Palm Kernel Oil Exportation Business

The exportation of kernel oil and palm oil is a lucrative business venture. You find major markets in Europe, America and Nigeria.
Major producers of the product are Indonesia and Malaysia. The oil palm tree is common in West Africa and the primary source of kernel oil and palm oil.
The edible seed of the palm kernel is used to produce two distinctively different oil products. Palm oil is a staple in many African cuisines and a replacement for olive oil, groundnut oil.
It most cases the demand for the palm products out ways the supply providing a good business opportunity for investors. The three major requirements to run an export company include registration with the countries corporate affairs commission.
Others are registration with your countries export promotional council and national food & drug administration.
palm kernel oil
Palm Kernel Oil Related Businesses
There are a number of businesses that revolve around the oil palm. Some are palm kernel oil exportation, production of palm oil and kernel oil shells. Others are processing palm kernel nut PKN, palm kernel cake PKC and supply.
Oil Palm Products
  • Palm kernel cake
  • Palm kernel nut
  • Palm oil
  • Kernel oil
  • Palm kernel shell
Permits and Registration
The first step to starting an exportation business is incorporating your company. Register the business with the corporate affairs commission as a limited liability company.
You need a business name, insurance and tax identification number. Then register the company with your countries export promotional council.
 An export promotional council’s sole purpose is to provide assistance to export companies through documentation and information dissemination. Some even provide contact information of potential buyers of the product.
Other documentation includes commercial export documentation, shipping documentation and quality assessment and certification documentation. The assessment and quality control documentation is issued by the Food & Drug Administration.
  • Register the company as a LLC
  • Choose a business name
  • Get insurance
  • Tax identification number
  • Register export council
  • Commercial export permit
  • Shipping documentation
  • Quality assessment certification
  • Labeling
Quality Assessment
The product needs to pass a strict quality assessment. This is because commodities that fail such tests are either rejected or confiscated.
Quality products should be free from impurities and have favorable moisture content. Other requirements are gravity, sponification value and an odor less rich taste.
Labeling and Packaging
The labeling and packaging are also important. The label should have information such as date of harvest, production and expiration.
Other information includes country of origin and destination. The packaging should be secure and durable.
Things you need
There are a few things you need such as trademark and company seal. Others are corporate bank account and tax returns. Secure a business premises and network with producers and buyers.
Documents to Export Palm Kernel Oil
  • Shipping documents
  • Quality assessment document
  • Commercial document
  • Tariffs concession documents
Find Buyers
Despite having a large amount of oil palm trees Nigeria is a major importer of the product. The oil comes from Malaysia and Indonesia accounting for huge income for such countries.
To find credible buyers approach your local chambers of commerce. Other resources are through yellow pages and online directories.
Do due diligence before committing to a supply contract. Finally make sure the product passes strict quality control measure to avoid rejection or non-payment of shipped product


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