Used Cooking Oil Recycle Startup

Used cooking oil was regarded as a waste product and discarded, not any more. The cooking oil recycling industry has grown significantly in recent years.
This is due to an increase in biodiesel and bio-fuel products. This valuable community is reusable and attracts a huge market and demand.
Industrial statistics show that recycled cooking oil generated over $4bn with an annual growth of 0.7% in 2016. The reason for this growth is predicated on renewable fuel standardization and improved technology.
Investors eager to launch a cooking oil business need to study industrial trends and invest in technology. To start the business you need startup funding, factory location, staff, transportation and equipment.
Other requirements are company incorporation, effective marketing strategy and sourcing raw material.
cooking oil
Why Recycle Cooking 0il
Cooking oil is hazardous to the environment. The oil blocks drain-pipes and cause sludge while polluting waterways. Waste oil is recyclable and an important ingredient in many products.
Products Obtainable from Recycled Cooking Oil
There are lots of products obtainable from recycled oil. More products are added to the list because of development in technology and oil processing techniques.
Some common products include cosmetics, animal fees, pet feed, soaps and detergents. Others are biodiesel, biofuel, greases and lubricants.
  • Biofuel
  • Greases
  • Lubricants
  • Biodiesel
  • Soaps
  • Cosmetics
  • Animal feed
  • detergents
Marketing the Recycled Cooking Oil
There is a huge market for recycled coking oil. The recycled yellow oil is used in the production of animal feed. Therefore animal feed producers are major buyer of the product.
More markets are organic chemical manufacture including soap/cleaning agent manufacturers. Others are utility companies including cosmetic and beauty product manufacturers.
  • Animal feed manufacturers
  • Organic chemical companies
  • Soap making companies
  • Cleaning compound manufacturers
  • Utility companies
  • Beauty product manufacturers
  • Cosmetic industry
Cooking oil Collection and Yellow Grease Processing
Food businesses are mandated by law to dispose of organic waste products. They therefore need the services of a certified collection and supply company.
The recycling company should have appropriate certification and waste disposal equipment. The yellow grease is collected from industrial deep fryers common to restaurants, eateries and fast food outlets.
Previously restaurants paid collectors to handle the waste oil. However they now charge the collectors a small amount for the service.
Offer your customers an efficient and reliable collection service and provide airtight containers. The container should be odor proof, hygienic, easy to move and safe.
You companies main service is collection of waste oil. However expanding into supply of fresh oil is another money spinner.
Therefore offer your client a pickup and delivery service. The products you produce are also sold to the appropriate industry.
Processing the Oil
As a commercial cooking oil recycling company you need to collect the oil regularly. The oil is collected in a sealed bin and transported to your sites storage tanks.
Heat is applied to the waste oil, cleaned and then filtered. The filtered oil is the sent to a biodiesel plant for further processing.
Other conversion techniques are applied to achieve different products such as industrial paints, soap and lubricants.
Registration and Licenses
You need to acquire an organic waste carrier license. You need a trade license and insurance cover. Some tests to perform include STEER, PEST and SWOT tests.
Cost Considerations
Cost considerations include profit/loss account and purchase of waste oil. Other benchmarks are wages, rent, utilities, equipment maintenance and marketing.


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