How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate program provides webmaster an avenue to monetize their website. The program allows members link to various items in the Amazon store.
Apart from goods and services you can sell books, e-books from their kindle store. You take a commission based on sales of digital or physical product.
The system is easy to implement and start earning income. First you need a platform to link products to your commerce site.
You showcase the product with an affiliate link and when anyone clicks on the link and makes a purchase you get paid. The program has a few payment systems and has minimum cash-out requirement. The merchant link provided by Amazon has a tracking Id to identify the merchant.
It is moderately challenging to make money as an Amazon affiliate. However many merchants make hundreds of dollars monthly. To join Amazon associate log-into their website and fill the registration form.
How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate
Build a Website
Although there are other ways to promote an associate link it is much easier with a website. The website provides a destination and attracts traffic to your pages.
To build a website purchase a top domain name and host plan. You could build an e-commerce website or blog.
Choose a Niche
The niche you choose is crucial to the success of your enterprise. Since your primary objective is to make money target products through keyword search. Search for specific products with depth and moderate merchant prices.
Product Images
Integrate clickable product images into your website. Add a good description of the product and include recommendations.
It is good practice to add only products you have used or properly researched. It is highly recommended that you use text links in you content to drive sales. Text links are a very effective marketing tool for affiliate traders.
Link Frequency
The frequency of your links dictates the products visibility. Affiliate marketers link to products as frequent as possible without looking spammy. Quality links provides opportunity for views to find items and purchase.
Use Reviews
Reviews are an important tool in the arsenal of affiliate marketers. Make sure you review products you have tested and offer recommendations.
Use comparisons, product reviews, test cases and other options to provide useful information about the product. You can create a product comparison grid to increase sales.
Leverage on Promotions
Promotions offer lots of discount opportunities for shoppers. Prepare special posts around holidays to attract buyers.
There are lots of holidays such as Christmas, Valentines Day and Independence Day celebrations. Discount holidays such as 'Black-Fridays' are also viable targets.
Types of Products to Sell
You can sell both expensive and inexpensive products. However the small priced products with attract easier click through than expensive items.
Therefore selling a large number of inexpensive items will quickly add up to substantial earnings. Make sure you sell lots of products for higher sales and increased commission. Amazon usually offer affiliate merchants between 4% to 10% commission per sale.
Add Amazon Products
Although adding Amazon products to your e-commerce site is relatively easy you might need a plug in to save time. To add an Amazon product you visit Amazon central and get a unique URL link to product. The link could be text only, image only or text and image. 
Amazon affiliate business ideas
Publish Best Seller List
A bestseller list informs visitors of trending items. It provides an overview on choice products in the Amazon store. Visit Amazon bestseller page to find items in your niche.
Design a Good Layout
The layout of your website is very important. The arrangement should easily convert browser to buyers.
Purchase search engine optimized template and themes that are navigation friendly. The website should also load fast and have a delightful color scheme.
Use Native Ads
Native Ads were recently introduced to affiliate marketers. They look better than static banners and have a grid like style.
The ads also offer affiliates larger commissions on sales. Many affiliates also insert Buy Now buttons to articles and products. The efficacy of such buttons is not readily available or documented.
Multiple Tracking Identification
Amazon has provided affiliates an easy way to make multiple tracking ids. There is no hard and fast rule that states you have to use only one id per site.
The advantage of multiple ids is easy monitoring of id links and products. This would provide the affiliate better linking and product placement.
Make sure you read the rules and regulation guiding Amazon affiliate markers. It is important you follow the rules and avoid any sharp practices that would result in a ban. Select only highly recommended quality products for your audience.


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