How to get Exide Battery Dealership

Lead acid batteries are referred to as Exide. The batteries are common in automobile, generating sets and industrial applications.
Two major players in Exide battery manufacture are Exide Technology and Exide Industries. Exide Industries is an Indian based company while Exide Technology is an American company.
The business is slightly challenging and capital intensive. However there is a huge market for battery products.
Exide distributorship business is lucrative and operators earn huge income. To start a distributorship business you are required to have a partnership agreement, large storage facility, heavy-duty vehicle and company registration.
Markets that use Exide products
Exide battery products are popular in the transportation industry. Common markets include hybrid vehicles, rail transportation, forklift trucks, automobiles, commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks.
Other markets for the product are power generating plants, solar storage units, electric utilities and telecommunication systems.
Batteries have been developed for tropical conditions and European climates. More development includes submarine batteries, motorbike, poly-ethylene separators, golf carts and valve regulated lead acid batteries.
Electric vehicles also use high energy density batteries.
Exide Battery Markets
  • Rail transportation
  • Forklift trucks
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Automobiles
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Farming equipment
  • Power generating equipment
  • Solar units
  • Telecommunication system
  • Motorcycles
  • Submarines
  • Golf carts
  • Electric vehicles
  • Power stations
Brands of Exide Batteries
There are many brands of Exide batteries for distributors. Some of the popular ones are Boss, Champion, Little Champ and Conrex.
Others are Jupiter, SF Sonic, Dynex, Index and Chloride. A distributor should focus on popular brands in your locality. This is because customers prefer products with history of performance.
Brands of Exide Batteries
  • Boss
  • Champion
  • Little Champ
  • Conrex
  • Jupiter
  • SF Sonic
  • Dynex
  • Index
  • Chloride
Things to Consider Before Buying a Battery
There are a few things to consider before choosing a battery. Study the batteries design and plastic components.
Determine the type of rubber components such as hard or soft rubber. The manufacturer should include manufactured date, expiration date, battery test and quality assurance.
How to get Exide battery Dealership
Exide battery supplier’s main product is the lead-acid batteries. The batteries are used for transport applications and automobile sector. You can secure a dealership deal by approaching a manufacturer or larger supplier in your country or abroad.
Find companies that offer extensive support for partners to enable success of your enterprise. To become an Exide accredited dealer complete an account application or phone the company directly.
If there is a local representative of the brand of Exide battery you prefer they will arrange a meeting. Alternately find a new brand not represented in your country and talk to the manufacturers. The challenge with this arrangement is securing the sole distributorship rights.
How to become a used car broker
Write a Business Plan
Write an Exide Battery distributorship business plan. The plan should focus on securing distributorship deals with manufacturers or subsidiaries.
Determine the model of battery and product branding. Large Exide manufacturers have already spent huge amounts on product branding so marketing concerns should be geared toward end users.
Your business plan should include business structure, funding sources, management team, future goals, and profit/loss.
Carry out a Feasibility Study
The feasibility study should focus on competitors and popular brands in your area. What are your competitors doing and which brand of Exide do they prefer.
This would provide a template on how to proceed. You need a good location close to your target customers.
Battery distributorship business is capital intensive. This is because of the huge amount spent on procuring the batteries.
You also need a store front and ample storage facility. Other requirements are heavy duty vehicle to move the merchandize.
Approach any commercial bank in your area and secure bank loans. You are required to provide collateral, business plan and some capital. Other ways to source funds are through partnership, target savings or private investors.
Locating the Business
Locate your distributorship business close to your target market. Your target markets include automobile transport companies and government armed forces.
Make sure you rent a lager store capable of accommodating your stock. The store should have an administrative building and storage facility. The store should be easily accessible to vehicles and visible to general public.
There are some environmental issues for battery storage. Find out the state or governments requirements in your area.
You need permit to store battery and a good waste disposal strategy. Register the business as a limited liability company and get liability insurance.
You need a tax identification number and value added tax for sales. To sell or distribute the products you need a trade license. There are some fire safety protocols associated too battery business.
Most top brands provide adequate marketing support for distributors. Battery distributors only need to attract local markets and secure contracts.
Use traditional advertisement such as flyers, billboards, business cards and sign boards to attract patronage.
Build a Website
Building a website is a good ideal and a sales outlet that never sleeps. Add all your products services and prices for customers to see.
Offer shipment discounts for mass purchases. Find automobile forums, auto websites and introduce your company.


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