Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant

Plastics are not bio-degradable so they pollute the environment. Millions of tons of waste plastics go to landfills everyday.
They pollute the land, Clog Rivers, streams and kill marine life. Turning waste plastics into reusable products is a lucrative venture.
However the capital requirement for equipment is huge. A smart way is to downsize and customize the equipment to meet your local market.
 Plastic waste
Types of waste include plastic bottles, chairs, electronic equipment and toys. Others are used tires, car parts, wraps, nylons, packaging and containers
Plastic recycle business plan
Plastic recycling business has witnessed a boom because of consumer awareness on solid waste recycling merits. The need for plastic products has seen more recycling plants than ever before.
Before you start your journey you need to write a business plan. The plan should have an executive summary and job description.
State the purpose for the plant and device a marketing strategy. The company needs a management team experienced in plastic recycling.
You can include a financial summary, funding sources, equipment and labor. The plan needs a vision, mission statement, objective, type of machinery, location and marketing.
Business plan
  • Executive summary
  • Management team
  • Financial summary
  • Objectives
  • Mission
  • Key to success
  • Risks
  • Technology
  • Company products
  • Production capacity
  • Funding
  • Future
  • Profit/loss
Register the business
Register the business as a proprietorship or LLC. Secure waste management permit and trade permit.
Get insurance cover and follow strict anti-pollution laws. Approach your local bank for loans and partner engineers and technicians.Electronic recycle business
Recycle machinery
There are different types of machinery found in a plastic recycle plant. It depends on the type of product you want to produce.
Common machinery includes Tire Pyrolysis line, rubber powder production line, BLJ-6 /BLJ-10 waste tire to fuel Pyrolysis plant.
Others are tire shredder machine, sludge oil processing plant and medical waste Pyrolysis plant among many.
  •  Sludge Oil Process/Pyrolysis Plant
  • Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant
  • Waste Oil Distillation Plant
  • Tire Pyrolysis
  • Oil Distillation Plant
  • Tire Pyrolysis Line
  • Tire Rubber Powder Production Line
  • Tire Shredding Machine
  • Tire/Plastic/Rubber Recycling Plant
  • Waste Pyrolysis Plant
  • BLJ-6 Waste Tire to Fuel
Waste plastic Pyrolysis Plant
Plastic recycling is done through a waste plastic Pyrolysis plant. Make sure the plant you choose has safety features, pollution reduction and easily serviceable.
Safety features should include auto pressure release system and temperature/pressure monitor. More safety features include extra gas recycle system and a hydro-seal vacuum system.
The Pyrolysis equipment should have the capacity to save energy during the Pyrolysis process to recycle gas to heat the reactor.
Technical support
Make sure the company that installs your plant has excellent after sales service. The machinery would require professional technicians to solve operational challenges.
Plastic recycle raw materials
Common raw materials found in recycle plants are medical waste, sludge and oil. Other waste products include plastic, rubber and used tires.
Plant daily capacity
There are different types of plastic recycle plant with varied capacity. Types of plants include BLJ-6. BLJ-10, BLL-16. BLL-30, BLL-40 and BLL-50.
The daily capacity depends on the model and ranges from 6MT, 10MT, 20MT -50MT. The plants operational pressure is constant and working method are batch, semi-continuous and fully continuous.
Although there are huge amounts of plastic waste not all are salvageable. You need to do lots of sorting and transporting of raw and finished product.
You need a heavy duty vehicle and local waste vendors to source raw materials. Make sure your plant location is close to source of raw materials. Finally device a good marketing strategy to source/sell products.


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