Waxing Salon Business Plan

woman with nice skinThere are three ways to enter the hair removal waxing industry. You could open a salon, wholesale/retail or manufacture the products.
The main manufacturers of hair wax products are found in India, Italy, Turkey, China and Spain. When you choose a wax product for your business, focus on functionality, general appeal and product appearance.
Quality products feature even edges, durability, functionality and evenly coated wax. The benefits of waxing include cost effectiveness and lasting results. Bikini waxing and intimate men waxing are very popular and good money spinner.
Manufacturing/ Private Label Options
Purchase products directly from companies that offer complete packaging solutions. Find those that offer customized service or design options. Private labeling include bulk version products such as nonwoven stripes and disposable depilatory cold wax products
Types of Wax Strips
Manufacturers, salon owner, wholesaler or retailer needs to decide the type of wax strips to produce, sell or use in their establishments. Wax strips are generalized into cellophane and paper based products. They could be ready-made or pre-coated.
The cellophane paper wax is transparent in appearance while the nonwoven is white. There depilatory wax strips are used for hot waxing while the pure cotton/nonwoven best for professional depilation.
Nonwoven Wax Strips
The most common paper based product is nonwoven fabric. They are disposable, eco-friendly and biodegradable.
The nonwoven absorbent quality depreciates over time however the production cost is relatively low. The nonwoven depilatory product consists of polyester and viscose.
Nonwoven are coated with wax and have tensile strength. Factors to consider when buying a nonwoven wax strip is viscose percentage, weight, thickness, cellulosic polyester fibers and gram per square meter.
Cellophane Paper Wax Strips
Other wax products are manufactured using cellophane paper.  The non eco-friendly material costs more to make and has a transparent feature.
Different Hair Removal Waxing Strips
There are different types of waxing strips used by waxing salons. The strips include hair removal strips, body depilatory wax strips and Aloe Vera wax strips. Others are nose pore strips, blackheads removal kit and face depilatory wax.
List of Hair Removal Waxing Products
  • Nose Pore Strips
  • Aloe Vera Wax
  • Body Depilatory Wax
  • Bikini Depilatory Wax
  • Hair removal Wax
  • Waxing rolls
  • Blackhead Removal Kit
  • Charcoal Nose Strips
  • Waxing Strips
  • Face Depilatory Wax
How to Evaluate Wax Stripe Quality
You need to use quality products in your waxing salon for best results. The best criterion is to ascertain the durability and functionality of the hair removal product.
Quality products will completely remove the hair on first stripe. This includes removal down to the hair follicles.
After depilation quality products leave no wax residue or stub on skin. The product consistency should sustain for six months whiles shelf-life of about 3 years.
How to Open a Waxing Hair Removal Business
Do Market Research
Before venturing into the wax business you need to do market research. You should know what popular brands are used by your competitors.
Understand the market, product feature, popularity and ingredients in each product. Once you have concluded your survey and research write a business plan.
Write a Wax Hair Removal Business Plan
Write a wax hair removal business plan based on the sector of interest. Manufacturers can produce their own products or use private label.
Wholesalers and retailers should contact major manufacturers for supplies. While store owners need to stock high quality products.
The business plan should focus on quality product, services, management team, startup capital and goals. The plan affords future projection, profit/ loss and company structure.
Carry out a Feasibility Study
The feasibility study will look at competitors including target demography. You need to find the best location for your business venture. Study market trends, customer behavior and product pricing/sourcing.
Company Location
The location depends on your area of interest. However closeness to source of raw material or customer base is advantageous.
The shop or factory should accommodate equipment, storage and parking. The premises should be visible and easily accessible. Salons should be situated where there is heavy vehicular traffic or pedestrians.
There are many marketing channels for manufacturers of wax stripe products. Major outlets are supermarkets, chain stores and drug stores.
To reach customers your advertisements should be customer oriented. Use electronic media such as television advertisements, radio or newspapers.
Salons could print flyers, posters, banners, signage boards to attract patronage. Waxing salons should focus on their target demography such as stadiums, swimming pools, beauty parlors.


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