Ola Cab Business Opportunity

Cab business is very lucrative and highly competitive. The cab operator has to compete with both public and private taxi operators.
The major challenge is finding customers before other operators. In comes Ola Cabs a technologically driven app for transporters and passengers.
The app provides a seamless, cheap and effective way of linking cab drivers to customers. Ola cab is technologically driven providing a range of affordable cabs for Indian people.
ANI Technologies are the brain behind the Ola trademark. The cab aggregator was founded in Mumbai Indian and currently based in Bangalore.
Founded in 2010 the company’s value has risen to an astounding $5 billion dollars in 6 years. With a data base of over 200,000 vehicles the company has achieved tremendous success.
You find Ola cabs in over 110 cities world wide including places like Bangalore, Indore, Chandigarh, Delhi and Kolkata.
How to Attach Your Car to Ola Cabs
If your are eager to earn money as a freelance private cab driver then joining Ola cabs data pool is important. The taxi aggregator uses an app based solution to establish contact between passengers and drivers.
The main equipment you need to join Ola Cabs is a good vehicle. You need to fill an online form, provide location and other simple criteria.
To get started submit required document such as vehicle particulars and provide a driver. You could drive the cab yourself and keep all the profit or hire a driver.
You need knowledge on how to operate the app, have good interpersonal skill and register the business. Your car should have a commercial license and vehicle insurance cover.
You need a commercial driving license and register the business name. To qualify your car should be roadworthy and you are expected to transport passengers certain km a month.
Other relevant documents to attach your car to Ola are service tax registration number, current bank account, photograph identification and incorporation details.
You are at liberty to incorporate as a proprietorship or limited liability company.
How to attach your cab to Uber India
Documents to Attach Car to Ola Cabs
  • Bank Details
  • Commercial registration certificate
  • Commercial driving license
  • Car documentation such as car license, insurance and commercial operator permit
  • PAN card
  • Photograph identification
  • Proof of address
  • Service tax registration
Type of Vehicles/Service used by Ola Cab
There are a few vehicles that  Ola cab operators prefer. Some of the vehicles include Honda, Toyota, Shuttle, Luxury, Prime, Mini and Macro.
Earning Bonuses
Apart from earnings through drop services a cab driver is entitled to bonuses. Peak hours from 7am -12.30pm, 5pm –11 pm earn good bonus for Ola cab operators.
Other bonus periods are airport drop and completing 12 transaction rides in 1 day. Peak hour bonus starts at 250INR, airport drop 800INR and complete 12 fares in single day 4500INR.
Cab Fares Mumbai/Bangalore
Cab fares differ in each country but are subject to strict compliance by the cab operators. Listed below are cab fares in common to Mumbai and Bangalore
The cab fares are generally based on vehicle category, base fare and distance traveled. Other parameters include waiting time fare, ride time fare and cancellations fee.
The fares are further divided into standard fare, special fare and night time fare. Other fare categories are outstation fare-one way and rental fare.
Ola Cab Standard Fare
Lux- Base fare 300, distance 25/30 per km, waiting time N/A,
Prime Play-50-10 per km till 15km
Prime Sedan-50-10 per km till 15 km
Mini -50- 8 per km till 15km
Prime SUV, Base fee -150 for 4km
Micro -40-6 per km till 15 km
How Much Can You Make with Ola Cabs
Ola cab drivers diligent with work make about 85,000INR per month. The different cab types attract different fares and charges therefore you need to understand the fare rates.
They also have strict terms and condition of service to provide a good experience for cab owner and passenger. Common chargers and bonuses depend on the number of bookings in peak periods. 
5 bookings in peak period attracts Rs1700, 7 bookings Rs 2400, 10 bookings Rs2900, 13 booking in a day Rs3900 , 16 booking a day Rs4900, 18 booking a day Rs 6400 and airport drop Rs 500 extra.
Interested in starting your private cab business with Ola Cabs then visit their website and start the process.

Image source Atribution-By Ibrar Hussain (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


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