Start a Tire Retreading Business

Tire retreading is relatively new technology. There are two ways tires are retreaded the conventional method and cold process retreading.
The cold process retreading is high tech and more reliable. Pre-cured method increases the tire millage and usability.
Retreaded tires are found on trucks, SUV, cars and vans. Threaded tires provide adequate traction and friction with road surfaces.
Used and old tires are the prime candidates for retreading. Companies that provide this service needs to go through strict government laws and policies..
This is because bad tires are dangerous to vehicle owner’s therefore retreaded tires need to pass government scrutiny.Recycle Tire for money
Tire Retreading Manufacturing Process
The tire goes through a cleaning process and should pass close inspection. The retreading company looks out for casing, beading, and tread condition. They study the contours and tensile strength of the tire.
The tire if it passes inspection goes to the treading machine and a cushion compound is applied including curing.
Tire Threading Equipment
Common equipment’s are tread bonder, compressor and boiler. Others are buffing machine, passenger bonder, and elastic hoist including a workbench gantry.
Tire Threading Raw Materials
Raw materials include envelop, vulcanizing solution ad cushion compound. More materials are procured thread rubber and rubber.
Tire Retreading Registration Requirements
There are strict anti pollution laws guiding the business. You need an effective waste management system and apply for trade license.
Register the business as a limited liability company and select a unique business name. You need liability insurance cover and value added tax registration. The retreaded tires must pass strict inspection and millage.
Funding the Company
The major expenditure is procurement of treading equipment. Other expenditure includes rent, marketing, fixed and working capital.
The business is slightly challenging and capital intensive. Secure funds through commercial bank loans, core investor or personal saving. Try a partnership arrangement or sell startup equity in the business.
Build a Website
The website could act as your store front to attract patronage. Make sure your services are well defined and price competitive.
Use high definition images, blog posts and social media to drive traffic to your website. For best result make sure the site is targeted at your preferred demography.
Marketing the Retreading Business
Commercial operators are the main customers of tire re-threading company’s. The reason is because re-threading the tires reduces heavy cost of frequent tire changes.
Commercial vehicle owners due to the nature of their work need to buy tires regularly.. Your main customers include truck companies, public transport companies, taxi services and commercial bus drivers.
Heavy duty vehicles are the major customers of tire retreading companies.


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