Start a Book Binding Business

Bookbinding is a simple business that revolves around books and documents. The business template is straight forward and the equipment easy to master.
However you need to learn different binding techniques and methods. You can start the enterprise with less than $2000 and it is practicable both home based/dedicated office.
Another advantage is that book binding equipment is inexpensive and easy to acquire. To start this business you need work space and a location.
Incorporate the business as sole proprietorship and get a tax identification number. There may be value added tax requirements in your country.
Fund the enterprise through target savings or borrow from friends and family. You could operate the business alone and hire staff when appropriate.
To attract patronage use print media, flyers, newspaper publications and sign boards. You will also get recommendations and referrals from satisfied customers. You can also run the business as a side gig, hobby or full service.
section sewing
Bookbinding Methods
Bookbinding is a generic name that refers to different methods of binding. The methods include hardcover binding, soft cover binding, coil binding, spiral binding. The binding methods are used on books, documents, portfolios, tutorials and dissertations.
Types of Book Binding
There are different types of binding such as screw binding, Japanese binding, Coptic, pamphlet, cased-in Wiro and wire binding. Others are section sewing, perfect binding, saddle 
  • Screw binding 
  • Japanese binding 
  • Coptic
  • Pamphlet
  • Cased-in Wiro 
  • Wire binding
  • Section sewing  
  • Perfect binding  
  • Saddle stitching.
Handmade Book Binding Equipment
If you want to bind books there are specialized handmade book binding equipment. The equipment's are specially design to accommodate the binding process.
Common equipment include finishing press, hydraulic letter press, letter card edge cradle, bookbinding plough, sewing punching cradle and sewing frame.
Others are Lying press, book press, slotted sewing frame, brass edge boards, push drill set, folder, piercing cradle, Londonderry threads, and needle tool/bookbinding needles.
  • Finishing press
  • Hydraulic letter press  
  •  Letter card edge cradle
  • Bookbinding
  • Sewing punching cradle
  • Sewing frame   
  • Lying press
  • Book press
  • Slotted sewing frame  
  • Brass edge boards    
  • Push drill set
  • Folder Piercing Cradle
  • Londonderry threads 
  •  Needle tool/bookbinding needles.
How to Learn Book Binding
Although book binding techniques are relatively easy to master you need to learn the trade. There are many ways to develop the skill.
Try enrolling in an institution such as the American academy of book binder or use free book binding tutorials. Learn book binding at home through Cd, Videos and eBooks or by a book binding handbook.
Other methods are through online courses from websites such as, ibookbinding or How to buy and sell used books
Coil Binding
The binding of documents is referred to as coil binding. This is another niche with lots of money making opportunities.
Regardless of the different names such as spiral binding, plastic coil binding, color coil the operation is basically the same. The binding method offer 360 degree rotation because of the introduction of a binding spine mechanism.
The spine is usually made from rubber or plastic material and they come in different attractive colors such as blue, yellow, red, green and black.
The spines are adaptable to document sizes and could be trimmed or cut to accommodate any document size. The coil material has its own hole-patterns/ dimensions and comes in a variety of lengths.
Coil Binding Equipment
  • Punching wire
  • Binding booklet
  • plastic coil
  • High speed production
  • Ring binding
  • Tape binding
  • Cover stocks
How to Spiral Bind
The three step process starts with punching, insert and crimp. It is a very easy process to master after a few attempts.
Punching creates the holes and the coil is inserted through the hole and crimping equipment used to cut excess. The entire process is done either manually or fully automated.
Most spiral binders prefer purchasing a single coil machine. However once the volume increase you need to upgrade the equipment


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