Rubber Gasket Manufacturing

Rubber gaskets are found in machinery and vehicles. The simple device prevents leakages and protects the engine. They are generally made from asbestos or cork materials.
Gasket manufacturing is practicable small scale or large scale and the equipment are either fabricated or branded. Startup capital depends on the size and scope of the enterprise, labor force, type of equipment and location.
Other requirements are an aggressive marketing strategy, quality products and sourcing raw materials. The price of the product you manufacture should be competitive and correlate with trending prices.
Here are a few ideas on how to start a gasket manufacturing company.
Where you find Rubber Gasket Products
Rubber gaskets products are common devices used in engines. However there are gaskets made from other materials.
They all carry out the same functionality, to protect the engine from fuel spill or leakages. Common locations you find gaskets are rocker cover kit, timing kit and cylinder head.
Other engine areas are manifold, oil seal and oil pan.  You find them in conversion sets, pumping machines, chambers, joint bolts and head set.
  • Rocker cover kit
  • Timing kit
  • Cylinder head
  • Manifold
  • Oil seal
  • Oil pan
  • Conversion sets
  • Pumping machines
  • Chambers
  • Joint bolts
  • Head set
Rubber Gasket Equipment
There is a wide range of equipment available to gasket manufacturer. Some equipment’s are manual, semi-automated or fully automated.
The equipment should produce a verity of products and provide different materials/processing options. It is essential that the production process should accommodate different industries. This effectively increases your product range and flexibility.
How Gaskets are made
A shim material or gasket sheet is forced on a cutting board by aid of hydraulic or power press. The sheet is then cut using a shearing machine into the appropriate size.
Then drilling or punching including grinding produces the resultant shape. The finished product is then branded and packaged for sale.
The manufacturing process retains a consistency in the finished process. Repetition machine process low or high volume products while punchers are placed at appropriate locations.
You have a choice of standard cutters or special cutters according to your product specification.
Cutting Methods
There are various cutting methods a manufacturer can deploy. You could use laser technology, water jetting or hand cutting techniques.
Other cutting alternatives are strip cutting and gasket punching. Each method has its demerits and merits.
Strip cutting involves the usage of a rotation knife press. The knife cuts the sheets into strip form using a circular momentum. The operator sets the blade determinant on width desired.
Hand cutting require technical craftsmanship and dexterity. Special gasket specifications are usually produced through hand cutting techniques. Hand tools are usually basic such as saddle punchers, hand cutting tools and sheet material.
Laser cutting is a more precise form of gasket making while water jetting is done under high pressure water jets. This technology effectively cuts solid or cellular materials into different shapes.
Gasket Making Machinery
Start your small scale operation from a rented space. Make sure the location has basic utilities such as water and electrical power.
The space should accommodate machinery, administrative office and loading dock. There is some basic equipment you need to start a production process.
The type of equipment depends in your business model. Common equipment include bench grinder, power press, and hand shearing machine. Others are hand tools, measuring implements, dies, fixtures, portable drill and fly press.
  • Bench grinder
  • Power press
  • Hand shearing machine
  • Hand tools
  • Measuring implements
  • Dies
  • Fixtures
  • Portable drill
  • Fly press
  • Rotation knife press
Marketing the Rubber Gasket Products
Gaskets are made and fitted into new vehicles or as replacement parts. Both industry present huge demand for the product. 
Replacement gaskets are built to specification for vehicles and machinery. The industry is huge and there are lots of local and international opportunities.
You can become rich manufacturing gaskets however the competition is fierce. To succeed you need an effective marketing strategy and aggressive marketing.
Find export opportunities by networking with vehicle parts wholesalers and retailers in other countries. Produce quality products and use branding to differentiate your product. Another technique is offering white label deals to major wholesalers.


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