Starting a massage therapist business

The job of a massage therapist is to manipulate the soft body tissue to provide relief for an individual. The physical therapy relieves aches, stress and muscle tension.
Other benefits include emotional, physical and mental harmony. There are different reasons an individual needs a massage.
Some physical treatments are occasioned due to of injury, stress and for leisure purposes. Although attracting clients is moderately challenging the business is profitable.
The therapist could offer different services alongside partner professionals in related fields. The business offers self employment opportunities, time flexibility and independence.
Different Areas of Massage Therapy
There are different types of massage therapy such as reflexology, pregnant massage, Thai massage shiatsu and deep tissue massage. Others are Swedish therapy, aromatherapy and hot stone massage.
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List of Popular Types of Massage Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Thai massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Hot stone
  • Aromatherapy
  • Swedish massage
Swedish massage Therapy-In the United States of America the most popular form of massage is the Swedish massage therapy. The massage involves lotion oils, kneading, repetitive circular motion and the application of pressure using long stroke technique.
Hot Stone Massage- this form is popular in countries like Turkey and Russia. It involves placing pre-heated stones on specific points on the body. The release of heat releases tension in muscles.
Aromatherapy massage- an aroma therapist uses different types of scented oils to cause relaxing effect. The aroma is meant to cause relaxation, balance and a languid feeling.
Deep tissue massage- this form is very important and causes relief too physical injuries. Common injuries include prostrate problems, muscle ache, strain and accident recovery. This form of therapy is common to professional athletes.
Sports massage- professional athletes without significant injury are given sports massage therapy. This form is more of a preventive therapy to loosen tight muscles, strain tension and stress.
Thai massage- this form of massage uses pressure point technique to relive stress. It involves a complex range of motions which includes pressure, compression and stretches.
Reflexology- is a form of foot massage that offers relaxation through the manipulation of the foot. Pressure points on the foot are manipulated to offer relief. Other important forms of massage are back massage and pregnancy massage
How to Start a Massage Therapist Business
You need to put a few things in place before starting your massage therapist business.
Get Certified
To become a massage therapist you need certification. You need massage therapist training from a recognized institution.
The practice is highly regulated in most countries and the certification is governed by a national body. There are specific areas of specialization a massage therapist could consider.
Certification and licensing are received through NCBTMB a national body. Once you receive your certification register as a incensed practitioner. There are different rules governing the practice in different countries.
Get Incorporated
The next step is registering your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. In most cases you need to join your local association.
They are useful because they provide regular updates on changing trends and best practices. Other benefits of an association are networking, regular seminars, support and advice.
Get Insurance Cover
The insurance cover will protect you from liability claims and malpractice issue. The limited liability incorporation will limit any liability claim to only your practice. Secure an employer identification number to fulfill tax requirements.
Funding the Therapy Business
Applying for a business loan is not easy for a startup company. If you want to obtain a loan from a financial institution you need to fulfill certain condition.
You need to have collateral, some startup funds and a business plan. Majority of the funds goes into rent, furnishing the practice, marketing and staff wages. You could also try target savings to raise the funds or approach family.
Rent Space
Lease appropriate space for your practice. The space should be visible in a pubic area with lots of human and vehicular traffic.
To attract clients network with sports centers, health centers, clinics and hospitals. Your area of specialization determines your business model.
Alternatively you could work from home and save rent or transportation costs. Working from home attracts less startup capital expenditure however you need to dedicate a home office for your practice.
Determine your Services
Your services generally should be in your area of specialization. To sell products you need additional licensing.
Sell only products that have food and drug certification number. Clients only come based on appointment so you need aggressive marketing and referral to attract clients.
Operational Expenses
Operational expenses include occupancy, operational and time based expenses. Others include staff wages, equipment and marketing expenses.
Build a Website
A website is very useful in the massage therapy business. You could showcase your services, book appointment, attract new clients and communicate with existing ones.
To attract clients use social media channels, directory and quality post on your subject matter. Other marketing tools include advertisement offline and online including referrals.


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