Scrap Pallet Collection Business

Pallets are foundation structures made to accommodate load. The rigid structure provides an efficient way for storage and shipping.
Pallets are used to support intermodal containers, cardboard boxes and bulk shipment. The simple structure is made from either plastic, metal, recycled material or wood.  
The classic wooden pallets are the most common types available for shippers and storage purposes. A scrap pallet collect can make huge earnings recycling the product.
Worldwide billions of tons of pallets are produced yearly. And companies after several applications preferred making new ones.
The old pallets become scrap gathering dust within such premises. A scrap dealer could capitalize on the scrap by offering a clean up service.
The scrap dealer claims the unwanted pallets, repair and resell. Damaged pallets can be repaired and sold to shipping companies.
Types of Pallets
There are different types of pallets available in the market. The pallets have similar functionality and ideal for loading, movement and storage.
Common pallets include wood, recycled material, paper, plastic and metal. Others are stringer pallets, block pallets and perimeter base pallets.
Stringer pallet uses parallel pieces of timer while block pallet are either perpendicular or parallel. We have soft wood pallet, hardwood pallet and paper pallet for light loads. Plastic pallets are fire resistant, durable and lightweight.
Different Types of Pallets
  • Galvanized steel pallets
  • Wooden pallets
  • Block pallets
  • Stringer pallets
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Recycled material
Pallet Standardization
There are European and American, Australian and North American standardization of pallet sizes. A wooden pallet consists of 3 or 4 stringers that support several deck boards.
The preferred shape of pallets is square to prevent tipping and aid loading. We have two way pallets and four way pallets that accommodate heavier loads.
The size, shape and functionality of wooden pallets is to aid movement and pass narrow doorways. Pallets come in different dimensions of width and length according to the country’s standardization.
The dimensions differ according to the purpose such as carrying diary products, drums, grocery, paint and chemicals. The different dimensions accommodate automotive, cement, military hardware, beverage and containers.
Uses of Pallet
The major advantage of pallets is the ability to make shipment easier. The structure is capable of carry a 1000kg load with ease.
Mechanized movement through the aid of forklifts makes them efficient devices. Another appeal is that pallets are easy to construct especially the classic wood pallet. For scrap pallet collectors the reusable properties of pallets have open a niche market.
Company Registration
Wooden and plastic pallets are considered fire hazard materials. Therefore strict fire safety strategies are necessary. Pallets that are used to carry food items also have strict guidelines and provisions.
Register the company as a proprietorship business and hire loaders. You need a tax identification number and insurance. To reduce transportation costs locate your company close to industrial areas and source of product.
Scrap Collector Equipment
You need a heavy duty vehicle to carry the scrap pallet. Other essential equipment includes cargo straps and safety harnesses.
You could use manual jacks, forklifts and carpentry tools. Other protective gear includes gloves, safety goggles, hardhats and protective vest.
Sourcing Raw Materials
The good news is that you have a lot of choices on where to find used pallets. Try your local departmental stores, small businesses, construction sites and hotels.
Other outlets are shipping companies, retail outlets, ports, trucking company’s and landfills. Make sure the pallets you source are reusable. If they are beyond repair charge the company to dispose of the items.
How to Sell the Pallets
Once you have repurposed and repaired the pallets you need to find customers. The same places you found the pallets are generally your customer base.
Trucking companies, shipping, furniture makers, manufacturers are good places to start marketing your products. Advertise your product in local newspapers and online publications.


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