited liability company.
You could use a graphic designer to create an interesting log or trademark. Make sure the name corresponds with your domain name of choice.
This will make domain name registration and website building much easier. Don’t forget to get liability insurance and solve tax related issues.
Types of Laser Tag Business
There are different type’s laser tag formats. You have the increasingly popular zombie theme games, outdoors games or a dedicated arena.
Outdoors Laser Tag Games
Outdoors laser tag games require massive space, special effects, props and a giant play area. The advantage of running an outdoor operation includes extended sessions, missions and more special effects.
Indoor Laser Tag
The major advantage of this format is all year round business. The indoor arrangement has amazing effects, obstacles, complete missions and is the pinnacle of battle entertainment.
Mobile Gaming
Mobile gaming takes the fun to customer’s location. The format requires transportation and very little props. The battles are fought in parks, backyards, remote locations and event centers.
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Buy Laser Tag Equipment
 The type of equipment you need depends on your business model and niche. You need gaming guns with infra red sensors, inflatables and battle boxes.
The gun types include SMG, tactical assault rifle, barracuda pro and basic entertainment gun. You need laser tag vests, poly-carbonate plastic and the non gun plaster specially designed for kids.
The Venue
You could decide to build an arena from scratch or purchase an existing one. Hire a professional builder with knowledge of laser gaming.
Other ideal arcades are abandoned buildings, open fields and event centers. Mobile laser gamer should purchase a van for out calls.
The main criteria when searching for an ideal location is space. You need an arcade area including ample space for an arena. Choose a popular area with frequent human traffic.
Organize a press release and grand opening. Use television advertisement, radio and newspaper adverts. Print leaflets, brochures and call cards to distribute in your neighborhood.
Build a Website
Attract patronage through a Geo targeted website. Add high definition images of games and the arena.
Use social media channels and article directories including informative posts. Try guest posting to attract people to your site.
Use both free and paid online classified to drum up business. Don’t forget the efficacy of word of mouth and referrals.