Recycling Tires for Money

Used tires are hazardous material to our environment. They are difficult to decompose and toxic to the soil. This is because of the different compositions and elements in the tire.
Improper disposal could cause pollution and is a serious fire hazard. Investors interested in tire recycling are providing an essential service to the environment.
 The job is about converting the used tire into a new product. Re-purposed tire are common in art, furniture, fire accelerators and fashion accessories.
Before you launch your business the first step is to write a comprehensive business plan. Then visit your local authorities, register the business and get approved. Understand the zoning formula and environmental provisions.
Recycle Tire Products
There are many products obtainable form recycled or re-purposed tire. You can make a fire accelerator, furniture, sandals, crumb rubber and floor tiles.  More products include play grounds, mud guards, rubber asphalt and packaging material.
Tire Products
  • Patio blocks
  • Shoe soles
  • Fuel
  • Fie accelerators
  • Rubber-modified asphalt
  • Floor tiles
  • Packaging material
  • Vehicle mud guard
  • Resurfacing material
Learn Tire Recycling Basics
The job requires specialized knowledge of the different stages of recycling. You need to know the best equipment and functionality. 
Develop a keen understanding of a tire constituent. There are different kinds of tires and rubbers.
To gain knowledge secure employment in a tire recycling plant or try an apprentice scheme. Enroll in a trade institution that focuses on tire recycling.
You could attend a seminar that offers practical field tutorship in tire recycling. Read lots of books, e-books and PDF files. There are a few online courses that deal specifically on tire recycling.
How to start a Tire shredding business
Source the Tires
The raw materials you need are used tire. You need adequate supply of the product to recycle and make money.
Viable sources are local waste management companies in your locality. Other sources are vulcanize practitioners, tire companies, mechanics and spare parts dealers. Vehicle scraping yards are ideal sources for used tires, departmental stores, auto dealers and local merchants.
Hire Staff
The enterprise is practicable as a one man business. However you would need proper networking with smaller recycle agents.
To run the business you need recycle equipment, vehicle and dumpsite. The dumpsite is where you receive the used products.
Find an Ideal Location
Once the local authorities have indicated the zoning allocation, find the ideal spot. The location should accommodate administrative office a recycle plant, storage and parking.
Other requirements are easy vehicular accessibility and visibility. Used tires are heavy to move around so proper road network is essential.. Another important consideration is proper utility such as electrical power and waste management system.
Secure Tire Recycling Permits
There are strict laws guiding the business. Find out the permits and licensing you need before opening your doors.
Common certifications are trade license, company incorporation and general liability insurance. You need to abide by waste disposal guidelines and zoning.
Tire Recycle Business Plan
Write a tire recycling business plan to determine the scope of your operation. The plan should include startup funding, equipment, running costs and business template. It should cover the entire production stages from sourcing the raw material, processing and sales.
Carry out a Feasibility Study
Carry out a feasibility study to find best location for your company. look at local competitors prices, service and business structure.
The type of product you develop determines your focus market. Make sure you have an effective marketing plan for quick sales.

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