ATM Space Renting Business

Automated teller machines have become very popular in most countries. They help the government run cash less policy, while offering the consumer a fast and efficient way to retrieve money.
Every commercial bank needs to have ATM's in each branch. They are also mandated to provide same in outbound areas to effectively cover customer demography.  To fulfill this criterion they have to rent appropriate space for their teller machines.
A smart entrepreneur that owns property in a commercial area could leverage on providing space for an automated teller machine. The beauty of this arrangement is that the machines only require very small space.
You tend to earn recurrent income through payment of rented space every month. The demand for ATM's is high due to growing population and competition.
Why invest in ATM Space Rental
There are many advantages to renting out your space for bank teller machines. The machines are automated and run on their own technology.
They demand no impute by the landlord except providing electrical power. The technology is clean, easy to install and attracts customers to your commercial property. And the amount of space needed is relatively small.
Advantages of an ATM within your Premises
  • The machines are automated
  • No impute except providing electrical power
  • Clean technology
  • Easy to install
  • Attracts customers to commercial property
  • Requires small space
Basic Space Requirements for ATM machines
The teller machines require very small space to install. However there are a few criteria that should be fulfilled.
The landed property or space should face a busy road or intersection. It should be located in a densely populated area with lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
The space should have basic utilities such as steady electrical power and adequate parking and security. Basic dimensions should not exceed 20 square feet and should have a security door. Other requirements include deck roof, internal power switch, energy saving bulb and security light at back/front.
ATM Space Requirements
  • Busy and densely populated area
  • Commercial area
  • Secure area
  • Provide adequate parking
  • Provide electricity from national grid
  • Provide backup generator
  • Provide a strong building structure
ATM Kiosk Equipment’s
The bank provides the automated teller machine, air conditioner and power-inverter. While the space owner provides the ATM kiosk complete with sockets, security doors and decked roof.
Other requirements are external, internal lighting including a steady source of electricity. You are required to produce a backup generator if power is very epileptic.
  • Automated teller machine
  • Air conditioner split unit
  • Inverters
  • Electrical sockets
  • Security doors
  • External/internal lighting
  • Steady source of electricity
  • Backup generator
How to Approach a Bank for ATM Installation
The location of your rental space is of great importance. The bank will not acknowledge your proposal if they have any ATM machines close to your site.
 Therefore make sure the bank of choice does not have any ATM kiosk in you location. However if there are other banks close to your location this is good news.
Banks love to cluster together due to competition and security issues. There are three ways to approach banks for outbound ATM installations.
The first way is through direct contact at their head office. The second is through an email to the appropriate department handling ATM installations.
And the last way is responding to advertisement publications by banks in your local newspapers. Interested parties would be mandated to fill an application form.
The form covers property location, landlords name and other important details. To get approved the banks management team studies your location and trustworthiness before approving the site. They then send their technicial team to prepare the site and install the machine.
The Selection Process
The selection process involves suitable location and easy accessibility. Other criteria are ground floor property, security including huge pedestrian traffic.
The space should be within a commercial property. You need steady source of electricity and standby generator. The site should be on a main road and have moderate parking space for vehicles.
  • Suitable location
  • Easy accessibility
  • Ground flour property
  • Security
  • Huge pedestrian traffic
  • Commercial property
  • Source of electricity
  • Standby generator
  • Main road
  • Parking space for vehicles
Commercial Locations Suitable for ATM Machines
There are a few commercial location best suited for ATM machines. Top locations include shopping malls, hospitals, close to railway stations and schools. Other locations are bus stations, entertainment centers, near government offices and business districts.
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Close to railway stations
  • Schools
  • Bus stations
  • Entertainment centers
  • Government offices
  • Business districts.


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